Do Commuter and Residential Students Utilize the Library?

As the fall semester progresses students are forced to face the reality of midterms and finals. At times it can be difficult to find a nice quiet place to study. The University offers the library space for students to seek solitude when they need to cram for those final exams and complete term papers. With free printing, places to meet for group projects, and help from the reference desk, the library offers assistance to all students focusing on their studies.

However, do both commuter and residential students make their way to the library frequently? The Outlook editors weigh in.

Many editors agree that the library is a space primarily for resident students, claiming that many commuters have a space at home where they can study and do their homework. “I never go to the library now that I live off campus but when I lived at school I was in there just about every day,” said an editor.

I live on campus and I go to the library at least four times a week,” said an editor.

Another editor who lives on campus explained, “I honestly never go to the library unless I’m really struggling to get work done. I go maybe once a semester.”
Often, it is difficult to find a quiet space in the dorms to study, leading residential students to make use of the library.Resident students are sometimes subject to loud neighbors and all of the other noises that come with living in a dorm,” said one editor. “I go to the library primarily because my roommates are inconsiderate and loud, so I must have peace when I work,” added another editor.

Many commuters rent houses locally with a group of friends and often go home in-between class. This is not an option for students who live far away. Some students may find refuge in the library in between classes if they are commuting from a significant distance. “Commuters who actually commute (not live 10 minutes away renting) use the library a lot for somewhere to go in between classes,” explained an editor.

Reasons for going to the library vary amongst editors who commute. “I only go when a class requires we meet there which hasn’t been in at least a year or two,” said one editor. “I go about three or four times a semester. Usually only during exam weeks,” said another editor.

“I think people go to learn how to use the databases which are actually extremely helpful. But once you know how it works there’s no need to keep going back,” added another editor.

Editors all commented on the fact that when they do go they are doing so in order to take advantage of the quiet atmosphere and to utilize the printing. “In terms of what I like most, the efficient printer is a great perk. Library services are fantastic and I do not see any glaring errors that could be improved,” said one editor.

“The library is a beautiful space and I feel lucky to have it as an option. As a commuter, I don’t go as often as I once did but I still appreciate the fact that it is provided as an option,” said another editor.

Overall the library is a useful tool for all students. However, it appears that it is mainly a place for residential students as it is easily accessible to them. Commuters do make their way to the library but typically only when they are in desperate need to finish cram for their finals.