Healthy Habits to Maintain Over the Summer

healthy_habits_for_the_summerContrary to the common college belief, beach bodies do not just magically appear by going to the gym. A healthy diet is an impor­tant step in order to lose weight which is rather difficult to stick to when there are limited options for many college students. With the academic year almost over, there are only a few weeks left to lose those unwanted pounds for sum­mer.

It all begins with breakfast so put down the bagel. Start off your day with eggs, which are loaded with protein, giving you a jump start to your day. In fact, wrote that egg whites and egg yolks are essen­tial nutrients that allow your body to properly function. While the healthy option is to only eat the whites, egg yolk is filled with vi­tamin E and will keep you feeling full for a while.

If eggs are not your preference, yogurt is always a great alterna­tive, particularly Greek yogurt. Make sure to read the label for Greek yogurts because the nutri­tion varies from brand to brand. If you prefer regular yogurt over Greek, low-fat brands are your best option when trying to reduce your calorie intake. Greek yogurt contains protein and is an excel­lent source of calcium.

In your lunch menu, make sure to incorporate leafy green vegeta­bles for a quick way to flatten your stomach. In reality, it would be beneficial to include leafy greens at every meal. Romaine lettuce, spinach, and kale are low in calo­ries and full of fiber that offer vi­tamins and minerals and also will help reduce bloating.

Athletic trainer and adjunct professor, Nick Scaramazza said, “The biggest thing is cutting out processed foods and incorporat­ing natural foods. Foods high in fiber, low in fat, and with a low caloric intake are smart choices. More of limiting foods of high calories and high in carbohy­drates will assist in weight loss. Eating fruits and veggies which are high in fiber allows you to feel full more quickly.”

It is inherent that fruits and veg­etables are great options. In order to make them even healthier, try to buy organic. While pricey, they are grown with fewer chemi­cals and can be considered a bet­ter choice than most. One of the healthiest eating habits is to make vegetables the main focus of your meals.

Senior health and physical edu­cation major Cassie Campasano said, “Fruits and vegetables are an easy grab and go snack. Unfor­tunately, they are more expensive, but the health benefits outweigh the cost.”

As dinner rolls around, it would be wise to select lean cuts of meat to keep your cholesterol under control. claimed that seafood and white-meat poultry such as chicken or lean turkey are all great choices. Meat con­tains protein which is necessary to build muscle and distribute energy that your body needs to function.

To add more nutrients to your dinner, accompany the meat with a side such as sweet potatoes. A sweet potato is a root vegetable that consists of nutrients such as potas­sium, manganese and vitamin, ac­cording to

After dinner comes the most favored part of the day: dessert. While dark chocolate may ap­pear to be unhealthy, it actually can be very nutritious when eaten in moderation. notes six benefits of dark chocolate, one of which is the ability to control blood pressure. With this tactic, it becomes easier for one to exercise and process foods which aid in weight loss.

With the main meals discussed, it must also be noted that allowing yourself five to six smaller meals throughout the day is the first step to losing weight and boosting your metabolism. Speeding up your metabolism helps burn calo­ries faster which results in weight loss.

One idea for a snack comes from the Mediterranean as well as Middle Eastern cultures and is known as hummus dip. This dip is great for one of your two snacks throughout the day. This dip boosts energy because it con­tains iron. They also can be used with foods ranging from chips to vegetables making it very versa­tile. Although the label on hum­mus shows a lot of calories from fat, it is mainly unsaturated fats, which are considered healthy.

Another snack throughout the day can be the timeless crowd pleaser: peanut butter. Peanut but­ter is known for protein, but too much of anything can be damag­ing, so do not overeat the spread. Along with peanut butter, you can have a vegetable such as celery to gain more nutrients.

Almond butter is also a great al­ternate choice spread for a snack in the mid-day. notes that almonds contain fiber, ribo­flavin and manganese. Fiber is essential to keep bowels regu­lar which is essential in weight loss. Riboflavin, more commonly known as vitamin B2 which aids in burning calories if you intake some right before a work out. Lastly, manganese helps keep your immune system sharp which is also essential to remain healthy.

If you are careful about what you eat, you are sure to see the desired results. If you eat well, you’ll feel good and you’ll look good by summertime.