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Paparazzi, Please No Photos in the Playroom

There's no question that tabloids and gossip magazines cross the line from time to time. Lately, celebrities are fed up and finally beginning to stand up to these magazines in regards to the exploitation of children.

Celebrities are making these tabloids and blogs realize that reporting on and photographing their children is wrong and unethical.

New parents Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard have openly discussed their indifferences toward entertainment news sites and their use of children as subjects of stories.

Paparazzi get into lawsuits with celebrities all the time. In today's society it seems it is part of the norm for photographers to harass and swarm around celebs and their children.

It is to the point that if a celebrity steps outside with their child, they are not only putting themselves in danger, but the child as well.

Yes, the celebrity chose to be in the spotlight, but the child didn't. The parents should not have to worry about even taking their children to the grocery store just because they're in the limelight.

Why should I know the name of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' daughter and exactly what she looks like, let alone what she is wearing?

The little girl is less than 10 years old, yet there are websites and magazines reporting on what where she is going to school and which ice cream flavor she likes. I cannot be the only person that thinks that's creepy.

It is even worse that there are people who pay for these pictures. There are people that make a living out of taking a picture of Suri or Blue Ivy.

It is unethical for a random person to photograph an unknown child, and there could be serious charges pressed. So why doesn't the same go for celebrities and their offspring?

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Time to Re-evaluate the Current Majors

When you were young and thought of what you "wanted to be when you grew up" your ideas for a future career may have included a police officer, actress, astronaut or zookeeper. However, as we become adults and pursue higher education, those career paths may change into something not quite as exciting, but just as important and relevant.

As the years go by, times change along with job industries and demands. Consequently, when choosing to attend college, the deciding factor for today's students comes down to whether or not they offer a competitive program that appeals to them.

Some more modern jobs that may not have existed 10 years ago, include mobile or internet marketing, app developers, data scientists, cloud computing and cloud service specialists, and the list goes on.

So how does the University stack up with unique programs? According to MU's website, some of our 48 undergraduate programs include Art, Communication, Fine Arts, Criminal Justice, Math, Business and Sociology to name a few.

MU offers seven programs relating to music or the arts, but on the other hand, only four in business. Here at the University we have over ten programs relating to the sciences, compared to three relating to computer sciences or technology.

The University undoubtedly offers a wide array of programs in many different fields, but are each of the programs necessary or truly beneficial to current and prospective students? I believe there is room to improve.

While every major and area of study is equally important, in the current job market, some may be more competitive and in turn more attractive to students.

Additionally, technology advances rapidly everyday, and it could be extremely beneficial for students to maybe have more IT or computer courses offered to them.

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World News is Important too...

world_news_screenshotTraditional media seems to be slowly fading away as people, especially students, are turning away from the news all together. It would not be surprising today's generation to be turning to social media as a source of information.

It is very obvious that the dynamics of news and media are drastically changing. Unreliable, inaccurate and biased news can be found anywhere nowadays, and it is not always easy to distinguish between the two. I feel as students it is our responsibility to become informed consumers of media.

Globalization makes it imperative that students pay more attention to the news. We are a global society in many ways, with communication, international affairs, economic markets and even now with jobs. As a result, it is important for us to know what is occurring across the globe. It is just as important for students to know what is going on here in the US, because ultimately we are the future of the country.

Most of us are concerned with hot topics: the environment, the safety of the foods we eat, our health, the economy and job market. Significant decisions and changes are made and occur each day relating to these topics, and majority go by without us even being aware of them.

Why? Because for the average college student, a typical day usually does not involve sitting down reading through articles, watching a news segment or listening to NPR. I believe that it should.

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Now is the Time to Get Involved During College

Freshman year anxiety overwhelms you. You think that joining some clubs would be a fun and easy way to get involved and make friends. Yet, sometimes, that anxiety gets in the way of everything.

You're too worried about going to meetings alone, or you tell yourself that you're a freshman so no one is going to care about your opinion anyway. You tell yourself you can wait a year.

Don't sell yourself short. Getting involved is important, and the amount of ways you can at Monmouth is a blessing.

The importance of getting involved is something I cannot stress enough. For me, it changed my entire experience at school. It changed my entire outlook on my future and the life I can build for myself during and after college.

Not only does getting involved in school help build up your resume, but it more importantly can build up your self-esteem and your happiness.

Last year, as a freshman, I was stressed beyond belief with all of my classes. I was scared to get involved, fearing that I would have no time on my hands.

Getting involved with clubs and other activities really doesn't take that much time away from you. Giving up maybe an hour or two of your life to do something you really enjoy, as well as build relationships with new people, helps you more than you realize.

