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Surfing Jersey’s Summer: A Surfboard Buyer’s Guide || Opinion

Surfboard GuideIt’s time to assault the beach. Winter has waned and Spring is (kinda) springing. While devoted wetsuit warriors are still charging cold swells on the Atlantic, the water and weather are slowly starting to warm. Soon surfers will molt their outer layer of neoprene in response to rising water temperatures. Contrary to popular belief, surf season in NJ usually runs from September to March; the biggest swells pulse through during these months. As the summer season arrives, board riders naturally have to change the surf craft under their feet.

“While gutless summer surf sounds extremely lackluster, it doesn’t have to be. You can’t change the waves (without a plane ticket at least), but you CAN have the right small wave gear to maximize your wave count and have way more fun than you may have thought imaginable in summer slop,” says Dave Kaminsky.

Mr. Kaminsky owns and operates DaveySKY Surfboards and currently shapes custom boards for his clients out of his headquarters in Manasquan, NJ. As a 29 year-old shaper and lifelong surfer, Dave understands which boards work well in any situation, for any surfer.


“Admittedly, I was always averse to longboards when I was younger (for no good reason other than my stupid ego). It took two or three waves of surfing a longboard to realize how much of a huge mistake that was, and how many days of fun waves I’d missed,” said Kaminsky.

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Blue Hawk Records: The Finish Line is in Sight || Entertainment

BHR Press Release 1West Long Branch, New Jersey – Blue Hawk Records (BHR) is a student-run record label which works out of West Long Branch’s Monmouth University. BHR was originally created as a club in 2013 to expose students to the hard work and dedication behind a fully operated record label. Teaming up with Lakehouse Recording studio in Asbury Park, BHR offers students jobs, internships, and many other opportunities to flourish in the music industry.

With just under a week until it’s big debut, Blue Hawk Records’ tenth compilation album, Hang Ten, is finished and ready to hit the public on April 19, 2017. All of the acts have been busy with last minute perfections to make sure this album is one to go down in the books. Successful albums have dedicated workers who work behind the scenes. Hang Ten was produced by students with the oversight of faculty member, Joe Rapolla.

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Blue Hawk Records Chooses Artists for Next Album || Entertainment

Every semester, the Applied Music Industry class markets and produces a compilation album featuring artists from all over Monmouth University's campus. Last Wednesday, Feb. 1 in Lauren K. Woods Theatre from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m., over 15 acts auditioned for Blue Hawk Records 10th compilation album. Acts who auditioned varied from local Rap star, Tyler Robinson (aka Teddy) to acoustic acts like Oliver's Wanderers (who are senior music industry student, Dylan Hoski and junior communications student, Kristina Caliendo) and even full band acts like Hunter's Run who features sophomore music industry student, Tommy Allen, on the drums.

Jess McGovern, a sophomore music industry student and one of the General Managers for the project, had explained how it was really tough to pick from all the acts who auditioned, but the class settled on 5 acts. The acts that will be a part of Blue Hawk Records 10th compilation album are The Nooks, Incolor, Society Hill, Antonio Gonzalez, and Nicolette Pezza.

Society Hill is a four-piece alternative rock band who are made up of music industry student, Liam Frank; communications student Matt Mendez, Zack Everson, and Dave Hays. Society Hill is currently recording an EP in Bridgewater and is excited to record the song "Soft Eyes" with Blue Hawk Records to include on the later LP. Pezza is a senior communications student who is recording her acoustic song, "Feels like Home" for the compilation album. Another act and a name you are probably familiar with because he was on BHR's 9 Lives album last semester, freshman music industry student, Antonio Gonzalez, will be recording again with his acoustic song "Can't Keep Us Down" for this album.

Both other general managers of the record, Eva Michaylin and Olivia Rohlfs, are recording with their bands for this album. The Nooks are a female acoustic trio that formed while they were studying abroad in Florence, Italy. The members are junior music industry students Olivia Rohlfs and Amanda McTigue and music education student, Briana Musco.

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Light of Day Show || Entertainment

On Jan. 12, Asbury Park was rocking all night long and Blue Hawk Records, Monmouth's student-run record label, had everything to do with it. Every year Asbury Park hosts the Light of Day Festival which, as Professor Joe Rapolla, Chair of the Music and Theatre Department, explains, "Is an important event for Monmouth students to participate in not only because it is a high-profile music event that local and international acts, including Bruce Springsteen, perform at, but because of the purpose of the light of day organization."

The Light of Day organization raises awareness and funds in hopes of finding a cure for diseases like Parkinson's and ALS. The festival draws crowds from all over the world to rock together and bring an end to these terrible diseases. Aja Armstrong, a sophomore Music Industry student and active member of Blue Hawk Records states, "It was a very successful night for Blue Hawk Records. It brought us together as a club and showed that we are passionate and devoted to making music and using that gift of music to raise awareness for a great cause."

