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Catholic Center Brings the Scares During Annual Party

default article imageThe Catholic Center hosted its annual Halloween party on Thursday, October 27 at 16 Beechwood Avenue, where the Catholic Center is located.

“We like to give the students an opportunity to celebrate Halloween in a safe and friendly environment,” said Stephanie Simnor, a junior and Events Coordinator for the Catholic Center.

“The party was a lot of fun. We like to hold parties like our Halloween party because it gives students an opportunity to meet new people and join in fellowship in a safe and homey place.

We thought it would be fun to all dress up and celebrate Halloween together,” said Amanda Simnor, a member of the Catholic Center.

The event was planned in advance for the students to prepare for the upcoming year. A series of events for the Catholic Center and other interested students, such as pumpkin carving, had also taken place prior to the get-together. The party itself had been finalized within the month and was open to all students within the University.

“We started planning this at the end of the last semester,” said Maggie Szymczyk, a junior and Events Coordinator for the Catholic Center.

“The party had been planned since May, but the details were worked out probably about week before,” said Simnor.

“We have to make sure that certain events are listed on the calendar,” said Mark Meyer, President of the Catholic Center. “So this was planned in May.”

Party preparations made during the month included the decoration of the house with orange signs signifying the celebration of the month, googly-eyed skeletons, and participants in an assortment of costumes.

“We needed to decorate the house, as well as buy and prepare food,” said Simnor.

According to Simnor, the students went through a bonding experience by working together to decorate the house and preparing dinner. According to Meyer, the evening proved to be a laidback festivity with a great deal of discussion amongst friends and acquaintances in between wholesome games and preplanned activities. The party consisted of card games, noncompetitive dance battles, and caramel apple creations.

Guests of the party dressed in an assortment of outfits including Minnie Mouse, witches, Dr. Seuss, and twins. Other chose to take the casual route by being themselves and adding to the calm atmosphere of the relaxed party.

One of the highlights of the event was the cake made by Simnor and Szymczyk; a chocolate cake in the form of a graveyard with Milano cookies serving as tombstones with the initials of all the members of the Catholic Center adorning them, gummy worms, and handmade ghosts haunting the sides.

The Catholic Center hosts its meetings at 16 Beechwood Avenue, behind the Health Center, every Thursday for social nights and is always on the lookout for new members. Masses are held at Whitney Chapel in Wilson Hall every Sunday at 7:00 pm. Everyone interested is welcome.

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