More importantly, I was afraid to put myself out there. Due to my fear and anxiety, I was not happy. I got over that anxiety this year, and I became a happier, more positive person right away. Looking back on my experiences, I wish I had gotten involved sooner.

I had no clue that my experiences from freshman to sophomore year would change immensely, but they have.

Sophomore year, I decided I would step up, I would join at least one club. I was already a member of the first-year honors society, Phi Eta Sigma, but since the induction was last year, I decided I would join something different.

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Cable TV vs. Network TV

Everyone has their favorite show that they cannot miss. My personal favorite, along with many other 20-year-old women, is the show Girls. The show follows four girls in their twenties trying to navigate their life in NYC. Issues ranging from relationships, money, and career paths. Think of a more edgy "Sex and The City".

Airing Sunday nights, "Girls" is in its third season on the cable channel HBO. The show's creator and star Lena Dunham states that she wrote the show because there was no representation of her or her friends on television. There was not a single sitcom show that she felt paralleled her life. So she took her idea to HBO and with the help of Judd Apatow, who is famous for movies like "Knocked Up" and "Superbad", she created an instant hit.

So why did Dunham pitch her idea to HBO and not NBC? The answer is because she could produce her show and present it anyway she felt. She wanted 100 percent creative freedom for her show on cable television. That is what you get with cable television, a major difference between cable and network productions.

Cable programs are a choice that many consumers choose to pay extra for, while network stations such as NBC and CBS give access to everyone. This means more people are exposed to network stations, so the subject matter must be more conservative or viewer conscious. On cable you can pertain to any subject matter you would like. Foulwords are usually banned by on network television. There is usually more violence as well.

Think of a show like the "Sopranos", this show was extremely raunchy. Ranging from the subject matter to the language it would have never been able to broadcast on network television. Yet, viewers truly ate it up and made it extremely successful.

Shows see this trend of success sometimes on cable rather than network. Cable has a bigger budget so it can produce better quality shows. These shows can bring in star power usually not seen on network shows. Cable shows take a look at something different. They have more interesting story lines because unlike network shows they have more to work with.

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The Frightening Dangers of Drunkorexia

Eating disorders are diseases that truly fall under the radar to the public. Many people are unaware of how dangerous they really are to the body. Although all eating disorders are serious and should be known knowledge to everyone, drunkorexia is a recent epidemic that has hit the younger population as a way to dangerously and drastically lose weight.

Explained by medical doctor Dale Archer, "Drunkorexia is the act of restricting food intake or calories by day so one can party and get drunk at night without fear of gaining weight from the extra calories of the alcohol."

This new eating habit is mainly common in young women. At the younger ages of 21 to 24, drinking is a common social event.

Drunkorexia is extremely popular in the drinking crowd because women want to be able to drink without gaining weight.

Women also find drunkorexia has two very desirable side effects, such as getting drunk much faster because of the lack of food in the stomach, as well as vomiting, which victims find comforting because they think they are getting rid of calories.

With such a serious outbreak of drunkorexia, much research has been done in order to find out why someone would want to do this to his or her body. 30 percent of women between 18 and 23 have skipped a meal in order to drink more. 16 percent do it on a regular basis.

Just reading these facts myself as I write them, make me realize how popular such an unfortunate route women are taking to become "thin."

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The Detrimental Effects of List Articles

buzzfeedLists are a great thing; useful in so many way. Great when you need to remember what to get while grocery shopping or to remind yourself what needs to get done. However, lists are not ideal when it comes to expressing your thoughts.

There has been a recent trend in the past year of people becoming obsessed with "listicles" (articles + lists). They're short, to the point, and sometimes come with a cute little moving picture. Maybe it is our generation's attention span, where the thought of reading a well thought-out article seems more like a daunting task than an enjoyable experience.

The New Yorker actually did a study that showed people's minds prefer lists because they take the hard work out of reading, proving they could have detrimental effects on people's ability to write.

If we keep reading these listicles, your brain may no longer want to do the heavy lifting when it comes to writing essays of your own.

We scroll through our Twitter feeds with news, jokes, and people's activities in snippets of no more than 140 characters. Our generation is becoming more and more inclined to think in the short term, with undeveloped, under-explained thoughts.

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Keep Calm and Just Graduate ...Whenever You Can

Graduation_2-26May 2015 - the long anticipated date that I have been waiting for since the first day of freshman year.

This is the date that I have been writing for almost three whole years on every job, internship, and summer program application.

May 2015 is my expected graduation date. The word, "expected" scares me because expected does not mean definite, it is more like your graduation date is an estimate of when you'll finally complete all of the credits the school requires you to fulfill. What if May 2015 comes along and I'm not walking across that long stage with the rest of my classmates?

When I entered the University as a freshman, I never gave second guessed when I would be graduating, it was always May 2015. But now with being only a little over a year away from the actual date, I find myself stressing out more than I ever have.

