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Where Did All My Money Go!?

Where Did Money GoThe other day, my friend looked into his wallet and realized that all the money he had on him was gone, which bewildered him because he has just gotten paid the week before. He then decided to check his debit card balance. Wide-eyed and jaw-dropped, he realized that he only had $2.64 left to spend. I then went on to ask him, “Well, where did you go this past week? Did you need to shop for food, did you need to go home over the weekend on the train?” All he responded back was. “No.” After sitting silent for a few moments, he told me he needs to learn control and how to save; something I have been very successful in these past few years.

When entering college, all any young adult thinks about is the freedom they inherit as they walk through the doors their first day, but not all freedom is fun and exciting. Some can actually be extremely stressful. Saving money and learning how to budget are two key components of becoming an adult, but it can be extremely difficult if no one has ever properly taught you how to do them. Personally, I started about learning money at a young age due to my grandmother being a book keeper at a near-by school district; make sure to spend as little as possible, make sure that you use discounts and coupons, and make sure you take advantage of their sales and holidays. As the list went on and on, I found myself thinking that it was a waste of time. I mean, who uses coupons besides old people, right? Who can sit there and wait for that shirt they want until it goes in sale in a month? None of these pertained to me, so I wasn’t specifically trying to follow these guidelines. Another reason that I did not want to think about saving my money at a young age was because my family had always supported me, buying my clothes and providing money for fun activities along with necessities. But, unfortunately, life was unable to go on with that being the case and I had to learn the hard way that, sadly, my grandmother was right.

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Encouraging Success at Monmouth

Higher education is becoming a necessity for anyone who wants to fulfill any lifetime dreams. However, higher education shouldn’t just seem like a necessity, it should be filled with encouragement-inducing experiences and people.

At Monmouth, the largest encouragement-inducing experiences are the various things students can get involved in and the classes offered and the largest encouragement-inducing people are the faculty and staff. It is because of the entire experience that Monmouth provides us that I believe that Monmouth successfully prepares us to conquer our dreams.

Taking those general education courses with the course types such as “SS” or “GU” seem to be annoying class fillers that you want to just get done with. However, some of those classes inspire new interests that you may have never thought you were interested in. Sure, that may lead to an added major or minor, but it could also steer you into a completely new life dream.

The most important aspect at Monmouth for encouragement is the faculty and staff. Whether it is Jen in the Jules L. Plangere Center Café telling you to have an incredible day and that things will always get better, or a singular inspirational professor in your field that introduces you to a niche you never thought you fit in, there is always a positive and encouraging spirit on campus. Maybe it is heading to the Career Center and discussing what you want to do with your future and someone actually helping you through the steps.

It is important for us to really take into consideration what these faculty and staff see in us. It only takes one person to tell you they see potential in you for a seed to be planted in your head that you could succeed in a field you never saw yourself in.

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And They Didn't Live Happy Ever After

They Didnt Live Happily Ever After

The beginning of almost every Disney film features Cinderella’s castle along with the highly notable Walt Disney logo displayed across the bottom of the famous image. This opening sequence signaled that viewers were about to embark on an adventure along with some of their favorite characters that encouraged us children to follow their dreams and believe in magic.

For over 90 years, The Walt Disney Company has invited audiences to “Be Their Guest” with a little pixie dust and endless happy endings. From inanimate objects that come to life to fairy godmothers, Prince Charming, and villains, Disney films have enchanted our childhoods. 

But real life isn’t a fairy tale. Some may never find their knight in shining armor or have the courage to escape the oppression of an evil authority figure in their life. Ironically, the Grimms’ Fairytales of Snow White and Rapunzel that were adopted by Disney were not created to foster unrealistic expectations about life to young children, but they acted as cautionary tales to warn children about the tough road ahead. Walt Disney Pictures transformed these tales into stories that fortified the idea that if you are a beautiful princess or a handsome prince, you will find love and live happily ever after.

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Are You True on Social Media?


You True On Social Media

In a world that “does it for the Insta[gram],” most social media users are not presenting their “real self” to the world. Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter are only some of the social media platforms that allow people to craft their “ideal self” to other users. Digital media allows us to showcase the positive aspects of our lives, such as a new job, vacation, a significant other while omitting the not-so-desirable life moments.

Social networking sites have helped us to maintain our local and global relationships. Some users that “follow” one another on social media believe that they personally know the individual. Users make assumptions through the content that a user has deemed as appropriate for their page, but what truly makes a person who they are the events that they cannot censor in their life.

