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Volume 87 (Fall 2015 - Spring 2016)

If Life Were an 80’s Movie

80s MovieI am a sucker for a great 80’s movie—okay, an 80s movie directed by John Hughes. My friends are definitely sick of me saying, “I wish my life was an 80s movie,” but, I’m not kidding. The plot lines, the characters, and, of course, the music leaves the audience in such a state of hope and whimsy. Movies such as Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, etc. are timeless, but they’re also movies that I, personally, base some life lessons off of. They all have such beautiful messages.

It always brings me back to Olive Penderghast’s comment in the movie Easy A: “Whatever happened to chivalry?...I want Jake from Sixteen Candles waiting outside the church for me…Just once I want my life to be like an 80’s movie, preferably one with a really awesome musical number for no apparent reason. But no, no, John Hughes did not direct my life.”
In a time of sexual freedom, these movies from the 1980’s were surprisingly chivalric. That’s the first desirable trait of living in an 80s movie: true chivalry. Yes. Sixteen Candles—my favorite. Jake Ryan, besides being a beautiful specimen of the human race, is the most adorable and determined future/hopeful boyfriend to Samantha Baker.

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What Happened to Reading for Fun?

ReadingThe 21st century is full of technology to keep us busy. You can relax while watching a movie on Netflix or scroll through Twitter to easily pass the ongoing hours of the day. It’s rare to see someone just lounging around with a book in hand. Paperbacks have gone by the wayside only to be upstaged by the glow of a small screen.

As a child however, everyone used to read all the time, at least I did. It was really the only form of entertainment when you had just one television and one computer in the house, and your older siblings and parents always got first priority.

So books were really the best form of entertainment for our generation when we were kids. I guess I stopped reading when I got my first iPhone in freshman year of high school. Who needed books when you could have games and social media and could be in contact with your friends 24/7? It was this whole new world that had opened up, and every teenager wanted to explore it immediately. Everything was at your fingertips and it was this amazing new technological masterpiece.

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On Vs. Off Campus Living

When it comes to living off campus and commuting, it should be broken down into two categories: living with parents and commuting from home or renting a place off campus nearby. Since coming to Monmouth, I’ve done both and there’s a lot to say about the pros and cons of each. Residential life, however, also has its perks. Which is better? You decide.

1. When you live at home with your parents, you can almost always count on a home cooked meal and your laundry done: Living with your parents (most of the time) means that (hopefully) you have dinner made for you and your house cleaned. While you may have to help out along the way, it is nice not to have to worry about it from time to time.

2. Traffic: Living off campus and on campus brings different parking issues. While living on campus entails walking to class from the dorms in the rain or the snow, which is difficult at times, commuting entails the struggle of traffic – often Cedar Ave is backed up both ways, or traffic can make us late to class.

3. Parking: Just like traffic, residential life is more favorable. Residential life enables students to park in spots closer to their buildings, while commuters must struggle to find spots in a crowded parking lot. This, again, causes problems when it makes students late for class, and they must settle for the valet parking that the school offers.

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Are You Seeing Anyone?

Seeing AnyoneExpectations for finding a significant other come in many different forms from a variety of people in your life. There is always the ideal significant other that others see for you: your friends have theirs for you, your family has theirs, society has its, and then there is yours—the most important one.  

In my life I have always had the support of my parents no matter what, so it is the same for significant others. I’ve never been in a serious relationship, so I can’t say I know for sure that they’re truly okay with anything, but I have a feeling they seriously would be. I think my biggest critic would be my big brother, because as much as we may hate each other at times, we want the best for each other. We are both overachievers, so finding a significant other will be hard for us: high standards. If I come up with anything less than the star of a sports team or a boy with a bright future in a lucrative job market, he’s going to judge. But I don’t blame him because honestly I would do the same to him.

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College: Expectations vs. Reality

Expectation RealityAs a new school year begins, expectations run high amongst students, especially freshmen. Students begin to envision a new semester with nothing but perfect days ahead. Does college really live up to these expectations? Or are the standards too high? Social media, movies, TV shows, and all those people telling you it’ll be the best four years of your life can create very unrealistic ideas when imagining what your college experience will be like.

Yes, you will have tons of freedom and no parents present to tell you what you can and cannot do; yes, there will plenty of fun parties to go to and yes they are themed. Your time on campus will definitely be enjoyable and life changing, but you should always have a realistic approach to what it will actually be like. Here are some of the expectations about college versus the reality of what it is really like:

Expectation: Your dorm will look like it came from PINK or Pottery Barn Teen.

Reality: You will see a bed with risers to make room for the boxes of Ramen Noodles under there, with bulky, mismatched, awfully colored furniture. And, maybe a few Beyoncé posters.

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Realistic Accounts of Senior Year from an Actual Senior

SeniorsGoing into senior year is basically the same as going into freshmen year. You’re a naïve student who thinks the world is right at your fingertips. Everyone you’ve ever talked to tells you how easy senior year is, and you believe them. This is going to be the best year ever, you tell yourself as you move into your off-campus apartment or house for the final time. I worked really hard last year and took extra classes just so I only had to take eight classes this year. It’s going to be so easy.