My major never changed, so luckily my sequence chart is successfully being filled, but my life plans have changed and unfortunately there is no sequence chart for that.

When I started off as a chemistry major I wanted to graduate, go onto obtaining my master's degree, and eventually work for a big cosmetics company, working my way up to making five-digit figures. Is that my plan now? Not so much.

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Spring Break Body Ready?

The countdown is on - three weeks to spring break. If you are lucky enough to be leaving snowy, dreadfully cold weather, you probably have several pictures of Victoria's Secret models taped all over your refrigerators for body motivation just in time for that exotic vacation. I am guilty of it too and I'm not even going to be in a bikini anytime soon.

Most girls on a college campus have been extreme dieting and hitting those late night gym sessions after class to look their best when hitting the beach.

Now let's be realistic for a minute. No fad or crash diet is going to get you to look like Miranda Kerr in three short weeks. Honestly, you should really be embracing whatever size or shape you are and love yourself for who you are.

However, if you really want to be serious and take up a healthier lifestyle, it does require weeks and even months in advance of hard work and will power. If you already planned ahead and have been diligently drinking your green smoothies and eating salads, you are on the right track.

So what do you do when you have been pigging out on Chipotle every day for lunch and hitting up Taco Bell for a midnight snack and your vacation is creeping up? For starters, put down that quesadilla you're munching on and listen up.

If you want to be a healthier version of yourself by the time you board that plane for spring break, or just in general, there are a few healthy remedies that I personally am a fan of and swear by.

A few tricks to lose that bloated feeling and get you feeling lighter is by drinking warm water with lemon first thing in the morning. According to, "A mug of hot lemon water in the morning wakes up your digestive system and helps get things moving. You can also drink green tea with lemon if you don't like the taste of warm lemon water on its own."

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The Super Bowl Of NASCAR: Daytona 500

130226124353-danica-patrick-daytona-500-1-single-image-cutOn Feb. 23, the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series season will kick off with the 56 running of the Daytona 500. This race is often referred to as the "Superbowl of stock car racing" despite the fact that, on its face, it appears to be more like traffic on the Garden State Parkway at 200 m.p.h than something like Russell Wilson leading the Seahawks down the field at MetLife Stadium.

But while football remains, arguably the most popular sport in America, a few comparisons can be drawn between NASCAR's biggest race and football's biggest game.

While Daytona International Speedway did not release any official attendance figures for last year's Daytona 500 (as is often the case with many NASCAR venues), in 2012 the track sold 140,000 of its 167,000 seats.

By comparison, the 2013 Super Bowl at New Orleans' Mercedes-Benz Superdome, sold 71,024 of the stadium's 73,208 seats. Yes, this was much closer to being a sellout crowd, but when you bear in mind that the Superdome's seating can be expanded to accommodate a little more than 76,400 fans, and factor in the millions of other fans who were watching on television, it is clear that while NASCAR may never pass football, NASCAR is one of the most popular sports in the country.

That's right. I called NASCAR a sport. For almost as long as man has tried to ration the idea, we have been debating if athleticism indicated drving a racecar.

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Does Age Matter When it Comes to Love?

Valentine's Day has just ended, and whether you were cozied up to someone special, venturing out with someone new or drowning your sorrows in chocolate, you were thinking about relationships on Feb. 14.

Relationships are tricky, for two people to decide to become exclusive requires a lot of elements to align. So does age factor into one of those elements? Are we confined to dating the people born within the same year as us, or can we venture out of that scope by two, five or 20 years?

As John Mayer and Katy Perry recently sang on their duet song "You Love Who You Love", sometimes that's a person 20 years older or a couple years younger. Age doesn't matter, what matters is the chemistry between people. All's fair in love and war.

When it comes to relationships it should matter more about who the person is, not what their age on a piece of paper is. Recently my sister stopped seeing a guy because she believed he was too young. She would say it's a shame he is too young, he's a great guy. I could not wrap my head around why she would let something as small as age get in the way of her having a potentially beautiful relationship.

On the other hand, I have a friend in a relationship with a guy two and a half years younger than her and she does not think she could find a better guy if she tried. She says that sometimes she sees the age difference, but in the end they are in love and age doesn't matter one bit.

So how can my sister find it weird to date a guy one year younger, yet my friend finds she has never been happier?

It comes down to a matter of chemistry. If you click with someone, you click with them. Age is not a determining factor in any relationship. It all matters if the people in the relationship fit together.

Sometimes it comes down to a matter of chemistry, but it also matters where the two people are in life. In my friends case she is in college and her boyfriend is still in high school, their chemistry is strong enough that even though they are at different places in life, their love is stronger.

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