The famous idiom “a picture is worth a thousand words” stands for the idea that an image conveys more information than a description. However, most of the photos on our news feeds communicate nothing more than being posed or forced to reflect an individual’s sense of their perfect self. We consider our social media accounts to be presentations of ourselves, and we want to ensure that we are presenting “brands” in the most ideal manner.

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The Best Mood Boosters

Class work is increasing and exams are on the horizon. The stress is slowly building, one assignment at a time. Now is the perfect time to take a breath and de-stress.

To decompress and relax, one should utilize mood boosters. Mood boosters can range from one going to the gym, going to the beach, reading, playing with a pet, watching a movie, hiking, shopping, or hanging with friends.

Going to the beach is an amazing way to boost one’s mood. It doesn’t get much better than being able to relax in a calm peaceful environment. Taking in the waves, feeling the breeze, warm sand. All worries blow away with the ocean breeze.

Reading is another great mood booster because it allows one to drift off into their own world and to distract their mind from everything around them. Whether it is a newspaper article or a novel, reading can allow you to escape into another world, free of stress.

Playing with animals is another way to ease stress. Let the stress drift away with each swipe of the soft, comforting fur. Both you and the animal will appreciate the act.

Perhaps you are very in to mediation and yoga. Give one of Monmouth’s yoga classes a try. The breathing techniques used in yoga as well as the relaxing atmosphere are sure to eliminate the built up stress.

Dancing, whether in one’s dorm room, or in public is a great mood booster and a fun aerobic exercise. Dancing allows one to feel free and release their mind from stress/the real world.

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Political Correctness in LGBTQ + Communities

Poltical Correctness LQBTQ CommunitiesIt’s the 21st century. America is supposedly more accepting of differences than ever before, so it is only natural that people are curious about the differences they are expected to embrace. To enact this acceptance, high schools across America have started Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer + (LGBTQ+) clubs where, ideally, diversity is celebrated. However, that is not always the case.

At my high school, members of the LGBTQ+ club were obsessed with being politically correct. Every remark seemed to offend them, and correctness regarding pronouns and types of sexuality were expected off the bat. Even something as simple as “why do you like girls/boys?” The immediate response was always an angry outburst, accusing the questioner of preaching intolerance. One would think that a community, which prides itself on acceptance, would be willing to answer such a simple question. Of course, it is tiresome having to justify your sexual orientation over and over again, but think for two seconds about the questioner.

Picture a socially conservative family that raises a child to believe that something is wrong with the LGBTQ+ community. That child will likely attend high school with a gay, bisexual, transsexual, asexual or intersex person. When these two, fundamentally different individuals, finally meet, and the question of “why are you like that?” is posed, taking immediate offense will only exasperate an already tense situation. Realistically, by dismissing a legitimate question from a peer, about sexuality or gender, they are going to leave the conversation with the perception that LGBTQ+ members are elitist.

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Is Cursive Still Relevant Today?

Cursive is the not writing style of choice for most col­lege students. Most college stu­dents probably have not written in cursive since they initially learned it in grade school.

I remember being very ex­cited to learn this new style because I thought that it meant that I was growing up and be­coming more like an adult. My class learned cursive by tracing the letters that my teacher had already written on the black­board.

I tried my best to follow the swoops and curves. But, I nev­er did get the hang of connect­ing all the letters in one, fluent stroke.

I could read it perfectly, but writing it was another story. I did not see the purpose or func­tionality of writing in such a formal manner.

While we only wrote cursive ­for thirty minutes at school, at home, my mother wrote solely in handwriting. Whether it was the grocery list or a formal let­ter, nothing was in print.

Many of my childhood mem­ories involved writing thank you notes in my finest cursive fashion. My mother always made my siblings and I write in cursive because it was a “nec­essary skill” that I would use later in life. I dreaded writing thank you notes simply because I had to write them in cursive. It was such a long and painful process. It was a nightmare.

After initially learning the cursive alphabet in second grade, it faded into the back­ground. Grade after grade and it was never used.

The last time that I used cur­sive handwriting in a school setting was when I had to copy the legitimacy statement at the beginning of the SATs. Thank­fully, the appearance of my handwriting did not contribute to my overall grade.

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Today’s Beauty Standards

Todays Beauty Standards

Society has been known for its harsh critiques of women’s beauty standards. Constant media ads paint women as perfect models who are always sporting glamor­ized looks and magazine smiles. When women are marketed with flawless makeup and perfectly styled hair, it creates a facade of the ideal women.

