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Why We Picked Monmouth

default article imageChoosing where you want to attend college can be an overwhelming yet exciting decision to make. It is an aspect of life that can determine the next four years in terms of friends, career and opportunity. At The Outlook, our editors had varying opinions on what made them choose to attend Monmouth. 

When talking to current editors, the college selection process takes into account a multitude of factors, one particularly being the proximity to one’s home. One editor stated, “After starting off at a community college, I looked to transfer to a school that was still close to home, so Monmouth was a good fit.” 

Affordability is another crucial aspect that many editors took into consideration. Due to the financial burden and commitment of certain institutions, many editors pursued an associate degree at a local community college and then came to Monmouth to complete the remaining two.    

One editor said, “Tuition costs are a touchy subject.” Luckily some of our editors are fortunate enough to get scholarships which allow them to come here. The editor added, “Monmouth has given me an affordable education through academic scholarship.”

One editor said that although they were between Monmouth and another institution, he/she ultimately decided to come to Monmouth as a commuter student. The editor stated, “Commuting allows me to work at a place I’ve worked at for some time.” 

The distance to the beach also influenced editors’ decisions. One editor said that he/she are happy with the choice of attending this school. One editor said, “If I have a break between classes, I like to go to the beach by Pier Village. Sometimes I do homework and other times I’ll just sit there and listen to music.” 

In addition to that, a different editor said that although Monmouth is expensive, he/she believes that the opportunities that Monmouth has given them have made their experience worthwhile. “With the experiences I’ve had both inside and outside of the classroom, it is worth every single penny,” the editor said. “I will be a very proud alumni after I move on.”

Everybody is different and he/she all hold a variety of experiences. One editor believes that if he/she had to pick a school all over again, he/she would pick Monmouth without a question. “[Monmouth has] afforded me a lot of great opportunities that will be a part of my life forever”, the editor said. 

When thinking about Monmouth, it is important to focus on the good qualities that it carries and the experiences that the students cherish. Many editors agreed that the size of the school allows them to enjoy their educational experience. One editor said that the “best quality Monmouth has is its size.” He/she continued in saying, “I much prefer small classrooms for better learning.” 

Many students could agree that the small class sizes allow better relationships with professors. Another editor agreed in saying, “Class size is hands down the best because it makes individual attention and relationships possible.” He/she continued with saying that the size of the school allows them to get to different parts of campus in a quick manner.

One editor also said, “The opportunities Monmouth has given academically have really made a difference.” He/she continued, “I receive a lot of guidance that helps my passion in various ways.” The editor continued in saying that he/she appreciate the good rapport with the faculty. 

When considering which college you want to attend, it is also important to look at what you want to be involved in. Here at The Outlook, there are a variety of extracurriculars provided by the University that our staff is involved in. One editor said that their job of being a Resident Assistant (RA) has allowed them to get to know Monmouth students at all levels. “I get to interact with a ton of people,” the editor said. “They’ve helped bring out the best in me.”

In order to decide where you want to spend your time, you need to look at a variety of features and characteristics. The diverse views that come from The Outlook staff are ones that all highlight our unique yet fruitful experiences at Monmouth.  If you’re reading this, then hopefully your decision to be here at Monmouth is one that you are happy about.

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