Okay, no. You were wrong. So very wrong. Yes, you only took four classes this semester, but you took the four hardest classes you possibly could’ve taken all at once. Throw in the fact that two out of the four classes are writing intensives (thanks Monmouth, the only school that finds this necessary) and you should literally just give up, especially considering one of them is your thesis.

Because Monmouth is the school where leaders look forward, we’re all involved in some extracurricular activity. Whether you’re an athlete, a member of Greek life, or a member of a club on campus, you have to be on the executive board to make yourself somewhat stand out amongst the other desperate seniors looking for a job. That’s approximately another 15 plus hours a week to add on to the endless hours of homework you’ve been doing.

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All About Fall

Jack o LanternIt’s that time of year again. The leaves are starting to change color, college is back in session, the comfy sweaters are breaking out, and the air is becoming cool and crisp. Fall is by far my all time favorite season for a number of reasons. 

First, pumpkin everything! Pumpkin coffee, pumpkin pie, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin picking, I could go on and on. I absolutely love sipping on a pumpkin spiced latte while sitting in an early morning class, or picking my own pumpkin to bring home and carve into a Jack-O-Lantern for my front porch. The best part is that because pumpkins are only around in the fall, it makes it special. I would love to have pumpkin all year round, but then it wouldn’t be as fun to go pumpkin picking or pumpkin coffee wouldn’t be as delicious. Having it limited to a specific time makes pumpkin that much better. 

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Weighing the Pros and Cons of 8:30 Classes

Lecture Hall SleepingWhen making my schedule at Monmouth for the first time I was sure I wanted to try the evening classes and sleep in like any incoming freshman would want. But to my surprise, it was my days with the 8:30am classes that were the best days. Of course there are some pros and cons to every situation; for 8:30am courses here is what I came up with:


1. Parking—If you are a commuter like I am, you will know that the absolute best part about 8:30am classes is the parking situation. You can basically park in absolutely any lot and spot that you want. Parking is such a struggle, and with the current freshman class commuter body being larger than usual, parking has been especially tough this fall semester. 

2. Your Day is Shorter—It may seem like it would suck to have just one 8:30am class on one day, but, personally I loved that. Your day is so much shorter than everyone else’s. Think about it.  By the time you finish your day, the majority of students are only just starting. And, if you only have that one class in a day, think about all of the on-campus errands you need to run that you can get done afterward. And it always leaves time to go out for breakfast…Did someone mention Turning Point? You can feel accomplished because you’re already done with classes for the day (or for a while at least). 

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Chivalry Isn’t Dead...Yet

An Opinion on How Hook Up Culture May Hinder the Dating Process

ChivalryAn Opinion on How Hook Up Culture May Hinder the Dating Process

He was a boy. She was a girl. Can I make it anymore obvious? All Avril Lavigne references aside, what happens next? For college student these days, we all know what happens.

They hang out, “Netflix and chill,” and things happen. And then they never speak to each other again. Or, they continue to “Netflix and chill” and do so until someone wants more.

This, my fellow students, is called hookup culture, and it’s happening around all types of colleges and universities. Coming from someone who has been to two different universities in a small matter of time, I can tell you hookup culture is big anywhere you go. It makes sense, though – we’re only in college for four years and this is the best time of our life – so we shouldn’t commit to anything serious, right?

Wrong. Hookup culture is destroying the way traditional dating has shaped us socially.

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Marriage Equality Ruling Brings Positivity

Rainbow FlagOn June 26 2015, the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage around the country, meaning that regardless of state laws, same-sex couples could marry in all states.

Previous to the ruling, same-sex marriage was legal in 38 states, as well as the territory of Guam and the District of Columbia. The public response to the unions has been becoming increasingly more and more positive.

The ruling passed with a five to four vote, with four judges voting against it and five voting in support of it. Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, one of the most liberal members of the court, and one who was widely outspoken about same-sex marriage, was the deciding vote. Justice Kennedy was the author of all three of the Supreme Court’s previous gay rights landmarks, such as when he struck down a federal law that would deny benefits to same sex couples in the United States v. Windsor two years ago.

Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Steven G. Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor, and Elena Kagen joined Justice Kennedy in voting for the majority opinion. Justices Samuel A. Alito, Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas, and Chief Justice John G. Roberts voted against the ruling. 

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The Best Nicknames in the MLB

Shoeless Joe JacksonThis list is dedicated to the greatest MLB nicknames. Some of these ballplayers made their debut in 1886 while others remain on the diamond today. Some may not be the most creative such as Mordecai Brown but some may have interesting explanations such as Walter Johnson. Whatever the case, here are the top 20 nicknames in professional baseball. 

1.) Ted Williams 

“The Splendid Splinter”

Arguably the best hitter of all time, Williams received his nickname because he was tall and thin like a splinter.

2.) George Ruth 


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