Wear the Rainbow

lifestyles-wear-the-rainbowNeon colors are making a notable appearance in men’s and women’s spring fashion. From gym wear to weekend clothes and everything in between, the neon color trend is becoming a popular style among students at the University.

T-shirts, jackets, sneakers, dresses, nails, purses you name it, it’s neon. But what has inspired this retro 80’s trend to take over campus in full force? It may be more than the expected incentive from the runway.

Tom Gliozzo, a senior, believes, “Events, such as Barstool and Day Glow, have been the forefront for the neon trend.”

Gliozzo thinks these house-music infused events which many University students attend in neon apparel have spilled over into everyday life. Neon styles are being displayed on and off campus rather than just at an event where the trend is expected to be worn.

A University employee at Einstein Bros Bagels, Tiffany Ivory, has also noticed the neon trend among students.

“I notice the style in both men and women,” said Ivory. “I tend to see a lot of neon athletic clothes.” Neon colors are not only taking over men’s and women’s casual style, but the colors are becoming a dominant trend within athletic apparel.

Popular athletic brands such as Nike, Under Armour and Adidas have all jumped at the opportunity to capitalize on the consumer interest in the neon color trend. Everything from sneakers to gym bags are now being designed with neon colors.

Though relatively new, the neon color trend is predicted to have a longer life span than the average fashion trend due to its versatility. In the past, many fashion trends were short lived because they concentrated on particular pieces from high end designers, limiting the accessibility of the items to the general public.

A longer lifespan is predicted for the neon trend because the style is fun, easy to incorporate and most importantly, cheap.

Keeping up with the latest trends on a college student’s budget is very hard. As fashion changes rapidly, it seems as if bank accounts dwindle simultaneously. However, the neon color trend is extremely affordable!

“If head-to-toe electrified color isn’t your thing, we’ve got a great way to test out the look on the cheap,” said fashion blogger, Tracey Lomrantz, of

In a recent article on the neon trend, Lomrantz believes the best way to try the neon trend out without making a commitment is with accessories. “Pair neon accessories with a nude dress (for women) or a white T-shirt (for both, men and women), and jeans for maximum impact with minimal investment,” said Lomrantz.

While the trend can be purchased at just about any retail store, there are limitations depending on everyone’s personal budget. Popular clothing stores such as Forever 21 and H&M, have various neon pieces for women and men at very affordable prices.

Typically speaking, women have the flexibility to either embrace numerous colors within their outfits or keep it simple with one or two accents of color. For the men, it is best to stick with just a few key pieces, such as a shirt or shoes, to rock the trend without going overboard.

Looking to embrace the trend by spending even less than the price of a shirt? Unfortunately guys, your best bet is to simply stick with clothing, but there are still numerous options for women.

Neon can also be found in the beauty section of your local drug store. A great way to incorporate the neon trend on a low budget is with your nails or hair accessories. These two areas are definitely affordable, while still managing to make your outfits vibrant and trendy.

One fashion trend in particular has merged quite well with the neon color trend: Color blocking.

Though this has been hitting runways for the past few seasons, it is reviving itself now that bright, exciting colors are coming into play.

This trend is self explanatory; it refers to the process of selecting “blocks” of color together within one outfit. It typically begins with selecting one bold, solid piece of clothing, then continuing to mix, match or clash the rest of your pieces.

These pieces include shirts, shoes, pants and jackets, finished off with accessories.

Similar to the concept of the neon trend, the user can choose to be as bold or as subtle with the look as they would like to be. However, it is recommended that over four solid colors or patterns within a single outfit is excessive.

Since we are in the process of welcoming the warm weather, the combined trends are morphing to fit right along with the spring and summer color styles as the sun makes more and more appearances. Selecting a newly purchased, bright neon piece is a great way to begin to build an outfit around and experiment with both, the neon trend and color blocking trend.

Need an extra incentive or some inspiration? Popular stars such as Nicole Richie, Rihanna and even the first lady Michelle Obama have been spotted rocking the color blocking trend with vibrant colors!

Whether your budget leads you to the drug store, mall, or a local boutique, what are you waiting for? Pick up your neon pieces and join the trend.

PHOTO COURTESY of Brittany Herrmann