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Volume 85 (Fall 2013 - Spring 2014)


Unique Recipes That Utilize Typical “College” Foods

We’ve all heard the stereotypes about “college foods.” From late night Big Mac runs to Ramen noodles in your dorm room, these items become the staples of our four years as undergrads, as much as we try to deny it. By senior year, you may be so sick of canned soup and granola bars that you never want to see them again. But, these recipes will make you reconsider how you view the foods you once survived on.

A jar of peanut butter goes a long way. You can throw it under your desk and whip it out whenever you need a tasty topping on crackers, pretzels, celery, and pretty much anything else you can think of. However, the delicious spread can be used in many other ways than its conventional use.

Spread the smooth stuff in between your French toast and drizzle it with chocolate for the ultimate sweet breakfast treat. Slather it between bread, Nutella and bananas and fry it for a twist on grilled cheese. You can even use this concept in a quesadilla form using bananas or strawberries with peanut butter and chocolate.

For a more savory meal, incorporate peanut sauce into an Asian noodle dish or drizzle it on chicken lettuce wraps.

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Spring Break Destination: Punta Cana

The Dominican Republic Hot Spot is the Place to be this Break

There are only a few more weeks until spring break. Have no plans yet? Lucky for you, there’s still time to book a last minute vacation. Think about it, when are you going to have another chance to get away for a week? The nine to five work days are creeping up quicker than you can say graduation, so rummage through your savings, get some friends together and do spring break right.

Picture this— turquoise waters, sipping corona on the golden sands, endless sun, wildlife adventures, and exhilarating nightlife for a week straight. If this interests you, you should choose a getaway in Punta Cana.

If you have not heard of Punta Cana, it is located in the Dominican Republic, which is an island situated in the Caribbean. It is often overshadowed by the notorious college spring break vacation of choice, Cancun, Mexico.

Cancun has been ranked #1 for US college spring breakers, even getting air time on MTV in the past. Punta Cana, however, has made its way to the top of the list of spring break spots, being mentioned on Travel Channel.

A tropical island smack dab in the middle of the crystal blue water of the Caribbean, Punta Cana is an ideal location for a getaway. Dominicans speak Spanish, but on the resorts English is often spoken.

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How to Keep Your Relationship Alive During College

College is a time of self-discovery, new experiences, and of course, fun. However, you may not want to give up your relationship during your time at school. With balancing class, activities, social life, and a romantic partnership, you may feel overwhelmed, but there are ways to keep your relationship alive while you’re at school, as long as you’re willing to try.

The most important thing in any relationship is communication. Without it, there are always hidden feelings and miscommunications that can turn into something much worse. Whenever you’re feeling a certain way about an issue, whether it be good or bad, let the other person know. If they did something for you that you appreciate, let them know. If you are concerned about something, tell them. It’s always vital to let the person who cares about you know how you feel so you can work on disagreements together.

Chair of the psychology department, Dr. Gary Lewandowski, co-wrote an article, “Relationships 101: Having Healthy Relationships in Your First Year of College.”

In the article he said, “Good communication is important especially when discussing problems. Many people (mistakenly) believe that disagreements are destructive in relationships. However, you should be secure enough in your relationship to discuss the small issues that inevitably arise so that they don’t turn into major drama.”

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It’s A Bittersweet Symphony

Not a Goodbye, But a “See You Soon”

First and foremost, I have to say that I am still in shock that my college career is coming to an end. I still remember moving into Cedar M1 like it was yesterday. I also remember crying like a baby and having a mental breakdown after my parents left me between four cement walls.

It is quite ironic that I’ll probably be having another breakdown shortly after I walk across the stage at PNC in my cap and gown. This entire experience has been one wild ride, with ups and downs, but mostly, memories that will last a lifetime. I wouldn’t have had such an amazing experience at Monmouth if it were not for a lot of people, so I am grateful I have the opportunity to thank them all.

To my mom and dad. Where do I begin? If it weren’t for you guys, I wouldn’t be here in the first place. I could never begin to thank you enough for all that you have done for me these past twenty-one years. You both are the reason I had the opportunity to come to college, a privilege many people wish they could receive. From reading me bedtime stories (which mom claims is what “made me so smart”) to taking me back and forth to school, dance, and every other place I wanted to go, you have both been my biggest fans and greatest supporters. Your encouragement, belief in me, and constant bragging (yes, I’m talking to you dad) pushed me to become who I am today. I couldn’t have done any of this without you, so thank you. And I hope you’re ready for me to come back home after four long years of freedom.

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Thrills, Spills and Chills

The Most Exhilarating Amusement Parks Around the Area

With summer in reach, its time to start ahead on planning daily adventures. Summertime has long been appreciated by college students after two grueling semesters of hard work. Though your summer plans might be taken up by a job or internship, you are usually granted more free time that you lacked during the school year. If you want to take advantage of the warm days with old friends, the area has many amusement parks for you to consider taking a mini vacation.

At a small fee, you can enjoy these theme parks around the surrounding states throughout the summer.

Right in Jackson is Six Flags, probably one of the most frequently used and well known by University students. While many students are probably already familiar with Six Flags, this summer it is introducing a new drop ride.

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A Love Letter to Those Happily Left Behind

Everyone has a past, which means everyone has an ex. Whether it was an ex from a serious seven year relationship or just an ex that you used to drunkenly make out with from time to time. There doesn’t have to be an established title for you to know deep down inside how you felt for that person or if that person was considered an ex or not. If you were involved with him/her romantically or sexually but you aren’t anymore, that person is an ex.

What a lot of us college students need to understand is that it is okay to be single. Dr. Gary Lewandowski, the Chair of Psychology Department, said, “In fact, being single is infinitely better than being in an unhealthy relationship. Use the time that you are single to really figure out who you are and want to be, what you really want in a partner, and what you can do to be a better person so that if you do decide that you want a relationship you’re more likely to find a good one.”

Basically, do not waste your time with someone if they aren’t making you happy. Some of us learned that the hard way, but that’s alright. It is a lesson learned.

I am here today to not only acknowledge the skeletons in my closet but to express some feelings I’ve kept locked up inside. This is a letter to my past exes.

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The Committed Pig Commits to Good Eats

Manasquan Restaurant Offers Unique Burgers and Breakfast Options

Who needs to be in a committed relationship when you can be committed to the next best thing; food? The Committed Pig, located in Manasquan, NJ, will make you wonder how you ever ate a hamburger somewhere else. A little over 30 minutes away from campus, the drive will most definitely be worth it.

Cynthia Estime, a senior criminal justice major, is always willing to travel the distance for some great food. “I love food and as long as it’s not too long,” she said “I would travel a long distance to try food!”

The restaurant is open Monday through Friday for brunch between the hours of 10 am and 3 pm, and reopens from 5 pm to 8:30 pm. On Fridays you can enjoy your meal until 9 pm.

When the weekend hits, the burger and pancake house opens Saturday and Sunday from 8 am straight until 9 pm on Saturdays and 8 pm on Sundays. With hours like these, there is plenty of time for you to make your way over to the small, yet charming restaurant.

Tonya Lee, an adjunct Art and Design professor, has this restaurant on her favorites list. She said, “I have eaten at The Committed Pig a couple of times, they are one of my favorite places in the area.”

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Let New Jersey Entertain You

You Do Not Have to Travel Across the Globe to Have Fun This Summer

nj_entertainmentOur society as a whole has unintentionally caught the travel bug and the only cure is to venture, but what if you do not have the means to do so?