The event kicked off at 8 p.m. in Langosta Lounge on Ocean Avenue in Asbury Park. The kitchen and bar were open for people to relax and order a cocktail or some sushi while they listened to all the acts. Eva Michaylin, a junior Music Industry student, said, "The Light of Day show was a perfectly constructed event for a great cause that had a wonderful turn out! All of Monmouth University's artists put on a show that had the picturesque restaurant entertained for the entire night."

Professor Rapolla commented, "Overall, it was just an amazing, fun, well produced, and transformative evening for Monmouth students and the local Asbury community."

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Personality Profile: Jake Shortslef || Opinion

Eat, meet with team doctors, warm up the arm, lift weights, sign autographs, pitch six innings against some of the best baseball players in the world, shower, attend a team meeting, and finally, go to bed. This is a typical day in the life of Hannibal, New York native, Jake Shortslef. Just one year ago, Jake, “Shorty” to teammates, was playing Division III baseball at Herkimer County College in New York. He is now a starting pitcher for the Hickory Crawdads, the Class A minor league affiliate of the Texas Rangers organization.

Baseball has been a way of life for the 21-year-old right-handed pitcher who currently stands at 6’4, weighs 240 lbs, and throws a 95 mph fastball. Growing up in a family of athletes and sports fans, Shortslef was destined to be a ball player. Jake’s older brother, Josh, was drafted by the Pittsburgh Pirates in 2000 when Jake was just 5 years old, making Josh his hero and role model.

Because of Josh’s pro career and the desire to be like his brother, Jake developed a love for the game of baseball at a young age. Over time, he has come to appreciate the game and the emotions that come along with it. “My favorite part is just the ups and downs a game can throw at you,” said Shortslef. “Experiencing failure in baseball is tough, but you learn a lesson from every time you fail and can bring that lesson along with you and use it to reach a level of success that will make you feel like you’re on the top of the world.”

His father, Lynn, was also instrumental in the development of his son’s love for baseball; something that Jake is extremely grateful for to this day. “My dad would come home from a 12 hour shift at work and when I asked him to play catch or hit me pop-ups he never said no,” recalled the pitcher. “He never missed a game, even if it meant missing out on sleep.”

By the time Jake was playing baseball for his local high school, Hannibal High, he had developed an impressive skill set on the mound and began to garner notice from others. When asked to reflect on the best compliment he had received during his career, Shortslef cited an instance during his junior year of high school when the well-respected coach of Hannibal’s rival, Westhill High, approached him after a game. “As we were shaking hands in the line, he told me that I would play pro ball one day,” said Jake.

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High-Paying Communication Majors || News

USA Today recently released a list of five careers that can start with a communication major that will earn the worker over $100,000 per year – a figure that is not often associated with communication majors.

These careers are also not always immediately associated with a communication degree, with the five careers in question being psychiatry, working as a sales manager, working as an advertising and sales manager, being a personal finance adviser, and being an economist.

Psychiatrists typically need a graduate-level medical degree to practice. As of 2014, the National Annual Mean Wage was approximately $182,700, and it is anticipated that between 2014 and 2024, there will be a 17 percent growth rate in the field. While psychiatry and communications may not seem related on the first glance, psychiatrists need to have excellent communication skills, and be talented problem-solvers; these qualities are often essential skills in a communication major’s arsenal.

The second job listed, sales management, only requires a bachelor’s degree, and results in an average salary of around $126,040. The field is expected to grow about five percent between 2014 and 2024. Sales managers typically need, in addition to a solid education background, stellar communication skills and the ability to motivate a team. These qualities will be used to help a sales team reach their goals. A background in business, math, accounting, finance, or marketing may also be helpful.

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Monmouth University Students Attend FEMA Workshop || News

OE FEMAOn Jan. 21 st, 2016, Dr. John Comiskey and 11 Monmouth University students attended an exercise conducted by Federal Emergency Management Agency Region II. This workshop covered an increasingly important topic called Continuity of Operations. The event, known as the Hurricane Ed Continuity Tabletop Exercise, was held at the Freehold Regional High School District Office. This facility is located on 11 Pine Street in Englishtown, New Jersey. Dr. Comiskey provided a detailed description of the event:

"FEMA Region II, the New Jersey Department of Education, and faculty from Monmouth University’s Department of Criminal Justice have been working on State-wide plans to prepare New Jersey’s schools for disasters such as Superstorm Sandy that devastated parts of the State and region. Due to Superstorm Sandy’s impact on Monmouth County, principals and other school officials from the County were invited to participate in a pilot Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) workshop that would orient the officials to COOP and other processes that are designed to mitigate disaster damage and help schools return to normal operations. Monmouth University’s homeland security students were asked to participate in the workshop. The workshop afforded the students to the opportunity to work with FEMA and Monmouth County education and emergency management officials. Currently, the workshop’s outcomes are being assessed to facilitate future School COOP workshops in each County in the State. Stay tuned for updates.”

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“Creed is a Knock Out” || Entertainment

Creed ONLINE EXCLUSIVEIf one thing’s for sure in the last few days of 2015, it’s that Creed will not having you fighting to leave the movie theater. The new rendition of the famous Rocky movies have fans and critics applauding director, Ryan Coogler, stars Michael B. Jordan and Sylvester Stallone, along with the entire cast and crew of the film.

