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Getting Into the Summer Swing

Getting Into Summer Swing 1The best time of year is approaching us fast. Summer. We, as students, are close to school being over and finally being able to relax. Summer is the best time of year because you get to go home, hang out with friends, and go on trips to the beach.

Although it is nice to be carefree in the summer, try to avoid laziness. It is easy to be lazy during the summertime; you may enjoy sitting around watching television, but it’s not good for you all the time.

The summer is an ideal time to create a daily routine. Whether it is exercising, cooking, or hanging out, it is important to have a balanced summer schedule.  

One important aspect to regulate into your summer routine is relaxation. After spending time working hard during the school year, you deserve some relaxing. A great way to relax in the summer is just sitting outside.

The best part about summer is the warm weather that comes with it. Sitting outside for a couple of minutes a day is a great way to relax and catch vitamin C. Enjoying the weather can take you to another place and allow you to let all of your stress and worries go away.

Another activity to add to your summer routine is going on a day trip to the beach. The beach is a great place to enjoy in the summer. When you are there, you can find time to relax and hang out with friends. If you live near the beach, you can make a habit to visit frequently. Even if you try to go at least once a week with friends, it can bring enjoyment. 

Getting Into Summer Swing 2Brielle Kough, a junior psychology student, said, “Going on day trips to the beach is my favorite thing to do in the summer. It is always so relaxing and fun to go with friends.” Kough also said that listening to music adds to the positive vibe that comes with being at the beach.

Although you may dread working a day-job in the summer, it is important to add a part-time job to your summer routine. Having a part-time job in the summer is very beneficial to your schedule and to you. If you have a work schedule you can get yourself into a good routine and plan activities around it. It is also a great way to stay busy in the summer, instead of doing nothing. 

Jennifer Shamrock, Ph.D., a lecturer of communication, explained how having a summer schedule benefits her routine. “Given that during the semester my life as a faculty member is so structured it’s important to sustain a sense of structure even when it’s the summer months. I use my daily planner and organize the week ahead of me to make sure that I complete the tasks I set out for myself, but beach time and boardwalk time are involved,” said Shamrock. 

Another component to add to your summer routine is exercise. Adding exercise to your summer routine is a great way to stay active and not get lazy. It is easy to exercise during the summer because there are so many fun activities you can take part in, that are also good for you. In the summer you could go for a walk outside, ride bikes, hike, swim, or go for a run on the beach, all while enjoying the weather. 

Brielle Saunderson, a sophomore nursing student, is a big believer in working out in the summertime. “I try to exercise in the summer at least four times a week. I don’t always go to the gym, because I enjoy the outdoors. Most of the time I go for a run on the beach or a bike ride around town,” says Saunderson.

Aside from going to the gym or spending time outside, you can also do at-home workouts which can allow you to burn some calories and feel better about yourself. Summer is a great time to build up your confidence, and have fun doing it.

 Overall, it is important to create a summertime routine that is tailored to your personal likes and dislikes.Becoming passionate about your own schedule, will motivate you to make the most of each day. Summer can be a great time to find yourself and re-charge for the up-coming school year. It may take time to get into the summer swing of things, but once you find what you love to do, your summer experience will be enhanced. Don’t be afraid to experience and explore all that summer has to offer.

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