Most college students come into the issue of not having any money and thus, are unable to cure their wanderlust. If you are hankered down in New Jersey this summer due to this misfortune, do not think your summer vacation will be dull; believe it or not, New Jersey has much to offer.

Of course the most appealing luxury the state has is the Jersey Shore. Obviously, we are not talking about the television show, but instead talking about the majestic Atlantic Ocean and its various beaches located in New Jersey.

A junior education major, Rachel Fox, said that her favorite summer memories are provided by popular shore destination, Long Beach Island (LBI).

"LBI has a laid back atmosphere, which s perfect for relaxing vacation and of course the beaches are beautiful," Fox said. "My family goes there every year."

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We Scream for ice cream

ice_creamAs the temperature starts going up, so does the want and need of a treat to cool you down. With Monmouth being so close to the beach, students are lucky that they have so many choices when it comes to frozen delights.

Ice cream, frozen yogurt, Italian ice, and gelato are all popular treats when the heat gets to be too much. Places like The Light House Strollos, Carvel, Frozen Peaks, and The Corner Café are all in convenient locations for students. All you need to focus on is what you are going to get.

Everyone has those childhood memories where their parents told them they could get ice cream after they finished their dinner. Whether it was from the ice cream man, your freezer at home, or your local ice cream shop, you made sure that dinner was finished before your parents had time to change their minds.

One of the best things about being away at college is that we don't even need to finish our dinner. We can have ice cream for dinner if that is what we choose.

Just a short three minute drive can get you to one of the most famous ice cream shops known to man; Carvel. Customers get their choice between the classic chocolate, vanilla, or sherbet.

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Plan Instead of Cram

Ways to Make the Most Out of the End of the Semester

In three weeks from today, final exams start. Sometimes this quick arrival of the end of the semester and the spring sunshine can cause students to want to slack off. Skipping class for the mile-away beach, senioritis, or just not caring about the final days of class are common temptations to us.

Just because there is only about a month left of this year remaining does not mean you have to fit in every possible social outing you can and forget about school work. However, this does not mean you cannot go out because you have to slave away to school work in your room all day either.

The best way to make the most of the final days of the school year is to excel both academically and socially. There is a balance to achieving success in school while remaining a social butterfly in these last weeks.

Instead of procrastinating homework until Sunday as many students do, promise yourself to do at least one piece of it on a Friday before you go out, and some on Saturday morning. This way, you will have a lighter load come the end of the weekend and you can use the day time to relax before the busy week.

If you complete your assignments on the weekend evenings, you can spend the next couple weekend days outside enjoying the weather rather than inside cramming a paper.

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An Inside Look at Thrift and Consignment Store Shopping

thrift_store_shoppingWith the economy still in a slump, and being on a tight budget as a college student, dressing to impress can feel like an uphill battle. However, there is an oasis out there in the dry, lonely desert of college broke-ism: thrift and consignment stores. While the image of shopping at places like The Salvation Army or Goodwill might not seem ideal for fashion trends, there is a lot to offer shoppers and it allows them to buy different items that can be a good foundation to a wardrobe.

While it may seem like any other type of shopping, there are some things first timers should be aware of beforehand. The first thing is that there is a huge difference between thrift stores and consignment stores. While both do carry clothing for secondary sales, consignment shops often have newer designs and brand names stocked on their shelves. Both types are useful resources for building a fashionable wardrobe at a reasonable price, but for those who are all about the labels, consignment stores might be a better fit.

"We get clothes in daily except for Sunday, so we have new items out for our customers every day," said Taylor Desantis, the Assistant manager at Back On The Racks, a local consignment store located near Brighton Avenue in West Long Branch. "Some people can't afford clothes, so we try to offer people higher end clothes for a cheaper price." Besides saving money, there is also the chance to make money with certain stores like Back on The Racks where clothing donators get 40 percent of the sale of which their item sells.

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Delicious Delivery around the clock

Restaurants Around the University Offer Delivery Services and Low Prices

It seems like no matter where a college student is, if they are awake at 1 am, they are hungry. After all the dining halls are closed, there is only one option left, delivery. One of the many great things about the location of the University is that we are close to many delicious places that are willing to deliver until the wee hours of the morning.

Known for their fat sandwiches, Nellys Pizza is open until 4 am every single day. From pizza to burgers to burritos, Nellys will satisfy your late night cravings. Want to pretend you are being healthy? A large veggie pizza with broccoli, spinach, onions, peppers, mushrooms, black olives, and tomatoes is only $15.75. Can’t decide between pasta and pizza? Try the ziti pizza with baked ziti over mozzarella and sauce.

If you decide you do not want the usual slice, fat sandwiches have a little bit of everything. The Fat Nights is overflowing with cheesesteak, chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, French fries, marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese. With over 20 sandwiches, there is something for everyone.

If you have been searching for a burger that will make your taste buds thank you, look no further.  JR’s West End will deliver burgers, wraps, French fries, and much more until 2:30 am Sunday through Wednesday and 3:30 am Thursday through Saturday.

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Post-Grad Wanderlust

Plenty of Places to Move After Graduation Other Than Back to Your Parent’s House

If you are coming upon graduation, your college days at the University are about to be a thing of the past in just one month. Even if you’ve still got a year or two left, it is never too early to start thinking of your future. These following thoughts have likely crossed your mind more than once throughout your college experience. Where will I end up? Will I have to move back home? Where can I get a decent job offering? The answer is there are plenty of places to be considered outside of the garden state. You have the power to choose where the wind takes you.

Obviously, NYC and Philadelphia are  predictable choices for students at the University. Each city has accessible internships which can lead to jobs. Both cities are close enough to visit home, but not too close to avoid it. These cities, however, are still quite familiar to many students here. Plus, they can be extremely expensive with high rent prices for small apartments.

There is no argument that just the thought of leaving the places where you grew up might seem terrifying, complicated, and a little nauseating.

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The Turning Point In Your Day

Restaurant Offers Unique Menu and Beachside Dining Experience

It is hard enough waking up for an early morning class, let alone doing it with a smile on your face. You are running too late to get coffee, lines at the Dining Hall or the Rebecca Stafford Student Center are too long and those granola bars you bought two months ago have lost their flavor. The promise you made to yourself to get a bagel after class comes to a quick halt when you realize you are sick of the same old thing.

If this sounds like you then The Turning Point, located just a few short minutes from campus, is about to change your life. Open seven days a week in Pier Village from 8 am to 3 pm, The Turning Point shows people breakfast and lunch in a whole new light.

A senior health studies major Molly Maher said, “I think The Turning Point is a great place to go to lunch with friends. The food is always good and the service is great. There is another location in my hometown that I am excited to try as well.”

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Eat and Drink Well at Inkwell

Inkwell Coffee House – serving you the best coffee topped off with whipped cream and drizzled with hippie-ness in a mason jar.

Located on 665 Second Avenue only minutes away from the University, Inkwell Coffee House takes you back in time to a place where life is relaxed, everyone is calm, nothing but positive energy encompassing you – and oh yeah, lots of food.

Inkwell is unlike your ordinary restaurant. This coffee house is located inside of an actual house. You walk on the porch, loop around the house, and enter through a side door located on the right.

The walls are a little raggedy, and there’s graffiti shouting at you, and for a second, you might think you mistakenly ended up at a haunted house; but then you are reminded by the lovely hostesses that you have entered one of Long Branch’s coffee house landmarks.

You are then seated at a table and handed a menu listing approximately 100 items, ranging from the famous mac and cheese bites for $6, to a buttery, buffalo-y chicken wrap with extra kick to it for around $10.

