Hair Trends on the Rise this Spring

bohemian-braidEach season tends to bring new trends and hair style is no excep­tion. With spring and summer weather coming along, you are probably thinking about changing your style to match the freshness and warmth of the upcoming sea­sons. If you want something new but do not know where to begin, there are many styles for you to consider.

The most popular trend of the season should not come as much of a surprise. Super-straight hair will continue to be popular for the upcoming months, so do not pack away your straightening irons with your winter wardrobe. For something different, try parting your hair in the middle for a more modern look.

Junior communication major Ashley Bonino said she supports the middle part for a twist on the straight locks.

“I think straight hair will always be in style because it’s classic and pretty,” Bonino said. “I especially like the middle part because it cre­ates a whole new look, different from the side bangs style that was once really popular.”

Low buns will also be a hit this season. Slicked back hair secured at the nape of the neck has been trending on fashion runways, and both loose, messy buns and tight, ballerina buns have been on the scene. The timeless ponytails are also making moves—high on the head was the trend in 2012, while 2013 is seeking a lower, more sub­dued styles.

Sleek and modern are not the only trends seen on the runways. Similar to vintage clothing is now on the rise, vintage hair-do’s are also making a comeback. Many hair styles are reflecting the bee­hive trend of the 60s and the teased hair approach of the 80s. Although a beehive seems ex­treme, you can alter it to fit today’s style by creating a teased poof and high bun.

Along with these looks, hair accessories are also in style this spring and summer. Headbands, scarves, and hair jewelry are all things you can use to embellish your hairstyle. There are even stores which sell only hair acces­sories such as Francesca’s Col­lections at the Cherry Hill Mall. A closer accessory store is The Grove in the Freehold Mall.

Ever since reality star Lauren Conrad brought the side braid into the limelight, braids in general have made a comeback. The up­coming braid of 2013 is the bold bohemian braid. While you may not be aware of the name, it is likely you have seen the braid.

The bohemian style braid comes in many variations, but one of the most popular this season is the one that wraps around the front of your head, appearing much like a headband would. You can wear a loose, beachy braid or tighten it up by learning how to create a fishtail. Even if you are wearing your hair down, you can dress it up with small braids throughout for a boho-look.

“Braids are always a quick and easy way to do your hair if you’re in a rush for class, but it also looks really cute,” says junior communi­cation major Carley Burchell.

Leaving your wet hair in a braid overnight and unraveling it in the morning will also help you to get the loose, beachy look you are go­ ing for.

As always, one of the most sim­ple and yet fashionable ways to dress up your do would be to place a flower within a bread or behind your ear.

Along with all these styles, many people begin to dye their hair lighter during the warmer months. All the sudden, many women turn into blondes and bru­nettes as to reflect the season. In­stead of spending money for a hair appointment, you can lighten your own hair with John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go Blonder Controlled Lightening Spray.

“I used the John Frieda spray for the first time over spring break thanks to my friend,” sophomore education major Rachel Fox said. “I was actually very surprised by the results. Since I am a natural brunette, I had not expected the spray to work on my hair color. Within the first three days of us­ing the spray, I noticed a differ­ence.”

Overall, the biggest trend for the upcoming seasons proves to be the middle part. You can use it with any of the hottest hair­styles, whether it is slick straight hair, a loose braid or a bun. Al­though your hair may be used to its regular pattern, you should try to switch it up in order to revamp your look in lieu of spring and summer.

If the middle part is not your style, try the other looks men­tioned and see what works for you.