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Feel Like Redecorating? Try Some of These Dorm Ideas

dormDecorating a room is a great way to express yourself. Many interior-decorating techniques can be used to create an image you want to convey towards the company you have over.

One of the best places to try decorating extravaganzas is in a dorm room. Why you may ask? Well for starters, it’s not permanent. By the end of this semester, many of you will be moving out of your dorm rooms. That poster, bedspread, or color-motif you originally set up in your room is not permanent. If in a couple of months, weeks or days you don’t like your original design of the room, it’s very easy to change it or spruce it up with a couple of steps.

The dorm is also a great place to express yourself because it’s a time of independence. You’re moved out of your house and this is your time to learn about yourself, especially through the form of expression. Use the dorm as a venue of expression, and decorate. There are many techniques and tricks to design a dorm room.

Set-up is the foundation of any room, especially when a room is limited in space. It can be difficult for many people to decorate a limited space without overdoing it, and essentially over-cramping it, making the room seem more cluttered and busy. In a dorm room, occupancy ranges from one to three individuals, which can lead up to three beds, three dressers and three desks. Creating space in a dorm room can be difficult, but with some techniques, more space can be created, making it easier to decorate.

First space saving tip, invest in bunk beds. Bunk beds can achieve extra room, if you or your roommate is willing to take the top-bunk!

Next space-saving tip: put the dressers inside the closet. Final space-saving tip move the desks back-to-back, rather then side-to-side. With the right amount of space, a comfortable setting for yourself and or your roommates can be achieved. Just remember, less is more!

Now that the setup of the room is complete, a great idea is to create a theme for the room. The decor of a room can be anywhere from simple to drastic and can make decorating a room easier. A theme gives the idea of what colors, patterns, objects and overall ensemble of the room. The appearance of the room can be based off of a color, perhaps your favorite color of choice. Another idea is to follow is a particular pattern, such as animal print, polka dots, or stripes. Even combining colors and patterns is a fun way to integrate your favorite patterns and colors into one theme. “I loved mixing zebra print with my room because its a simple pattern and I was able to change it up with different colors every time I incorporate it,” states senior, Jaimee Saracen, on her theme of choice. Some other popular themes that may appeal to you may be, sport-teams, beach, nightlife, and glamour.

Once a theme is chosen, decorations, furniture, and accessories should be purchased to follow the chosen theme. Remember, you are working with a minimal amount of space so only purchase necessary furniture and accessories. Some recommended furniture for dorm rooms are ottomans, mirrors, bookshelves, storage bins, shoe organizers and clothing organizers.

Stores such as Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Walmart carry many of these products. Some recommended accessories for a room are wall decals, lights, throw pillows, and posters/pictures. Stores such as Five Below, Christmas Tree Shop, and TJ Maxx carry a variety of these products. “I found some great accessories for my room at Five Below for a reasonable price, and it added some liveliness to my room in a matter of minutes,” states senior Jessica Lustman.

Chris McKittrick, area coordinator of Elmwood and Spruce Halls, said that some of his favorite themes that students have decorated with were of jungles and pirates. He said that the pirate theme featured fishnets on the walls and other decorations, and was actually functional.

“However, stay away from duct tape. It may look cool, but it will cost you later when it peels the paint off the walls,” McKittrick added.

These suggestions, however, are not just limited to dorm-rooms and can transform many rooms into an enjoyable and comfortable setting for your liking. It’s not too late to change around a room, or you can keep these in mind for the next time you are interested in decorating or re-decorating a room. With the right steps, tips and techniques an individual can transform any ideas into a reality. Decorating is a fun form of self-expression and can really show a person’s creativity. Make it happen if not now, eventually!

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