The menu at first can seem overwhelming, and for someone with a never-ending appetite but a starving wallet, it can be a debacle. But nevertheless, whichever option you choose, both your belly and your bank account will thank you over and over again.

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Sprucing Up For Spring

Tips and Tricks to Get Yourself in the Mood for the New Season

Spring has officially sprung, but have you transitioned from winter? With cooler temperatures and constant reminders of the past season, it may be difficult to get yourself out of that winter slump.  But, if you try these simple tricks, you may find yourself revitalized and ready for sunshine and a new beginning.

Get a fresh start. No one likes cleaning while they’re in the middle of scouring and scrubbing, but who doesn’t like the end result? Although it may not seem like a fun activity, spring cleaning will help you feel refreshed. The winter may have brought clutter and stuffiness to your room or dorm, but sprucing it up will help make it feel more open and airy.

Dust off surfaces, vacuum rugs and get rid of any old papers and junk you may have laying around. When you’re finished with the dirty work, open your windows and let the fresh spring air enter your space. Light a floral scented candle or spray a citrus air freshener to create even more purity.

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Give Old Clothes New Life with Vinted

College students are known for several things, such as: sleeping way too late, eating way too much, drinking on the weekdays and being absolutely broke. We are constantly complaining about how we have no money to spend on anything. Well, here’s a simple way to earn some quick cash and do a little spring cleaning as well.

Vinted is a website and a smart phone app that people can use to sell their secondhand clothing. Their website states, “It’s our mission to make secondhand clothing the best and easiest choice. You liked those shoes enough to buy them — someone else will, too. Save them from the landfill and earn yourself some cash. What’s not to love?”

However, this website and app not only allows people to sell their clothing online but it can also be used to buy clothing from other sellers. Alex D’Errico, a senior social work major, said that Vinted made her think of Ebay or a consignment shop. “… I use Ebay so maybe I’d look into something like this. It depends what I was looking for,” she said.

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Noodles & Company Provides Good Eats Close to University

No matter how many times you walk around the food court at Monmouth Mall to get your free samples, your options will not change. If you take just a few short steps away from the food court, you will find yourself at one of the newest additions to the mall; Noodles & Company. A restaurant that opened in Nov. 2013, Noodles & Company allows you to take a journey through noodle heaven. Whether one is in the mood for some Japanese pan noodles or the traditional Italian spaghetti and meatballs, this place has got you covered.

As college students we look for three specific things when choosing food that is not part of our meal plan— cheap, tasty and fast.

For a small pasta dish at Noodles & Company, the price is a low $4.69. To upgrade to a regular side, all you have to do is find another $1.20 lying around your room. Taste plays a huge part in the food we consume, but there is no worrying about that here.

The flavors that go into each dish make your taste buds want to thank you. There is a perfect amount of each ingredient in all dishes, and if you need more there is a special “add meat or tofu” option for all orders. When you are pressed for time, Noodles & Company allows ordering to be done online so it is ready for when you pick it up. At other times when you just want to have a quick bite with friends, the food is still brought out pretty quickly.

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Hot Makeup Trends for Spring

The winter blues are coming to a close and finally spring and summer are quickly approaching.  Many beauty trends seen both on and off the runway are easily achievable in the comfort of your own home.  A lot of this season’s trends involve makeup that most people have sitting in their beauty drawers at home and can be done in no time at all.

You can never go wrong with a classic smokey eye.  This season, we are seeing more of a brown smokey eye as opposed to the usual black and grey combination. This brown smokey eye trend allows you to still play up your lips along with your eyes.  Always remember that the trick to a smokey eye is big lashes. Benefit Cosmetic’s “They’re Real!” and Stila’s “Major, Major Lash” mascaras give you this look.  The perfect pairing to a smokey eye is a nice pink pouty lip. The lip gloss “For Keeps” from Smashbox can help you achieve this flawless look.

Everybody wants to know how to perfect the natural beach look.  Most people do not like to go to the beach with a full face of makeup on, and certain products can help you get the effortless look.

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Get Your Shamrock On

Parades Around the Area Pay Homage to Saint Patrick

Are you looking to truly “March” on this month? Then spend your Saint Patrick’s Day at a local holiday parade this spring break. Since the Irish celebration occurs during our week off, there are numerous parades happening across the state for everyone to partake in.

One of the biggest and perhaps most famous St. Patrick’s Day Parade is in NYC. As a tradition for over 250 years now, the parade is normally held on the actual holiday, March 17, unless it falls on a Sunday. This year, the holiday occurs on a Monday, which is when the parade will be taking place. The procession can be viewed on 5th Avenue between 44th Street and 79th Street. The marchers begin at 11 am but it is suggested you get there ahead of time because of crazy crowds.

Nicole Comito, a senior art major, said, “I went to the St. Patricks Parade in the city when I was a senior in high school. I remember it was really crowded, but everyone was dressed up and having a great time. My dad was there, and since he’s a police officer I was able to walk through closed streets to get an awesome view of the parade.”

If you would prefer to miss the madness and watch from home, NBC streams the parade annually.

Another grand parade takes place in Philadelphia. This year, the parade is held the day before the holiday, on Sunday, March 16. Those attending the parade are welcomed to also attend mass at the St. Patricks Church beforehand. Similar to the time span of NY’s, this parade has been around for over 240 years. With a heavy history of Irish settlers in the Philadelphia area, the parade has been quite historic in honoring the heritage. The Parade begins at noon on 16th and JFK Boulevard The CW Philly will cover the parade on TV, so those who want to remain home have the option of viewing the celebration from their couch.

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Spending Spring Break at Home

How do you make the best out of spring break if you’re “spring broke?” Spring break has long been viewed as a tradition where college students spend their week off with all-inclusive party packages somewhere tropical.

Unfortunately, this cannot be a reality for everyone. These trips can be a chunk of money that students who are already in debt just do not have. If you’re one of these “spring brokers,” don’t be a pessimist just because you’re stuck at home this spring break. There are still a ton of local places to go and enjoyable ways to spend your days off without flying 1500 miles or spending $1,000.

Staying in proximity to Philadelphia this break? Well, there are multiple ways to make the most of your week off in March. The Flyers play rival, The Pittsburgh Penguins at the Wells Fargo Center on March 15 at 1 pm. You could buy tickets and tailgate with friends. Tickets begin at around $95.

Not so much into hockey or sports in general? You can still find other entertainment in Philadelphia if you enjoy music. Rapper 2 Chainz featuring Pusha T will be at the Tower Theatre the following Saturday, March 22, at 8 pm. Tickets are around $60.

If you are 21 or over, splitting a hotel room with friends for a night out in Atlantic City is another option. Our week of spring break happens to be the same time that the Tropicana is hosting Whiskey Week.

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Can You Feel the Beat?

Music Festivals of All Genres Are on the Rise

With all this talk of more snow there needs to be a reminder that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The summer music festivals of 2014 are that light.

As the snow falls down outside your window, turn up your favorite artist, close your eyes and let yourself be taken to a hot summer weekend with your best friends. Your favorite band is on the stage, you are surrounded by thousands of strangers and you are all contributing to the best weekend of your lives.

Music festivals have been on the rise in recent years. A new one appears each summer, allowing more people to have the concert experience.

According to Equipsupply, a retail distribution company, there was a 27.3 percent increase in average attendance at music festivals from 2010 to 2012. The lineups get longer and the headliners get bigger. There is one for every genre, so no matter what music you like, there is a music festival for you.

