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Dear Mr. President

default article image2020 has been a year that has not only been infected by the COVID-19 pandemic, but it has also been plagued by race and social issues, a plummeting economy, and a global climate crisis. Throughout all of these struggles, 2020 presidential nominees President Donald J. Trump, and former Vice President Joe Biden have campaigned to become the next leader of the United States.

On Nov. 3, millions of Americans practiced their civic duty and cast their ballots to decide who will guide America to the light at the end of the dark tunnel that has been the year 2020.

Mr. President, whomever that may be following Election Day, we have a few things to ask of you. In a time where this nation has been so divided, we want to be united.

One editor said, “I would like the president elect to help unite this country more than anything. At this time we need a leader who can unite, rather than be as divisive as our country has been over the past four years.” Another editor agreed, saying, I don’t want the president elect to work in opposition anymore with their own countrymen.”

Americans are tired of dealing with the effects of COVID-19. Not one person has been untouched by this pandemic. Everyone wants to feel a sense of normalcy once again. “I want the president-elect to mandate masks and social distancing across our entire country so we can get back to normal as soon as possible. As of now, our country is not doing enough to stop the spread of the virus and we need to do more,” said one editor.

As of November, over 230,000 Americans have died from COVID-19, and there have been nearly 10 million cases across the nation, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Some people believe that the effects of this virus have been so detrimental due to President Trump’s skepticism. One editor said, “In terms of dealing with the virus we need somebody who doesn’t think it is a hoax, and will take the side of the doctors, nurses, and hospitals who are struggling right now, as opposed to ridiculing them and trying to make profit off of this pandemic.”

The pandemic has affected more than just the health of our great American citizens, but the health of our economy. “Economically we have a lot of recovering to do from this pandemic,” one editor said. According to Brookings Institution, the American economy has been left in demand and supply shock. Production has slowed, businesses closed, and unemployment skyrocketed.

However, the needs of the economy go far beyond the effects of the pandemic. One editor added, “I’d like to see a higher minimum wage. If we aren’t going to receive another stimulus check, it’s the least they could do.” Currently, minimum wage in New Jersey is set at $10, and is set to increase by $1 every year until it reaches $15 in the year 2024.

For others, the importance of the environment and the impending consequences of climate change create a desire for tax increases. One editor said, “I would be okay with getting taxed more if that money is going toward saving our planet and becoming more equal. I want our country to be better and this means actively working with our government. That costs money.”

2020 has also seen an increase of race related tensions. Police brutality and police reform has been a major factor influencing who Americans plan to vote for. One editor said, “I hope that our next president is able to recognize the importance of decreasing racial tension and improving police reform in these next four years. Otherwise, people’s rights and even lives could be at stake.”

Another editor agreed, saying, “The pattern of police brutality and racial inequality in America has persisted for far too long. We need to do better as a country. Our Pledge of Allegiance says, “with liberty and justice for all,” and I think this sentiment is regrettably often forgotten by many.”

So please, Mr. President. We hope that you take your next four years in office seriously. The future of our nation, and its well-being, is in your hands. Make this country proud, and do everything in your power to guide us through these challenging times. Bring us towards the feeling of normalcy, help build our economy back up, and work your hardest to make Americans of all backgrounds feel safe and valued.


The Outlook Staff


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