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Volume 83 (Fall 2011 - Spring 2012)

Recap of the Debate Team’s Summer in Arizona

Recap of the Debate Teams Summer in ArizonaBrandon Karkovice and Arielle Giordano of the University Debate Hawks competed in the Arizona Debate Institute at Arizona State University this summer. Karkovice said, “The debaters were almost as intense as the heat, but the week- long research was extremely beneficial.”

The program in Arizona prepared Karkovice and Giordano for the beginning of the 2011 debate season.

“I’m really excited and upset at the same time going into this year, because I realize now I’ve learned the things that have made me who I am at Monmouth, and now the following year is going to be icing on the cake, with maybe some cherries on top,” said Karkovice.

Karkovice said that one of his absolute favorite memories of belonging to the University community has been his time as a Debate Hawk.

“And now as captain, I can see that the scared and shy freshman I once was has grown into a strong, confident young man ready for law school,” he said.

Debate prepares students for vital professional skills, including picking apart arguments, criticizing papers, reading fast, and analyzing situations. Karkovice said that along the way, he met incredible people and the most influential teacher that has impacted his life, Dr. Joseph Patten.

Karkovice described that Patten has not only taught him about the discipline of political science, but about giving back to the community and helping others as well.

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Who’s Who in SGA: Oscar Sanchez - Vice President

Who Who in SGAOscar Sanchez, a junior, is majoring in Communications with a specialization in Public Relations and Journalism. His minors are Business Administration and Information Technology.

After college, Sanchez hopes to receive his Masters degree in Communication either at San Diego State, New York University, Boston University, or the University of Miami. Ultimately, he wants to work for a Public Relations firm, specializing in event planning.

Sanchez joined the Student Government Association after writing on SGA’s Facebook account the summer before his first semester at Monmouth and asked how he could get involved immediately. Sanchez was passionate and involved in his high school’s Student Council.

After meeting some of the SGA members during freshman orientation, he submitted his application through the fresh-start program. On interview day, Sanchez remembers being the first one called in to be questioned and knew he wanted to be involved in the organization for the rest of his college career.

SGA has allowed Sanchez to meet people who he would not have otherwise and to interact with departments on campus that he said he would not have known as an average Joe student. Sanchez said, “I’ve been able to plan events and watch them come to life. Last year I planned Springfest, and I was so glad that everyone had a great time. Giving back to the students and having that sense of accomplishment is an amazing feeling. I hope to continue to do that as Vice President this year.”

University Remembers, Comments on Sept. 11 10th Anniversary

University Remembers Sept 11 10th AnniversaryOn Sunday, America paid homage to the tragic events that took place on September 11, 2001. Ten years later, thankful citizens are continuing to move forward, but can never forget.

For many, the day began like any other. “I was in a cab heading to work. I had just dropped my daughter off at her first day of kindergarten,” recalled Charlie Johnston, a Manhattan resident. Johnston was headed to his office at the World Financial Center, across the street from the World Trade Center. The first plane hit while he was waiting at a stop light on West Street. “The building was on fire but I never saw a plane so I wasn’t sure what happened,” he continued. “I was very scared and didn’t realize we were under attack until the second plane hit.”

“I was in a meeting in my office,” remembered President Paul Gaffney II, who was still on active military duty and serving as the President for the National Defense University. The University is located in Washington D.C. approximately one mile from the Pentagon. “I had big bay windows facing toward the Pentagon that began to vibrate from the explosion,” said Gaffney. 

“We were about to start class when the principal pulled the teacher aside,” said Marc Yanneillo, a sophomore Communication and English major. In 2001, Yanniello was in the 4th grade.“

Another teacher ran in and turned on the TV,” he continued. The student body in Yanniello’s school was soon after given an explanation on the tragic events that would forever change the nation. “I remember thinking, what did our country do to make this happen,” he said.

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Christie Takes Disaster Preparations to a New Level

chistie disaster prepHurricane Irene moved past the Jersey Shore leaving a trail of destruction and causing major flooding throughout the state.

Thousands of customers in Monmouth and Ocean County were left without power, sometime for days due to the damaging winds and heavy rains associated with the storm.

Due to the preparedness of state officials and emergency preparedness organizations, residents went above and beyond, taking precautionary measures to stay safe be-fore and during Irene, which was deemed a tropical storm by the time it reached New Jersey.

Governor Chris Christie gained praise for his involvement towards the preparedness for the Hurricane. As soon as Christie began warning New Jersey residents that Irene was headed our way, his public relations staff organized a line of press conferences as well as online presences on Twitter and YouTube.

Christie’s voice appeared to be heard everywhere talking about the storm. He was a guest on “Meet the Press” and toured the state be-fore the storm. His involvement in relief efforts acquired praise, even from his critics. “Get the hell off the Beach in Asbury Park and get out. You’re done. It’s 4:30 PM. You’ve maximized your tan. Get off the beach. Get in you cars and get out of those areas,” Christie said addressing the coastline two days prior to the arrival of Irene.

"The storm was a political victory for the governor," Julie Roginsky, a longtime Democratic strategist, said. "You got someone who looks like he was everywhere all at once and had his hand in everything."

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What Students Should Expect This Semester from SGA

Upcoming Elections, Events, and Programs This Fall

default article imageThe Student Government Association (SGA) has been anticipating the start of the semester so the Senate can jump right into planning campus wide events, solving student concerns, and meeting new people.

“I am so thankful that the student body elected me as President, and I do not want to let anyone down,” said Nicole Levy, President of the Student Body.

SGA has numerous events coming up quickly. The annual Big Event which is a campus wide volunteerism program will be hosted on Saturday, October 22. Chairperson Becca Baier has been responsible for gathering worksites, creating t-shirt designs, and recruiting volunteers.

Roughly 400 students volunteer each year to travel to local businesses, beaches, community centers, and personal homes to assist with any jobs available. “This event is something we are extremely proud of because it is a way to give back to the community and show that we are students who care about helping others,” Levy said.

Homecoming, SGA’s most popular event is approaching soon as well. This past spring, the student body voted on a pirate theme for this year’s Homecoming.

Spirit Week, starting Monday, October 24, will encourage students to get excited for the event. Chairperson, Samantha Schaffer is responsible for planning this year’s Homecoming.

“Expect lots of Monmouth attire, cheesy pirate slogans, fake gold, and great giveaways,” said Levy.

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Who’s Who in SGA: Nicole Levy - President

Whos Who in SGA Nicole Levy PresidentLevy, a senior, is the newly elected President of the Student Government Association (SGA).

She is a Public Relations major and Business Marketing minor, from Long Island, New York.

Levy feels that Public Relations has so many components to it, from event planning to advertising to speech writing, which is why she is so passionate about the field.

Ultimately, Levy said she hopes to have a job that gives her a creative and expansive outlet that allows her to interact with all types of people involved in different fields and businesses.

Levy became involved with SGA immediately during her first semester of her first year at the University and according to her, it was the best decision she has made during her college years so far.
She was one of six first year student Senators chosen during her first month at the University, and immediately knew she wanted to be the Student Body President of SGA for her senior year to give back to the University community.

Her involvement allowed her to meet close friends she still has today, expand her portfolio, and make her opinion count.

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