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The Library Unveils New Website

NewLibWebsiteThe University library’s website received a technological makeover during winter break.

Dean of the Library, Dr. Ravindra Sharma, stated that the website was in need of a change that would benefit students and faculty. Sharma insisted that his habit is to keep up with technology, so when he saw other universities were updating their library websites, he knew it was time to do the same.

According to Matthew Doyle, the Interim Systems Librarian as well as the Reference and Instruction Librarian, the last update to the site was back in 2006. Doyle and Sharma both agreed that the new site should provide easier access to library reference materials. “We are trying to service the overall user experience and usability in the site,” Doyle said.

The updated version includes highlighted library news, a newer mobile version and a live chat for reference questions. Chat reference will be available on Monday 11:00 am to 1:00 pm and 2:00 to 5:00 pm. Tuesday will be 10:00 am to 1:00 pm. Wednesday will be 3:00 to 9:00 pm and Thursday will be 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. Students and faculty will now be able to direct their questions to a librarian right from their computer.

The library mobile version launched a year and a half ago when Doyle was initially hired at the University. It was a “dumbed, downed mobile version,” Doyle said. The mobile usability now has been enhanced to fit different mobile device screens and provide easier navigation. “Now you have a fully functional mobile site,” he said. Students and faculty can use their smart phones to access the library from any location.

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Dr. Donald H. Sebastian Speaks to Students About Being the Next Potential President

SebastianDr. Donald H. Sebastian, Senior Vice President for Research and Development at The New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) attended The University as a presidential candidate on January 29.

“I have never met a group of people that all have great things to say about their school,” stated Sebastian about the University students.

Roksana Rahman, freshman biology major, asked Sebastian what originally attracted him to the University. Sebastian explained that he would love to be a part of a university that is already at a high academic role that has excellent facilities and an even better student body.

The students found that Sebastian has a lot of great ideas to bring to the University such as groups for graduates and a peer group. Sebastian explained that the groups for graduates program would help graduating students find jobs. Another program he’d be interested in bringing to the University is a peer group for students. The group is to assist students that are more than capable of achieving good grades but lack dedication in school work and tend to socially isolate themselves.

Sebastian expressed his interest in attending University campus activities. “I would love to attend on campus activities,” Sebastian said. He explained that not only will attending activities be great for himself, but also for his family.

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Dean of the College of Business and Economics at Lehigh University Visits Campus

Dr. Paul Richard Brown is One of the Four Potential Presidential Candidates

Dr-BrownDr. Paul Richard Brown, Dean of the College of Business and Economics at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania presented himself in Wilson Auditorium as a potential presidential candidate on Feb. 1 at 5 pm.

Eager to relax the nervous tension in the room, Brown asked the students to introduce themselves by providing their major and year in college. In addressing each student, Brown found ways to make the conversation more personal by relating tidbits of his own life with what students told of themselves.

He reassured students that it was all right to be undecided of what they wanted to major in. He explained that he found himself ‘major-less’ for too long in college. “I got in trouble with the Dean of Students,” Brown said.

Brown graduated from Franklin and Marshall College, which he recalled several times during the visit. He also received his Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin.

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“Monmouth Compliments” Launches on Facebook

MUCompA new Facebook page, “Monmouth Compliments,” has been created to help anyone who is a part of the University community express praises secretly without being judged.

The creator of the Facebook page, who is a sophomore but asked to remain anonymous, said, “The page is meant for people to send in their compliments, a friendly message or an inside joke even; but anonymously, so that way people are free to say what they feel without feeling like they will be judged, which tends to stop a lot of people from speaking their minds on things.”

An example of a post that can be found on the page is: “I hope every single one of you reaches your goals this semester, it’s gonna be a great one! Live it up like never before - a student like you.”

The creator explained that this was something he/she had never done before. The idea for “Monmouth Compliments” came from the creator seeing a similar page made by The College of New Jersey (TCNJ). The creator said, “I saw how happy the page was making people [at TCNJ] and I love making people smile. I wanted to do something different than what had already been done here at Monmouth. So, I thought taking the idea and making it MU would be a way for me to make the campus a better place.”

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Need a Good Workout?

