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Welcome President Leahy

default article imageAs the spring semester begins, the University welcomes the announcement of our new president, Patrick Leahy, Ed.D. After more than a year of searching and selecting candidates, the Board of Trustees officially announced that Leahy has been chosen as President-elect on Dec. 14. 

As an integral part to the Monmouth community and as active members of this University, The Outlook and its editors both welcome Leahy and offer sincere wishes to President Grey Dimenna, Esq., as he approaches his retirement this July. Since 1933, our newspaper has served as a voice of and for the students and members of this University. As such, we understand the important tasks that each president will face in her or his tenure. 

For several years, many Presidents of Monmouth have brought with them experience and backgrounds in business. With background in English literature and education, the editors have agreed that Leahy will surely bring a new and fresh perspective to the well-being and advancement of this academic institution. 

“I feel that his credentials will make him a great fit for not only understanding how the world of academia works, but how Monmouth can thrive as an institution and improve upon different aspects of the university,” one staffer said.

Editors of The Outlook  believe that a good president is one who promotes transparency and dedication to student success. “Not that other presidents in the past have not done this, but it is definitely a paradigm quality to have,” one editor noted. The editors agreed that having a good rapport with students and faculty also helps to build a strong relationship, as it can provide insight as to what the students want from the university and what we can achieve. 

From attending basketball games or chatting with students in the dining hall, even playing guitar on an album for Blue Hawk Records, students have greatly appreciated the presence that Dimenna has had at Monmouth. Therefore, a president’s activity on campus is also an important aspect when evaluating the success and well-being of the Monmouth community, and the editors have faith that Leahy will live up to those expectations. 

Like many students in America, the editors value our right to vote. Likewise, we consider the impact that selecting a presidential candidate for the University would have if students had a say in the decision, considering we have a great stake in how it is operating. Opinions differed amongst the editors, some calling that the students have more than just one representative on the search committee or that they cast a vote, and others believe that the decision should be left entirely to the University’s selected Board. 

“I think that every student should have a say when selecting a new president because the choice directly impacts the entire student body. All students should be aware of who is being put in charge of their University,” one editor said. 

Another editor agreed and said that they think a committee with appointed representatives is an efficient way to go about the search process, but that students should have an idea of who will be at the helm and what qualities make them a great fit for the university. “Students should have a forum to be open about their opinions and perhaps give more insight to the research committee,” the staffer said.

Other editors said that allowing more students to have say or vote in the presidential search process would make it “complicated” and “counterproductive.” One editor said, “The students’ feedback is important but realistically, we’re out of our element. We don’t know the logistics behind operating a whole institution. And our values might not be in the University’s best interest. We may have good intentions, but implementing and theorizing are two different things.” 

Likewise, another editor said that students can only see one aspect of the University, and that they trust the decision to be left in the hands of other people who were appointed to the presidential search committee. One editor noted that although the search committee has some diversity amongst its members, there were only two student representatives. Because of this imbalance, this editor questions how a committee could truly capture the voice of every student, and therefore favors more representation of students in the full committee. 

All of the editors at The Outlook are excited to welcome Leahy to the University. We are confident that he will lead Monmouth with commitment and dedication to the students and its members. We also all thank Dimenna for everything that he has contributed to this community, and wish him all of the best as he retires.

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