So, which festival is right for you? We’ll start off with Coachella, April 11 - 13 and April 18 - 20 in Indio, CA. Although not many students can afford to hop on a plane to CA and miss a week of school, Coachella is important to include in the list because it is one of the biggest music festivals in America.

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Packing Light: Ways to Travel Efficiently and in Style

Traveling is exciting yet also complicated. It’s always a struggle to decide what to pack and what to keep at home. Most people bring way too much stuff, filling their luggage to the brim. But, with extra baggage fees at the airport, many of us want to streamline our suitcases in order to be more efficient. Knowing how to travel lightly, but with the essentials, will make your spring break and other vacations much more enjoyable.

With the weather being as frigid as it has been lately, you are probably escaping to a warmer climate. It may take some getting used to since we have been bundled up for months, but breaking out the summer wear will definitely be a breath of fresh air.

Of course, what you pack depends on where you are going and how long you are staying. For a two week escape to Europe, you’ll need more options. But, for a four night stay in the Caribbean, you can get away with packing light. Warm weather clothes are always less bulky and smaller than winter gear.

However, you don’t want to go crazy with packing dozens of shorts and tops. Bring items that you can mix and match with. A pair of white or denim shorts can go a long way when paired with different tops and accessories. A few tank tops can always be layered to create different looks, and you can even wear them to bed. This goes for leggings as well, they provide added warmth on chilly nights and double as sleepwear.

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New York Fashion Week 2014

The Biggest Trends to Grace the Runway will be Hitting the Streets Next Fall

It’s hard to think about the cold returning once again when the only thing on people’s minds are hot summer days. But, last week in NYC the cold weather was overshadowed by all the great new fashion trends that will be seen in store windows; last week was New York’s Fall Fashion week.

The major trend that carried through the entire week was warmth. Maybe it was this year’s abnormally cold winter that inspired designers or maybe it was simply a trend that everyone agreed on. Whatever the reason, there is no doubt you will be keeping warm next season in style.

Coats were a major trend, from puffy parkas to shearling jackets. Large, bulky warm outerwear was seen all over the runways. There was not one show that did not include a puffy jacket. All the warm jackets make it almost exciting to know that next fall it will be cold again.

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Save Big With Groupon and Living Social

Who doesn’t love a deal or discount? With the Groupon and Living Social apps, you can get great prices on all types of items in seconds on your phone. Without the hassle of coupon clipping, these sites give you up to 90 percent off on everything from gifts to getaways to exotic islands.

After downloading the app or visiting the website, you can type in your zip code in order for Groupon or Living Social to narrow down the best deals around you. They have general pages of featured items that you can browse, but they also have categories if you know exactly what you’re looking for.

You can also search specific products or deals to see if they are offering anything. Both systems show you the original price of the item and the price you’d pay by purchasing a voucher, as well as how many people have already used the same discount.

A sophomore psychology major Caitlin Golden said, “I like these apps. They always have great deals and they also give you great ideas for gifts.”

Deals are always changing, so you can find new products and packages daily. There aren’t just products and vacations, there are also coupons for restaurants and activities. BounceU of Eatontown has up to 55 percent off on Groupon, and Tre Amici offers a $50 dining credit for only $25. There are also nearby yoga, dance fitness, and pottery classes for discounted prices.

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“Generation Hookup”

Should Our Era be Deemed Kings and Queens of Sleeping Around and Not Settling Down?

If there’s one thing that we know for sure, it’s that sex sells. From Marilyn Monroe becoming a legendary sex symbol to Miley Cyrus twerking on stage at the VMAs, people have always been drawn to the hype that surrounds scandal. Yet, can we be blamed? Sex is arguably the most humanistic act we can perform; it connects us to our ancestors as well as our next of kin, it is used for pleasure, and it is a rite of passage in the realm of coming of age. However, how soon is too soon to be hooking up with the guy you just met, your boyfriend of only a short time, or a complete stranger?

It is obvious that our generation is one that feels random hook-ups are widely accepted. However, according to the American Psychological Association (APA), the history of hook ups dates back to the wild days of the roaring twenties. As women gained more freedom due to the 19th Amendment, they felt independence in not being permanently attached to a man.

The APA also noted that the 1960s brought even more sexual freedom with the use of birth control, drugs, and the popularity of the free loving flower power culture. The point is that “hooking up” has been around longer than we have, but our generation is getting all the slack for it.

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Seasonal Affective Disorder May Be Affecting You

With the winter months feeling as if they are never ending and spring nowhere in sight, the “winter blues” are hitting some people pretty hard. Yes, the winter blues are in fact real, along with another condition called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Even though SAD is common for many people during the colder seasons, there are many ways to prevent and help with symptoms of SAD.

Dr. Christine Hatchard, an assistant professor of psychology, explained that SAD is most similar to Major Depressive Disorder except SAD has a type of “seasonal pattern.” “This means that individuals must meet the criteria for major depression which includes a combination of symptoms such as sad or empty mood, fatigue, difficulties with sleeping, eating or concentration, feelings of guilt or worthlessness and possible suicidality,” she said.

Hatchard continued to say that once a diagnosis of depression has been established, a seasonal pattern then has to be identified. “This generally means that depressive episodes reoccur seasonally, most commonly during the fall and winter and the individual’s symptoms are in remission during other seasons, such as during the summer and spring,” she said. “When making this diagnosis, it’s important to distinguish a seasonal pattern of depression from events that occur seasonally and result in additional stress and possible mental health problems as coping mechanisms are strained, such as returning to college or the holidays.”

The winter blues can be confused with SAD, that’s why it is so important to make sure that a seasonal pattern is recognized, according to Hatchard. “Winter blues can seem similar to depression, but the symptoms are not as severe and are unlikely to result in a high level of distress or significant difficulty with functioning,” she said.

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Valentine’s Celebrations for Both Single and Taken

“Will you be my valentine?” We’ve been hearing this since grade school. Of course, this was back in the days when everyone was everyone’s Valentine, bringing in cards and candy for each classmate on the special day. However, that was when candy wasn’t banned in half of the schools in America and when love was a general feeling among classmates rather than an intimate and sometimes destructive passion among fellow college students.

Some of us have developed a view of Valentine’s Day as a “Hallmark Holiday,” formulated by the media and advertised as the one and only day to show your love. Others cherish it, recalling its meaningful history dating back to both the Middle Ages and the Shakespearean era.

Perhaps for bitter singles, Valentine’s Day is a brutal reminder of failed relationships or a simple annoyance of witnessing Whitman’s chocolate company cashing in on last minute attempts at romantic gestures. On the contrary, for those in love, it is a reminder of romance that is often forgotten once the honeymoon phase comes to an end.

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Top Five Accessories that are a Necessity for the Winter Months

The cold weather is not coming to an end anytime soon, which means dressing warm and layering are an absolute must. These five winter accessories will be sure to keep you toasty and fashionable at the same time during the below zero degree temperatures.

The first winter essential for the winter months is a winter coat. This sounds like a no-brainer but there are so many different types of winter coats, it is hard to make a decision on just one. Some of the styles include: puffer, pea coat, fur, military, slouchy, biker and more. Which style you choose ultimately depends on what look you are going for and how heavy of a coat you want. For extra warmth a puffer coat or a fur coat are recommended. For a trendier look, but a lighter feel, a biker coat or a pea coat is the way to go.

Every woman out there loves shoes and every woman is sure to own a good pair of boots. Boots can be worn with almost everything during the winter. They can be paired with a slouchy sweater and leggings, a blazer and skinny jeans or a dress and stockings. Select boots can even change the look of your whole outfit, making it look formal or casual. Elisabeth Medino, a senior social work major, has several pairs of boots. “I have combat boots, booties and tall riding boots,” she said. “I love wearing them because they are comfortable and they look great with any outfit.”