University Welcomes New Daily Fitness Program

fitness 1 30 13The new fitness program at the University began last week to kick students into shape this spring semester.

Classes are offered every weekday. There is currently no set schedule. Each week, students will be updated via email and can be followed @monmouthrec on Twitter.

“Make sure you have the right form,” said Justine Racaza, University fitness instructor at the Core 4 Sure class. “In order to get the most out of the exercise you must position your body correctly.”

The class is designed to benefit busy college students that need a quick workout before returning to schoolwork. The class is run by University students that are dealing with the same schedules, workload and stresses as us all.

Throughout the classes, the instructors choose exercises that are accessible for all students. “I like to give everyone time to do each exercise rather than give them a set number to do,” said Racaza. “This way, they dictate their speed and the number of reps they want to or can do.”

There are currently six different classes to choose from which are Boot Camp, Zumba, Balance and Burn, Core 4 Sure, Butt Blast, Biggest Loser, and Yoga. A majority of the classes are held in the Boylan South gym and a few are offered in the Multipurpose Activity Center. Locations may vary in the future.

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How Many MU Students Are Getting Hired After Graduation?

HiringRates“Welcome to McDonalds, can I take your order?” This is a phrase we all fear after spending the past four years doing all of the right things in college with hopes that a job will appear after graduation.

It was reported by the American Department of Labor on February 1 that there are 12.3 million unemployed people in the United States. The unemployment rate is 7.9 percent and has been near that level since September 2012.

The media has overwhelmingly continued to report on the unemployment rate among college graduates. A New York Times editorial from June 2012 said that in the past year, unemployment among college graduates under age 25 has averaged 8.5 percent. This is an improvement from 9.5 percent in 2011, but still much higher than 5.4 percent in the year before the Great Recession struck at the end of 2007.

Though the unemployment rate in America remains high, statistics show that the University graduates are beating the odds. William Hill, Assistant Dean of Career Services, said that of those who sought employment, nearly half, or 46 percent, of the class of 2012 had a job within a month or less. Within four months, 80 percent of those seeking employment had found a job. Only eight percent reported taking six months or more to find a job.

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Students Meet Dr. F. Javier Cevallos, the First Presidential Candidate

dr f javier cevallosDr. F. Javier Cevallos, one of the four candidates vying for the position as the University’s next president, talked to students last Friday, January 25 at 5:00 pm.

Cevallos, who was born in Ecuador, has been the first Hispanic president of Kutztown University in Kutztown, Pennsylvania since 2002. Cevallos has expressed interest in becoming the University’s next president because of his belief that it was time to move to a new place and allow new ideas to travel.

“After a certain time,” Cevallos said when asked why he wished to become the next president, “it is time to move on and let someone else come in. It’s important to the University.” He admitted that this was what he was doing with his own university and alleged that this was also what President Paul G. Gaffney II was doing as well. “Monmouth is moving in the right direction and has many good programs. It is also a beautiful place and a beautiful campus.”

For students interested in what plans Cevallos may have for the University, Cevallos confessed that he does not know enough about the school and has not had the time to learn about whatever issues may be present.

“The University seems to be in good shape,” Cevallos said. “One of the challenges [my school] has had is the cost of education. I will have to work with the institution to learn about what challenges we face.”

One student asked what Cevallos could do to help with school spirit. Cevallos agreed that school spirit is an important aspect of a college experience and said that some of the things that help spirit are school sports and traditional events such as spring festivals, as it brings people to the campus. Homecoming, Cevallos recognized, is a big tradition among students and can also bring spirit, but students do have to be creative.

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Your First Step in Becoming a Success

Openings Available in Career Search Class

Currently, openings for Career Search, a one-credit course offered by Career Services which teaches skills such as resume writing, interviewing skills, networking, and writing cover letters are still available and open to juniors and seniors of all majors.

LC 300-50, Career Search, is held on Wednesday evenings from 6:00 pm to 7:15 pm and is taught by Tracey Dubey, an adjunct professor at the University, who worked in the Human Resources department as the Manager of Recruiting and Staffing from 1998 to 2007. Besides being an adjunct professor at the University, she has also worked part-time as Recruiting Coordinator for Northwestern Mutual in Wall Township since 2010. She has taught Career Search for several years.

