The Holiday ‘Outlook’

As the holiday season is rapidly approaching, Monmouth students are doing their best to find Christmas cheer despite the finals that loom ahead. The Outlook agreed that while the University makes a solid attempt at spreading holiday joy, it is largely limited to certain areas on campus.

The campus’ centerpiece, Wilson Hall, is the focal point for decorations. The editors agreed that MU staff and faculty put the most time and effort into the Wilson displays, noting the variety of Christmas trees and lights throughout the building.

One editor said, “Only in Wilson Hall or in Plangere when Santa is taking pictures does the campus feel truly festive.” The ‘Christmas Sticks’ that line the entrance by the Dining Hall also add a dash of holiday festiveness. Another editor also appreciated the holiday themed drinks at Java City.

However when it comes to other holidays, most of the editors think that the Christmas season is the only time that the school outwardly celebrates. Three members acknowledged the University getting into some Halloween spirit, though it is not as recognizable as the Christmas celebration. “The only other holiday MU recognizes is Halloween because they do the Haunted Wilson thing. Wilson Hall seems to be the only area that gets festive,” according to one member of The Outlook editorial staff.

Regardless of the University’s endorsement (or lack thereof) during the holiday season, staffers for The Outlook do their best to maintain their holiday spirit. The general consensus involves listening to Christmas music, as well as decorating at home to bring out those festive feelings. One staff member said, “Watching ABC Family 25 Days of Christmas is also a staple for keeping my holiday spirits up!”

There are some suggestions, however, for how the University could encourage more holiday cheer. “Monmouth should play holiday movies in Pollak Theater or have more events, similar to dressing up Wilson Hall for Halloween,” one editor noted. At the very least, the editorial staff agreed that there should be even more decorations along the pathways across campus.

The Outlook also questioned how the shortening of the academic calendar in fall 2015 would impact the holidays on campus. With a 14 week schedule the assumption is that students will get to spend more time at home for the holidays. “When the schedule changes next year it will definitely impact getting into the holiday spirit. Last year it was so difficult to have the feeling of Christmas since finals were so late, and we didn’t have much time to spend at home with our families around the holiday season,” a editor said.

For the editorial staff, celebrating the holidays whether at home or at school is a great way to stay happy while preparing for finals. One editor offered the following advice: “Be sure to practice the ‘Code of the Elves!’”

PHOTO TAKEN by Brandon Johnson