This painfully effects the youth by making them want to apply makeup to cover up any perceived imperfections and makes them feel insecure if they do not. This guarantees make-up and other health and beauty product compa­nies a nice steady income, know­ing they will have a solid custom­er base, while adding on teenagers and young adults as well.

Another negative beauty stan­dards thanks to the Hollywood are Photoshop and surgeries over natural/realistic looks. This promotes a negative mentality to youth and women that if they aren’t happy with their appear­ance, they need surgery, or to hide behind a camera filter to mod­ify their looks. Why diet? Why change your lifestyle? Why eat healthy foods? Why exercise, just pay a surgeon and hope it works out for you.

Even if one gets surgery, some quick fixes will not be maintained if they do not change their life­style. They will probably revert back to their old ways, and per­haps recreate the problematic issues that they were trying to avoid.

As a result, they have wasted their money and have exposed themselves to the many compli­cations that can come from that elective surgery, perhaps with no gain.

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Early Bird Gets the Worm

Early Bird Catches WormYou can tell a lot about a person based on where they stand on the subject of morning classes against night classes. It’s true, a lot can be said of your character, priorities and general habits just by showing up to class whether it be at 8:30 a.m. or p.m.

From a commuter’s point of view, morning classes are a saving-grace. While that may seem like a bit of an exaggeration, just think about how frustrating it can be to circle the parking lot for ten minutes, only to realize there are absolutely no open spots.

We’ve all been there and have likely learned our lesson the hard way, its true, the early bird really does catch the worm.

While most may groan at the idea of waking up before 9 a.m., there is something to be said about getting an early start to the day. Now before I begin to sound like your mother, hear me out.

Waking up early provides you with a peace of mind that you’ve got the whole day ahead of yourself. In a perfect world, us college students would love every single class we are taking, adore each professor and be genuinely excited to sit for an hour and twenty minutes. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

No matter how hard I try, certain subjects will never maintain a firm grasp on both my interest and attention span.

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Natural Disasters Everywhere

Is There Truth Behind Climate Change?

Natural Disasters EverywhereThe South is flooded and the West is in flames. If there was ever a time to believe in the science of climate change, it is now.

It is amazing that this is a topic that is still up for debate. It is 2017. There have been two hurricanes that destroyed everything in their paths in the last three weeks, and another one is on the way. Hurricane Harvey, Irma, and soon to be Katia have displaced and devastated thousands.

Harvey had winds reached seeds of 132 miles per hour. But this was almost calm compared to what came next, Irma. Irma brought wind with speeds up to 137 miles per hour at landfall and was classified as a Category 5 hurricane when it swept through the Caribbean islands and forced the residents of the state of Florida to evacuate. On islands such as Barbuda, almost all buildings and homes were leveled.

The West is hot, so hot that it is literally on fire. Dozens of wildfires are ablaze across Montana, Oregon, and California. Sure, there are normally wildfires that start because of careless campers or droughts throughout the summer months. But not like this. Who would have thought that after a snowy winter, the West would experience such a hot and dry summer?

Last winter, there were days when the temperatures reached the low sixties. As I walked to class I looked around and saw people in their summer attire. They were donned in their summer skirts and sandals. I know New Jersey is typically warmer than my home in Pennsylvania, but it was not supposed to be that warm. It was January. It was that sweater weather in the morning and tank top in the afternoon kind of weather.

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Falling in Love with Fall: The Best of the Four Seasons

Falling In Love With FallWhile I agree, it is difficult to watch beach days dwindle down and warm summer nights come to end, I think it is undeniable that Fall is the best season. You have to be lying if you are not ready to trade in hit or miss weather, sweating, and forced family BBQ’s for comfortable weather, hayrides, cozy nights and sweaters.

Fall pulls together all the things we love most. It has plenty of things to do, holidays to celebrate, moments to enjoy and something to offer to everyone! Who doesn’t love the picturesque colors of the leaves on trees, pumpkin spice everything, apple picking, corn mazes, or the tranquil fall weather?

To begin, the orange, red, and yellow leaves that scatter everywhere you go always make such a magical scene. Everywhere you look is a stunning painting! Not much is better than the crunch of the autumn leaves below your feet as you are strolling around. Just simply driving down the road is a great way to take in the amazing views that fall brings with it.

Then there is the incredible crisp Fall weather. It is not too hot, but not too cold; it is the perfect comfortable happy medium. Fall weather means cozy flannels, sweaters, and boots.Fall means earlier, cool nights. Cooler weather also means keeping warm by bonfires with s’mores, warm drinks like hot chocolate and of course, the classic pumpkin spice lattes! 

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