The third winter essential is a pair of gloves. There are gloves that are fingerless but with the recent cold, fingerless gloves are not the best option. With all the touch screen phones, sometimes people get nervous to wear gloves because they think they won’t be able to use their phones. No need to panic because there are many gloves created with special fabric on the thumb and pointer fingers that allow you to text, make a call, and do absolutely anything on your phone while never taking off your gloves.

Scarves are accessories that are not only worn during the wintertime. However, they are perfect for giving you extra warmth when layering. They come in all different colors which allow anyone to add that extra pop of color to their ensemble. Alex D’Errico, a senior social work major, said that her favorite winter accessory is a scarf. “… I refuse to get my collarbone cold and it always makes the outfit better,” she said.

The fifth and final winter essential is a hat. There are all different types and a lot of people wear hats for fashion purposes, but in weather like this, hats are worn to keep your ears and your head warm. A popular style of hat this year is the beanie. They add a little bit of a hipster feel to outfits. “I don’t do hats, but I love those knit beanies, young girls with straight Marsha Brady hair can get away with them,” said Kristine Simoes, specialist professor of communication.

Other clothing items that are a necessity in the winter are sweaters, cardigans and earmuffs. All of these clothing pieces and accessories make anyone look cute and fashionable in freezing temperatures. So even though we are all counting down the days until we can wear our leather shorts we got for Christmas or that adorable floral pattern dress you for your birthday, just wait a little longer. Be sure to bundle up and soon enough spring fashion will be in full swing.

PHOTO TAKEN by Alyssa Gray

Keeping Up With Your New Year’s Resolutions

How to Stay on Track to Achieving Your Goals Long After January Ends

The tradition to create a far-fetched New Year’s resolution each year seems like a great way to achieve more than you did the previous year. Many people love to set resolutions to improve their health, work life, and grades in school.  But how many people actually stick to their goals after Jan. 1?

Sophomore political science major Kayla Moor said, “I really push myself to overall make more healthy choices and to also make a set plan for my future as in a career like setting up an internship in the near future.”

Her goals are probably very similar to many college students. But what if you don’t succeed? Most people forget about their big New Year’s resolutions within a couple of weeks. Time moves fast and goals seems to be forgotten once hectic schedules begin, allowing old routines to quickly return.

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What to Wear: Holiday Lookbook 2013

The holidays are quickly approaching, and you are probably wondering what to wear. Parties and gatherings call for a more sophisticated look, unless your family has decided to spend the night in their favorite pajamas. However, if you are trying to dress to impress for the special occasion, here are some tips on what to wear.

You can never go wrong with a little sparkle. Whether it be for Christmas or New Year’s Eve, play up the holiday twinkle with your own outfit.

Pair a sequined top with a black skirt for a fun, yet sophisticated look. If you want more bling, find a dress covered in glitter, like the See Me Sequin Bodycon dress from Long or three quarter length sleeves are perfect for winter, and you can wear the dress with opaque black tights and solid pumps.

Junior marketing major Ariel Shilling said, “I plan on wearing a sparkly dress on New Year’s Eve. I feel like the holiday is the perfect opportunity to wear sparkle without looking too over the top. I’ll pair it with solid color heels and keep it dressy by curling my hair.”

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Holiday Hot List: Gifts Ideas for Everyone

It is the most wonderful time of the year, except when you are a broke college student. With finals cutting it close to Christmas, holiday shopping is the last thing on our minds. However, it is the season of giving, so you have two choices, set aside some time from studying for finals and plan a trip to the Monmouth Mall, or save all your last minute shopping for when you get home. If you lack the patience to come up with the perfect unique gift for your loved ones, here is a list of what is definitely going to be decking the halls this December.

Shopping for a girlfriend, sister, mother or other lady in your life? Alex and Ani jewelry, especially the bangle bracelets, are in. Almost half the price of Pandora bracelets, Alex and Ani are beginning to show up on every girl’s wrist. The bracelets are especially timely for the holidays because they can be customized by occasion. The Alex and Ani website says their charms are “truly personal and made with positive energy.” If you have a lot of female family members to buy for, there is free shipping on over $100 spent online.

Sophomore Spanish education major, Nicole Iannotta, has received Alex and Ani bracelets for her birthday and anniversary with her boyfriend. “I suggest this jewelry because it is unique to every person, each charm could mean something different to each person, the hope symbol charm could have one meaning to me, but have a different meaning to someone else who has it,” she said.

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The “Freshman 15” Can Extend Past Freshman Year

The Freshman 15 weight gain can be caused due to lifestyle changes during any period in time, not just during college years. With the holidays approaching, it is easy to get caught up in the sweetness of it all, but it is important to consider how this will affect your health in the future.

Experts agree, freshman year is when so many lifestyle changes occur that can contribute to weight gain when entering the new realm of college life. For example, late nights, take-out food, drinking, high stress, lack of sleep, large workloads, living on your own, and malnutrition are just some of the factors that encourage the scales to tip a little too much.

However, even though your freshman year is over, you may not be in the clear. If you are continuing to make poor eating choices, this can turn into a vicious cycle.

Speaking of scales tipping, Thanksgiving just passed, and now more holidays are coming up. This means that many people will be indulging in high-caloric foods, drinks, and desserts on more than one occasion. Imagine eating and drinking as you do during the holiday seasons, but picture that as an everyday occurrence. Of course you would see a difference in the way your pants fit. There is a time to indulge and there is a time not to, and moderation is key when it comes to this.

Eating is one factor that can affect your health, but there are also others such as a lack of sleep. You may not notice right away the damage that staying up too late can cause, but it catches up soon enough. Whether it is staying at the office or the bar too late, experts agree that your body needs a chance to recharge.

Nanci Hellmich of USA Today explains that scientists have found that sleep deprivation increases levels of a hunger hormone and decreases levels of a hormone that makes you feel full. The effects may lead to overeating and weight gain.

Brian Miller of CNN suggests that in order to avoid the freshman 15 dorm rooms should be free of junk food, but this also is good advice for any residence where weight gain is unwanted.

Senior management and marketing major, Kaitlyn Cassidy said, “I’m sitting here eating Cheetos at 10:27 am and I’m a senior. I would have to agree that weight gain is determined by the choices you make and the way you live your life.”

Experts claim that watching what you are eating can determine which side the scale tips to. Unhealthy options are always available, whether it is at the school cafeteria or on your lunch break from work when you are no longer a student. Even though you may be home for break, your usual Ramen noodles and chips may only be replaced with different kinds of unhealthy foods. During the holidays, dishes like stuffing, potatoes, cakes and pies are in abundance. These may seem tempting, but you will notice the consequences later. Of course, you can enjoy some of these choices in the spirit of celebration, but avoid taking it too far. Health nuts agree that the healthy options may be more difficult to find, but in the end they are more favorable. You may want to reconsider passing up the vegetable platter and sweet potatoes.

While on campus, the Dining Hall may seem like the only option. However, some people have ulterior motives for going.

Senior health studies major Patricia Fontaine explained why she goes to the Dining Hall.She said,“Eating is a social event, so I ate more to make more friends.”

Even though you may be finding yourself making more than one trip to the dining hall daily, you should always consider the health options, like fruit, vegetables, and the salad bar, that it has to offer.

The holidays are another reason to eat socially, but make sure you are aware of the healthy options available at the dinner table.