“You see this guy here? That’s the toughest opponent you’re ever going to have to face. I believe that’s true in the ring and I think that’s true in life”.

Rocky Balboa is back and he is a lot older and a lot wiser than when the first film premiered back in 1976. The sports drama film is a spinoff of the Rocky boxing saga which had six movies ahead of Creed. This time, Apollo Creed’s son, Adonis (Jordan), whom he never met, makes his way in and out of foster homes after his mom passes, eventually finding himself in the care of his father’s wife. Learning about his dad and understanding more about his drive to fight begins to make sense to Adonis, who is determined to make his hobby into a career. Tons of curveballs are thrown at Adonis throughout the film, such as a controversy on whether or not he can live up to his name, as well as whether or not he can he make is own legacy.

Jordan shines on the film as the new face of the Rocky franchise. His resemblance to Carl Weathers, who played Apollo Creed in the original casting, deserves recognition; not only does he look the part, but he plays it very well. The screenplays allow you to see a dedicated Adonis and captured the old school values the original Rocky movies held with a modern day twist to perfect the balance between the two.

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Broadway’s Next H!t Musical Shines at Pollak Theatre || Entertainment

Remember that time you forgot to do your homework and had to rapidly think of an excuse to tell your teacher or professor while they blankly stared at you for an explanation? For 85 minutes, that’s exactly what Broadway’s Next H!t Musical is—a constant scramble for ideas and storylines with a skill that would convince that teacher homework isn’t important.

An improvisational comedy show, BNHM straps you in for almost two hours of side-splitting laughter using scenes and storylines they have had no preparation for. That’s right; every single play has no script, no plot, no rules—anything goes in love and improv.

The play opened with emcee Brad Barton coming out on stage in a sort of stand-up comedy routine, telling some slightly amusing jokes about politics and the history of West Long Branch. I could tell by the delayed, unsettling laughter that most of the crowd, including myself, was apprehensive about what we had gotten ourselves into.

Barton then went on to explain the arrangement of the show. Before it began, audience members were asked to write down ideas for storylines on pieces of paper that could be used by the actors in their skits. This would be the basis for the fake competition going on throughout the production, “The Phony Awards.” Each actor would pick a slip of paper out of the large jar on stage and use whatever was written as the title for a “Broadway song” they would have to perform—the audience later deciding which of the four songs is deserving of the precious Phony Award.

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Gourmet Dining Update || News

OE Student Center 1Monmouth University changed dining services to Gourmet Dining this fall semester with new additions to Magill Commons, the Rebecca Stafford Student Center, and academic buildings.

The main changes include a Dunkin Donuts, renovation to the food court in the Student Center, and new daily food offerings. Chris Ryerson, Resident District Manager of Gourmet Dining, said, “We are the food service partner of Monmouth University for the next ten years, operating all the food and beverage outlets on campus.”

Gourmet Dining claims it is the premier food service company serving NJ. It provides services for 14 campus locations, Monmouth being the latest addition. According to Gourmet Dining, “It operates on-site food service management for educational, corporate, healthcare and long-term care throughout the state.” Gourmet’s motto, according to their website, is “to deliver professional food service programs with a personal touch.”

The University’s contract with Aramark, the previous dining vendor, was up and the students were ready for a change. “We were getting a lot of complaints and we were observing some things that we had been working on to get corrected for some period of time,” said Mary Anne Nagy, Vice President for Student Life.

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The Best Halloween Movies || Features

Edward ScissorhandsIf there is anything I can recommend during the month of October, it would be a good scary movie. Whether you are a fan of slasher flicks like Wes Craven’s Nightmare on Elm Street and Sean S. Cunningham’s Friday the 13thor George A. Romero zombie movies like Dawn of the Dead, there is enough horror to enjoy with your family and friends. All those things that go bump in the night are what make Halloween the time of the year for grabbing some candy corn and sitting down in front of a scary movie.

What are the best scary movies on Halloween? Tony Green, a junior communication student, is more familiar with the 80’s horror movies, “I heard good things about the Evil Dead series.” The original Evil Dead series was directed by Sam Raimi in 1981. The 2013 remake that featured a group of friends at a remote cabin with an evil presence lurking in the woods was a huge deal amongst younger movie goers.

Sarah Baker, a sophomore English student, has a different preference for scary movies more along the lines of thrillers. “I like House at the End of the Street with Jennifer Lawrence and The Roommate was pretty good.”

Most people have their preferences; I prefer to watch scary movies without a lot of gore or unrelenting violence so the best scary movies that give me a fright on Halloween are the somber ones. There was something extremely creepy about Michelle Pfeiffer seeing a dead woman’s ghost in What Lies Beneath or the cold breath exhaling from Haley Joel Osment’s mouth when a ghost was nearby in “The Sixth Sense.”

The best scary movies propel you into the horror and leave you with a sense of frailty that you can’t escape from. However, not everyone is a fan of the movies that give you a scare on Halloween. Chad Dell, an associate professor in the Communication Department, for example, is a fan of gothic musicals and whimsical movies.

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