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A Welcome Letter to Our President

Dear President Grey Dimenna,

As you know, Monmouth University is a wonderful place. The University itself has been thriving recently and we feel that you are returning at an ideal time to continue that legacy. Your previous 21 years of experience and your familiarity with the school will certainly be beneficial in your new role and we look forward to working with you during your time as Interim President.

Monmouth’s campus is constantly improving with various new initiatives, and we have faith that you will continue to help us on our path to success. We are hopeful that you will continue to lead Monmouth in the right direction and aid in the growth of the University.

While there are certainly positives about the current state of the University, there are is always room for improvement. We hope that you listen to student voices and ensure that any pertinent issues are addressed ethically.

We hope that you will put your best foot forward in leading Monmouth in the right direction as far as quality of education, community interactions, and fostering creativity for every single student.

We hope that you continue to promote inclusiveness of all ethnicities, races, and genders represented throughout the student body on campus, and we think that you will do a wonderful job since you are no stranger to Monmouth University and our evolving campus culture.

We would also like to see you continue with the efforts that your predecessor took in encouraging diversity on campus, by way of discussions on the issue. In place of changing the name of Wilson Hall your predecessor asserted that informative tactics would be enacted to educate the University community on Wilsons legacy. We hope that you continue with these plans.

Moreover, since you left there may have been an increase of national recognition of the University. The editors believe this is in large part due to the recent success of our Athletic programs on campus. The men’s basketball team, for example, has really popularized the University’s name on a national level.

All in all, we hope that you will lead with excitement and light, which is just what the University needs. As a small campus, it is easy to grow close with peers and faculty, and we hope that we will get to know you more as time progresses. We would encourage you to be involved within the student body. We enjoy seeing administration take part in what we, the Monmouth community, engage in every day. Being involved in student life and activities is an important part of letting us know that you care.

It is a wonderful time to be a Hawk, and we are looking forward to flying with you.


The Outlook Staff

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