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Packing Hacks to Improve Traveling

Packing HacksWith summer coming to an end, that doesn’t mean that traveling has to. Whether it’s a quick weekend getaway or a long journey to Europe there is one similarity that would be important for either.

This similarity is packing. When going on vacation or away for the weekend, packing is necessary, no matter how long you will be gone.

Unfortunately, many people hate packing or just don’t know how to do it in an efficient way. There are many things to consider when it comes to packing for a trip.

 First and probably the most important aspect to think about is whether you are flying or driving to your destination.

When you are flying you need to be aware of the weight and size restrictions of your luggage.

On most airlines you are only allowed one carry on, as well as a backpack or other bag that can fit under your seat.

You can check a bag that is much bigger than a carry on, but that will be for an extra cost of course.

Luggage is a tricky thing because it still has to be under a certain weight.

Sometimes driving may be easier because at this point, your main concern would have to be whether all the items can fit in the car.

A great tip for packing your suitcase is to roll your clothes instead of folding them. Rolling your clothes can allow you to save room within the suitcase and can allow you to pack more items of another category. When packing shoes, it is important to put them in a small bag or put a shower cap over them.

Now, this may sound silly or stange to some, but the reason for this is so that dirty shoes will not mark or stain your clothes.

Maddie Larkin, a junior social work student who is currently studying abroad in Italy gave some insight on the topic.

 “It is important not to overpack because you have to remember you will be able to buy things there if needed,” Larkin stated.

She continued in saying, “The hardest part for me when I was packing to go abroad was forgetting the fact that I can still buy items if I forget them.”

People tend to forget that you don’t need to bring everything you own with you.

When it comes to packing toiletries it helps when you bring small travel size shampoos, soap, and perfumes instead of bringing large bottles that will take up a lot of space.

When bringing a carry-on bag onto the plane, it is important to know all the constraints and rules. For example, liquids must be in a container that follows the size limit.

Another tip is to always remember that the hotel you will be staying at will probably provide shampoos and soap.

This can be something you look into before you travel, that way you can save money on buying travel size items and the storage in your suitcase is not taken up by these unnecessary things.

Specialist Professor Mary Harris of the communication department agreed with the tip of rolling clothes.  “Packing clothing pieces that are interchangeable within your wardrobe is important,” Harris stated.

She continued by adding, “Packing cubes are also really helpful.” For those of you that don’t know, a packing cube is a small bag that is designed to organize items inside luggage. The purpose of this item is to compartmentalize and optimize space.

Another space tip for saving space is to use vacuum seal clothing bags.

You put your folded clothes in vacuum seal bags and then suck out the extra air that is in them, in doing this, it makes the clothes and the bags extremely flat.

Doing this allows you to save so much room in your suitcase.

It is also important to know if the place you are staying at has a washer and dryer.

Because if so, then you can pack less clothes due to the fact that these cleaning and drying machines are easily accessible.

 This is a tip that some people may overlook but you can try to research this before you leave for your trip.

Putting dryer sheets in your suitcase for long trips is a good idea to keep them smelling clean until you arrive at your destination.

Colleen Moretti, a junior communication student said, “This past summer I traveled to Ireland for a week. I packed 2 shirts for every pair of pants. This is a good tip for making sure you have enough outfits to get you through the trip.”

Whether you are traveling 50 miles or 500 miles it is important to pack your suitcase using some of these tips.

While packing a suitcase isn’t enjoyable for everyone, using these tips may ease your stress a little bit.

Safe travels everyone.

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