A Love Letter to the University

Oh MU, let us count the ways that we absolutely love you. Each week The Outlook staff picks a topic we like to discuss for the editorial. The topic is usually something we would like to see changed or something we do not necessarily agree with.

For this issue, we decided to talk about what we love at the University. We like to give credit when credit is due. With this being said, the editors were asked to pick one thing we adored about the University. This is what we came up with.

1. Getting involved in departments outside of your major

Not every school would encourage students with specific majors to leave their department and branch out. The University wants us to discover what we like outside of our studies. There are several editors at The Outlook that are not communication majors and if they weren't able to branch out, the newspaper staff would be a lot less diverse.

2. The professors

The professors at the University are just so passionate about their field of study that it makes each class enjoyable. They even find time to attend events outside of class time which proves this even more. It also shows that students really do not have an excuse for not getting involved outside of the classroom. The professors' overall experience in their specific field is also admirable. Students know that they are learning skills from actual professionals, not just a person with a degree.

3. Workout facilities

Students and faculty are not just limited to using the machines at the Fitness Center to workout. They are able to use the pool in the Fitness Center, play basketball, run on the indoor or outdoor track, etc. We are appreciative that we are not limited to a few treadmills and ab machines. It's the little things, right?

4. The beach and the campus scenery

These are both usually obvious reasons as to why anyone loves the University. Really though, who could resist a school so close to the ocean? Or a school covered in not only gorgeous flowers that spell out MU but beautiful historical buildings that we actually have class in?

5. Small community feel

We appreciate that we are not just another number or another face in a giant lecture hall. Professors knowing us by first name and the small class sizes are nice and comforting. It makes us feel like we are part of a community only other students and faculty understand.

6. Willingness to expand

"As much as the execution is questionable, I love the fact [that] they [want to] grow and make more options available to their students," said one editor. The construction is all worth it in the end.

7. The endless possibilities

Not only do we love that the beach is so close, but we love that there is so much to do outside of campus. Pier Village, the Monmouth Mall and West End are just a few places for people to go when they have free time. Some schools are located next to nothing, so we can appreciate not only the University but the surrounding areas as well.

8. Opportunities to travel

The University's study abroad program has a lot to offer with countries like Italy, England, Spain and Australia. However, students are able to travel through other programs and clubs. One editor that is a part of the debate team was able to travel to California with the club for a tournament they were competing in. There are many options through the University that students can take advantage of.

9. The friendly people

"Whether it is a professor, a student, an administrator, or someone on staff, everyone is so willing to offer a helping hand or to throw you a smile or a 'Hello,'" said one editor.

10. The squirrels

Yes, this seems like a strange reason for us to put in here but the University would just not be the same without its crazy squirrels. "One time I was reading a book under a tree and a squirrel came by my feet and bit my shoelace," said one editor. "It was one of my favorite moments here; gosh, I love my four legged friends." The squirrels here cannot be found anywhere else and because of that, we love them.

The University is a home away from home for a lot of us. Every once in a while, we need to be appreciative of what we do have rather than complain about what we don't have. So MU, please know that The Outlook loves you.