Dubey said that besides teaching the imperative job searching skills to students, she also brings in outside speakers who can provide insight into the scary and looming world of job searching.

William Hill, Assistant Dean of Career Services, said that the class has been taught for over 15 years and grew out of a need that was recognized by Career Services. Dubey said that throughout the years, students have said that the class should be required since it reinforces skills that they will need throughout their lives.

Hill said that his advice to students is to, as a bare minimum, start job searching at least one semester prior to their graduation because one cannot make up for lost time during the precious weeks of job searching. He also advised to network as much as possible, starting off with

He also said, “Make sure your resume is perfect and wear a suit to every interview, even for internship positions. Nothing is more effective for a potential employer than making a great, professional first impression.”

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University Presidential Nominees Announced

The Presidential Search Committee has announced that as of January 14, they have found the four potential candidates for the presidency of the University. Each of the candidates will be visiting the campus to speak to and answer questions from the staff and from students in late January into early February.

The finalists are: Dr. F. Javier Cevallos; Dr. Paul Richard Brown; Dr. Stanley “Stas” C. Preczewski and Dr. Donald H. Sebastian. They were selected by the 16-member committee that has been working to find the next president of the University for when current President Paul G. Gaffney II retires in June 2013. The search committee followed a set of guidelines that had been established and put up on the University website known as the “Leadership Statement.”

The characteristics the committee was searching for in a future president included: dedication to the University’s academic and financial success; ethics, honesty and fairness with excellent interpersonal skills and a sense of humor; passion about eliciting private and public-sector fundraising; easy and effective in relating to the internal and external constituencies of a University, including trustees, faculty, administrators, staff, students, alumni, legislators and business and community leaders and genuine interest in students and their personal growth and development and much more.

According to an interview in a press release, Dr. Marcia Clever, trustee and co-chair of the search committee, said, “The search committee has been impressed with the exceptional pool of candidates seeking the position of the presidency. It has been difficult to choose the finalists because of the high caliber of individuals who applied for the position.”

In the same interview, Alfred J. Schiavetti, Jr., trustee and co-chair of the search committee said, “We are confident that we have selected the best people to compete in the final round and are excited to introduce them to the university community later this month.”

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Graduating Seniors: May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor

news-graduatingseniorsThe University recognized 417 students for both Bachelors and Masters degrees at Winter Commencement on January 18 in the Multipurpose Activity Center (MAC).

It also granted the Pollak award to Sheriff Shaun Golden for his service to Monmouth County during Hurricane Sandy and awarded an honorary Doctorate in Fine Arts to Jon Kilik, who produced The Hunger Games as well as many other movies.

The day began with a luncheon for selected invitees, including: Sheriff Shaun Golden; Kilik; Brian Larco the president of the class of 2013; Oscar Sanchez, president of the Student Government Association (SGA) and Kelly Craig, vice president of the debate team. President Paul G. Gaffney II went on his way through the crowd of guests, personally greeting those in attendance.

After the luncheon, the selected members at the luncheon made their way to the MAC in order to prepare for the commencement. The ceremony area quickly filled with hundreds of friends and family members who had come out to watch the class members receive their diplomas or to support those who were speaking at the event. It took just under half an hour to get everyone seated.

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Welcome Letters: Spring 2013

A Letter From the President

Welcome back. Here we go, springing into 2013.

For most of you, you return after conquering a strange semester. For a few hundred, you are starting with us or transferring to us. Welcome aboard.

I predict an energy-filled spring semester. We will open magnificent Rechnitz Hall, the new art building. We expect to see a few ground breakings on other new facilities by May if the permitting process moves along efficiently. Please join me in the Multipurpose Activity Center (MAC) for track meets and basketball games. Watch for the student-performed spring musical and other entertainment events across campus. Our Global Understanding Convention will involve thousands of you.

As the weather turns warmer, spring sports will be on the field, and many of you will try the beach for the first time in 2013.

Most importantly, you have “can do” momentum from the last semester when you overcame challenges and saw success. It was a rewarding lesson about our ability to get things done.

First thing, please connect with you professors. Then connect with and take care of each other.

Paul G. Gaffney II


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