With the holiday season also comes consumption of alcohol. Lead researcher of the Eating Behaviors study, Sherrie Delinsky said, “Not only does alcohol contain a lot of calories, but people also make poor food choices when they’re under the influence.”

Liquid calories should also be considered. They hide in many drink choices, especially alcohol and soft drinks. Not only does alcohol contain a lot of calories, but so do the mixers that get combined with it. Soda, juice, and even iced tea are packed with calories, sugar and carbohydrates. Whether you are drinking beer, wine, or egg nog during this holiday season, keep in mind that calories also reside in liquid.

It is obvious that there is a time to indulge and a time to be conscious of what you are consuming. Having your holiday gorging habits transfer over to everyday life would be a dangerous lifestyle change. Enjoy the holiday drinks and desserts, but don’t let it become a daily habit. Whether in college or in the real world, experts say lifestyle changes could be to blame for weight gain.


Indoor Activities for the Cold Winter Months

The fall semester is rapidly coming to a halt, just like the fall weather has already done. The cold December weather has finally crept up on us, leaving any signs of anything over 50 degrees a distant memory. It is quite apparent that people tend to be more depressed and all around grumpier in the winter.

According to Web MD, those who face seasonal depression feel better when exposed to more light. Because the sun now sets around 5 pm, you may feel like the night just drags on. Between the cold run from the house to the car, scrambling to put on the heat, and having to walk around campus in below freezing temperatures, wintertime sadness is inevitable. During winter you are more prone to miss out on outdoor adventures, so you should make the most of your time indoors and fight off those winter blues. Here are a few ways in which you can do so.

Start scrapbooking. With social media sites taking over, almost all photographs are online. What happened to Kodak moments? Keeping track of your life on paper and printing out your most important memories could have a greater effect on you later in life. Sure, the Internet is awesome, but having a book full of memories to show your kids one day is pretty cool too. Be old fashioned. Stop refreshing your Facebook and Pinterest out of boredom, go get some scrap book crafts and begin your project. You’ll be both surprised and impressed at your creative ability.

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Non-traditional Thanksgiving Recipes Sure to Please

Thanksgiving is that special time of year when family and close friends gather around the dinner table to give thanks for all that they have, while stuffing their faces with enormous amounts of food. Every single year, many families prepare the same old traditional Thanksgiving dishes. There’s the turkey, sweet potatoes, stuffing, collard greens, macaroni and cheese, corn bread and let’s not forget that scrumptious sweet potato pie.

Although these classic food choices are delicious, year after year they tend to get boring. Non-traditional dishes can spice up a Thanksgiving meal. Who knows, they may eventually become part of the tradition. Even though you may not think so, there is a way to incorporate these dishes without Mr. Turkey feeling offended. With these non-traditional Thanksgiving recipes incorporated into your family’s Thanksgiving food tradition, you can create a unique feast.

Some students already have non-traditional foods that they eat on the holiday.

A sophomore biology major Danielle Raiano said, “My family eats antipasto and Italian wedding soup on Thanksgiving. It’s delicious.”

A senior education major Jaclyn Franzi experiences the same kind of non-traditional meal. “I eat ravioli before turkey on Thanksgiving. Since I’m Italian, it has become somewhat of a tradition,” Franzi said.

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Holiday Decor: Turkeys, Pilgrims and More

Right after Halloween, the world seems to jump right into the winter holiday season. It seems like we make a jump from spider web and jack-o-lantern covered homes to colored lights and reindeer.  We tend to overshadow the holiday right in the middle, Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving Thursday is even overshadowed by Black Friday, when everyone fights for the best gift deals for the next upcoming holidays.

A junior public relations major Laurel Weber said, “I don’t think it’s right that Thanksgiving in general gets overshadowed by holidays like Christmas because Thanksgiving is a holiday that our country was founded on, whereas religious holidays, only some of the country celebrates. Decorations for Thanksgiving should be essential for everyone to take part in the holiday spirit, not just skip onto the next one.”

Nonetheless, if you don’t rush your holidays away and wish to appreciate each one of them, there are plenty of Thanksgiving decorations to use. Don’t feel like spending too much money, but want to get in the spirit of Turkey Day? You’re in luck.

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Beauty Alert: Winter 2013’s Hottest Makeup Trends

Just as the seasons change, our makeup must follow suit. Summer gives way to warm, dewy complexions and light tones that reflect the sun and sand. Yet, winter brings a different kind of feeling, a cooler, cozier atmosphere. Whether you are preparing for work or class, or are enjoying a night out with friends, here are some winter makeup tips to have you looking your best.

The first step in applying makeup always begins with the face. Think of your face as the blank canvas in which you have to build upon. Of course, you want your skin to look even and blemish-free. But, we do not always have the perfect complexion—this is where the magic of makeup comes in.

Start with a concealer stick that suits your skin tone and use it to cover up your troubled spots. This is great for under the eyes because it eliminates the look of black rings. Next, use a foundation or a bronzer. If you have a pale complexion, choose a foundation that is closest to your tone in order to avoid looking too dark.

If you tan into the winter months, use a bronzer that will make your skin glow. You can use a combination of liquid and powder if you prefer, or just one or the other. Powder tends to look less cake-like and more natural.

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How to Keep Hair, Skin and Nails Healthy for Winter

The leaves are falling, the temperature is dropping and Starbucks already has their red holiday cups. This can only mean one thing, winter is right around the corner. Winter is the perfect time to snuggle up in a favorite sweater, sit by the fireplace and drink warm beverages. Although all these activities sound enticing, beauty-wise, the long winter season could be your worst nightmare.

Less humidity means better hair days, but winter brings the risk of dry skin, chapped lips, and an overall lack of that healthy glow. Before you fret about how to maintain dewy skin, luscious locks, and manicured nails, there are several tips on how to continue looking your best through the cold winter months.

Winter consists of bitter winds, steamy showers and drying indoor heat which can suck the life right out of your skin and hair. According to Women’s Health Magazine, “Dehydrated skin cells turn over more slowly, causing a buildup of dead skin, which hinders light reflection. Circulation also gets sluggish and just like that, your glow is gone and fine lines look more pronounced.”

A solution to enhance lackluster skin in the winter is to make sure to stay hydrated by drinking water throughout the day. Omega-3s, essential fatty acids found in foods such as salmon and walnuts are also very crucial and beneficial for one’s health, especially when wanting to keep hair and skin from drying out. Taking vitamins could not be stressed enough.

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Online Dating: Relationships or Just Hook Ups?

We have, eHarmony, and there’s even It is no secret that online dating has become a phenomenon among all types of people in the past decade.

A Pew Research survey found that about 1 in 10 Americans has tried at least one of these online dating websites.

Nutrition professor Amanda Enright has seen a mix of results in online dating.

“Although I personally have never tried online dating, I have friends who have done it and have had various levels of success.  I’ve been to weddings of people who have met online and they definitely are meant for each other.  I have other friends who have gone on dates with people they met online who turned out to be complete weirdos,” she said.

The vast majority of college students might think, “I’m not that desperate yet,” but the truth is, if you’ve used Facebook to message someone you met at a party the night before, you’ve basically made an attempt at a form of online dating.

Other than Facebook being a popular means of social dating for college kids, online dating now comes in the convenient form of applications as well.

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The Vine Video Epidemic

Have you ever heard of the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words?” Well, how many words is a six-second video clip worth? The Vine video epidemic is growing increasingly popular each day, capturing the attention of people from all around the world.

According to, there are currently about 13 million vine users across the globe. Five tweets per second also featured a Vine link within them. It is obvious that the use of video in digital media has added to the way information and entertainment is distributed. The most amazing thing, however, is that such impact can be created within a six-second time period. But, why are people so drawn to these short video clips?

