Dear Mr. President

As you know, this election was like no other. It was the first time a woman was the presidential nominee of one of the two main parties, the first time we had a businessman with no political background as the presidential nominee of the other main party, and one of the most highly controversial elections our country has faced in years. There have been rumors of corruption, deception, and unlawful activity, but now, it’s over. You’ve won. And now we have a few things to ask of you.

As a businessman in office, please represent us well. We have now altered history by electing a leader without a political background to office, so do your best to show us that this decision was a good one. This is a great opportunity to show our nation’s youth that they can truly do anything they aspire to do as long as they work hard enough and believe in themselves. This group of children will grow up watching you lead this country, seeing firsthand that you can do anything if you work hard enough to get there. Be the model that shapes the upcoming generation to be a group of natural leaders and hard workers.

“I would like to see a true role model in the next president,” said one editor. “It may seem cliché that we need a role model in life to look up to, but I think that this next president truly needs to be morally stable in order to keep our country stable…a morally corrupt president could very well be our downfall, so this next leader must be a truly good person to be able to be a good leader.”

See, you are entering office at a time when hate crimes are once again common, where Black Lives Matter needs to be a labeled movement for change, and gun violence has nearly tripled in comparison to other nations with the same socioeconomic status; this is a problem that multiple editors agreed was our country’s biggest issue today and many Americans could likely concur. It is vital that you are fair and just to all groups and that you “Make America Great Agian” for all.

“The country’s biggest issue at the moment is discrimination—whether it is Islamophobia or even racism in general,” said one editor. “Both things are hot topics right now and it seems to be creating a lot of subsequent and webbing issues.”

As a group of college students that will seek employment in the near future, please try to revive our economy. It is hard enough trying to find a job in and of itself, let alone find one with a high enough salary to live comfortably and pay off student debt.

“I think the biggest issue at the moment is the economy because it tends to cause other problems,” one editor said. “I think it helps create a divide between people… A bad economy creates the need for polarizing welfare programs that a lot of people disagree with, etc.”

“With new agencies, spending programs, and a growing amount of government employees, our government has grown far beyond what the founding fathers envisioned,” one editor added. “We need to reduce the size so the government is run by the people and not bureaucrats again.”

As a welcoming gift from us to you, our new leader, here’s a piece of advice.

“Restore the love for our country in the hearts of Americans,” said one editor. “I feel that too many Americans are not proud of this country anymore. So many joke around saying that they are going to move to Canada and leave America behind. This president needs to make America a land that we are all proud to be a part of.”

So, with your new place in American history, please do your best to bring this country back to a place where we can thrive and live peacefully. Help bring pride back to the people of this country who have lost it, jobs to those who are suffering, and safety to those who are threatened by gun violence.


The Outlook Staff

Editor's Note:

In the 11/2 issue of The Outlook John Sorce was attributed for the front page articles “’Mighty’ MU Says Goodbye to Kessler Field at Homecoming 16’” and “MUPD Apprehends Alleged Gunman: No One Hurt” but his last name was spelt wrong, as Scorce.