Some of the most popular Vines include people getting hurt, doing something funny, or showing off a talent. However, although most videos are made for fun, some have skyrocketed individuals to stardom.

A few notable Vine sensations are younger than college students, yet have had incredible success.

Terio, the young boy who was made famous by his cousins’ Vine post of him dancing in the street, has gained instant fame. Because of this video, “Oooh Kill ‘Em” has become a common catchphrase used by many people.

Three-year-old Ava Ryan has become a Vine hit thanks to her mom’s account. Ava gives advice on being the life of the party, eating tomatoes, and reading. Through Vine, this young girl has been able to share her precocious advice with her 127,000 followers. 

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Starbucks’ Secret Menu: Drinks You May Be Missing

We’ve all heard of the popular coffeehouse brand, Starbucks. With the largest coffee shop company in the world, Starbucks has become a household name. Known for their strong roasts and the well-known green twin-tailed mermaid logo, they have built a customer following that rarely strays. However, many Starbucks drinkers may not know of the hidden recipes that can be created, but aren’t featured on the menu.

The “Starbucks Secret Menu” as it is known by Starbucks junkies, is a secret list of drinks that baristas can make, as long as you request the correct ingredients. These recipes are more out of the ordinary than the regular coffees and Frappuccinos featured on the menu. From pumpkin pie to Starburst, there is bound to be a flavor that fits you. With the uniqueness of the recipes, you’ll definitely want to try them all.

Because it’s fall, everyone is pumpkin crazy. But, aren’t you tired of the same old pumpkin spice? Switch it up with a hint of chocolate. By adding mocha syrup to your pumpkin spice latte, you immediately have a chocolate pumpkin latte. Chocolate and pumpkin, what could be better?

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A History of Halloween’s Creepiest Creatures

There are many frightful creatures that have always accompanied October’s well known holiday, Halloween, but few are aware of how those creatures came about.

The most notorious vampire first appeared in 1897 when Irish author, Bram Stoker, introduced his titled book Dracula. Although Stoker did not invent the idea of a vampire, he gave the creature its modern flare. Most do know the tale of Count Dracula, a blood sucking vampire from Transylvania, but not many realize that Stoker was influenced to create his fictitious character by a real person, Vlad III, Prince of Wallachia. In the 15th century, Vlad III ruled over Romania and became famous for his pleasure in tyranny and torture.

Graziella Ruffa, a sophomore business major, believes that Dracula is the scariest tale of all. “Who would ever want their blood to be sucked? Especially since they look like a human, you would never know until they show their teeth. By that time, it’s too late!” Ruffa said.

Nicole Rubino, junior health studies major disagrees with Ruffa mainly because the media has made such a vampire frenzy. “No one is afraid of Dracula because he is overrated,” Rubino said.

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Halloween Costume Craze: Minions, Miley and More

Halloween is the one day a year people can dress up as whatever or whoever they want and enjoy themselves. The costume options are endless.  From couples costumes, to scary costumes, to sexy costumes and funny costumes, Halloween is sure to bring out everyone’s fun side.

Already assembled and accessorized costumes can be purchased at stores like Party City. For women, their costumes range in prices as low as $29.99 to as high as $139.99. The prices may be high but most costumes include all of the accessories so the buyer does not have to run around from store to store trying to find the proper accessories to complete the outfit. The top women’s costumes according to Party City this year feature themes such as cops, devils, witches, superheroes, animals and neon-colored monsters.

The top costumes for men according to Party City include cops, superheroes, animals and television and movie characters. The men’s costumes tend to be cheaper but can also reach as high as $199.99. This is because the men’s costumes do not include as many accessories as the women’s costumes do.

Couple and group costumes can be more fun than dressing up on your own. Common couple costumes that can be purchased at Party City are Batman and Batgirl, Superman and Superwoman, a football player and a referee, peanut butter and jelly, ketchup and mustard, ninjas and firefighters. The couple costumes sold at Party City range from $29.99 to $54.99.

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Spooky Seasonal Snacks

Halloween is right around the corner and those who like to celebrate the holiday like 10 year olds are sure to be costume shopping, hanging up spooky decorations and making festive recipes. One of the great things about Halloween is that it is a holiday that can be fun without having to spend tons of money.

Even students on a budget can partake in activities associated with Halloween. This is definitely the holiday for those who love DIY projects. Aside from saving money on homemade costumes, yummy, festive treats can be made as well for those hosting Halloween parties or attending as guests. If you are looking for something to spark your creative fire, Pinterest is an awesome site to check out for those who haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet. Anything related to fall and Halloween recipes can be found on the site and the app, including detailed recipes and mouth-watering pictures.

Search Halloween recipes on Pinterest and dozens of pages will pop up with countless spooky treats. One of the many recipes found on Pinterest is a simple snack perfect for any party, ghost pretzels. Using pretzel sticks, melted baking white chocolate, a tube of black icing for the faces and clear plastic bags, you have a yummy treat in a matter of minutes.

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Halloween Hot Spots

Are you looking for a fun night out that will get you into the Halloween spirit? Whether you want to be spooked by something haunted or dress up and hit the town with friends, there is something around the area for you.

An obvious choice is Six Flags Great Adventure’s Fright Fest. Located in Jackson, it’s not too far of a ride. The thrill of Six Flags’ classic rollercoasters is not the only attraction to the famous theme park this season. You will be greeted by ghastly creatures while roaming around the park and even have the chance to see shows and presentations tailored to fright.

New attractions include the Straw-Man Stalkers and the Manor, which is a tour of an abandoned haunted house. If you’re not up for the extreme scares, you can still get your adrenaline pumping on rides like Kingda Ka and Nitro. You have to hurry, because this Halloween-inspired event will only be running until Oct. 27.

Spanish and elementary eduction major Jessica Dayton said, “Even though the haunted trails cost more money, they are worth it. The insane asylum was so scary, but so fun.”

C. Casola Farms in Marlboro will be featuring their Haunted Hayride of Terrors on the weekends through Nov. 2. There are also three other attractions: a 3D Haunted Barn, the Haunted Wooded Trail, and the new Living Maze.

If you are brave enough to go by foot, you can walk through the back woods or get trapped in a labyrinth, but beware of who may be joining you. If you want a bit of a scare with the safety of transportation, the hayride would be a better option. The hayride is $15 alone, and the rest of the attractions are $12 each. If you want to experience them all, you can purchase a pass for $40, or $50 if you want to cut all of the lines. No matter what you choose, you’re sure to get a thrill.

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COREiculum Valedictorian Challenge Hits Monmouth

Eight-Week Challenge Offers a Free Spring Break Vacation as the Ultimate Reward

Are you looking for a fun, yet effective way to get in shape in time for spring break? Well, if you are, you’re in luck. With COREiculum, you can get a complete workout in the comfort of your dorm room.

COREiculum is a fitness program that started here on campus by alumni Andy Stern in 2012. Stern’s goal for this program was to tailor a workout regimen that could be completed by busy college students. As a former University student, he was familiar with the challenges we face every day, from being pressed for time with classwork, to having Dining Hall food as the only option. Because of this, he created the DVD workout program along with a diet plan geared toward college students.

This month, COREiculum is presenting an all new challenge exclusive to the University, the Valedictorian Challenge. The eight-week weight loss contest is more than just shedding pounds; it is a program designed to get you sculpted, toned and strong as well.  By using the COREiculum DVD, you can try workouts like plyometrics, total legs, and kickboxing, among others.

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Alex And Ani: Fleeting Fad or Here for Good?

When you walk around campus, you’re sure to see many people wearing bangle bracelets with dangling charms around their wrists. Some may have silver, some gold, and some may even mix and match. There might be a whole stack of bracelets on their arms, or they may only have one or two. This new Alex and Ani bracelet trend is becoming increasingly popular. But, will the fad die out or will Alex and Ani withstand the test of time?

Carolyn Rafaelian is the woman behind the brand, which is named after her two eldest daughters. The company was started in 2004, so it has been around a lot longer than many probably think. Featuring expandable bracelets, rings, necklaces and even wine glass charms, all of the products are made in America.

The concept behind the jewelry is Rafaelian’s belief in positive energy and symbolic empowerment. This is why each piece boasts a different charm. Each charm has a different meaning that is explained in the packaging. For example, the anchor represents hope, tranquility and stability.

Assistant to the Department of Disability Services Stacey Brewer said, “I have one as a gift from my daughter. It is the seahorse, which means patience. I really like how it is jewelry with thought behind it.”

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The Pros and Cons of the Popular Paleo Diet

We are bombarded with images of weight loss through new diets and fitness techniques all the time, try this try that. Some include the Atkins diet, South Beach diet, P90X, and Cross Fit just to name a few. These established plans have all been targeted to the same audience of people constantly struggling to get the body they’ve always wanted.

There is a new diet, however, making a buzz among these groups. The paleo diet, founded by PH. D Loren Cordain, was actually published in 2002, but has only just recently gained popularity.

The diet gets its name from the paleolithic time period and is essentially channeling the times of hunting and gathering. It is not literally hunting and gathering, but it is similar to the food groups that were being consumed during the prehistoric times. This means foods like meats, fish, leafy greens, nuts, vegetables, eggs and seeds.

There have been arguments against the Paleo Diet for its tight restrictions.

Completely cutting out grains is one strict part of the diet that has come under attack, as the government recommends six to 11 servings per day. However, one of the key persuasions of the diet is that during caveman times, grains were not part of daily intake.

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“Think Pink” for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and you may be seeing more shades of pink than you would at any other time of year. Going pink can show your support for the cause, but wearing a ribbon may not be the route you want to take. If you want to “go pink” in more creative ways, there’s plenty of simple, yet creative approaches you can take.

Highlighting a piece of your hair with pink dye is a recent, popular idea that many use. But, if you don’t want to permanently color your locks, you can use hair chalk to represent the cause temporarily. You can also buy a clip-in pink extension that is easy to remove at night. Hair chalk is sold in your local convenience store like Walgreens and CVS, while you can buy the extensions in stores like Sally’s Beauty Supply or online.

Junior english and elementary education major Krysten Brannick said, “I always get a pink extension in my hair every October, so it has turned into a tradition for me.”

Clothes are another obvious way to show your support. “Support the Tatas” t-shirts are a witty, yet thoughtful way to support the cause. Simply wearing a pink dress or shirt can also do the trick. Colored jeans are in style in the moment, so buy a pair of pink ones to wear with a plain white tank top or blouse.

Accessories can help you pull the color into an outfit. Necklaces, earrings and bracelets are all an option. Alex and Ani has just released a starfish charm that features a pink stone in the center, and 20 percent of the sales made will support the Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Fund. 

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Many Apple and Pumpkin Recipes Sure to Please

So, now you know where to go in search of perfect pumpkins and sweet apples. But, what should you do with them after you bring them home? Obviously, the best option is to eat them. Tradition pumpkin and apple pies are great, but overdone. With so many recipes and ideas in circulation thanks to social media and inventive minds, the sky is the limit for your fall food creations.

Fall is the perfect time to try a new recipe with pumpkins or apples. These go beyond your grandma’s classic pumpkin pie. Try a new twist this season with healthy, yet tasty options.

Senior elementary education and Spanish major Jen Stessel said, “I’m all about classic apple pie, but I would definitely try out new recipes.”

Some great recipes are pumpkin protein shakes, pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin oatmeal and apple crisp oatmeal. The best part about these recipes is that they are healthy along with being delicious.

Pumpkins are full of fiber and low on calories. They contain potassium, vitamin A and C and are even recommended for weight-loss and as a post-workout snack.

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DIY Pumpkin Crafts

You may want to use your newly found treasures for something other than eating. The second best thing to eating is crafting. With the holidays just around the corner, it’s time to decorate. By using simple steps, you can make décor that looks straight out of a magazine.

There are tons of twists on the classic pumpkin or Jack-O-Lantern. If you want a more elegant look for your fall display, try spray paint. Use metallic silver or gold paint to automatically transform it into something chic. Add glitter to vamp it up even more.

For a textured look, use doilies as stencils. After you spray the pumpkin with a base color, place the doilies on and spray away. In a matter of minutes, your pumpkin will look like it’s covered in lace. Who knew pumpkins could be vintage?

Girls aren’t the only ones who like bling, pumpkins do too. Use rhinestones from any craft store or website to create a sparkly design. Get creative and make swirl patterns or create classic stripes. Your pumpkin will be sure to stand out when it’s covered in crystals.

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Autumn Orchards Near and Far

Summer has officially ended and now is the time when people start to get into fall mode. Fall is the season full of chilly winds, spiced teas, and apple pie. Apple pie is a fall staple that no one can turn down. Who could ever turn down a hot piece of apple pie with vanilla ice cream on top? Your mouth is watering by just thinking about it.

However, in order to perfectly construct an apple pie, you need apples. This brings us to the topic of where to go apple picking. It is the ripe time to go apple picking and get the best apples that orchards have to offer. There are many places near and far where you can go apple picking.

Apple picking defines the fall season. It’s the time when family and friends head to their favorite apple orchard and pick the ripest apples, brightest pumpkins, and the tastiest apple cider donuts. Apple picking is like the pre-season to the holiday season.

However, for many college students it can be hard to get home to go apple picking with their families. We feel like we are missing out a bit. However, going apple picking with friends can be just as much fun. Here are a few orchards that are worth the travel and will allow you to make plenty of memories.

If you want to make a day trip and travel a little futher, Shady Brook Farms in Yardley, Pennsylvania is the place to go. Shady Brook was founded by T. Herman Fleming in 1913 as a wholesale farm growing crops for markets in the Philadelphia area. The orchard has haunted attractions, an Annual Easter Egg Hunt, giant Corn Maze, and a Holiday Light Show. Today Shady Brook Farm is being run by the fourth generation of Flemings.

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Plenty of Places to Shop Around MU

An undeniably great asset to this University is its location. Monmouth is located near surrounding areas that include quaint, quiet towns such as Red Bank and Shrewsbury, beachfront property that includes the popular Pier Village, and Eatontown, which features the Monmouth Mall.  Any MU student can’t help but admit that the University is definitely not one of those schools that is “in the middle of nowhere.” This is a dream come true for any shopaholic, especially in trendy, unique boutiques.

If you are looking for some Saturday afternoon shopping ideas, the town of Red Bank is a great place to start. Only about six miles from campus, some  describe Red Bank as a smaller, Jersey version of New York City.  To hang out with friends or grab a quick bite, Starbucks, Smoothie King and Surf Taco are just a few popular spots that make up Broad Street. After you’ve had your mid-afternoon pick-me-up, make sure to wander into fabulous boutiques such as Dor L’ Dor, CoCo Pari, and Urban Outfitters for unique styles.

While in the area, you must pay a visit to the Alex & Ani store, home of the ever so popular bangle bracelets. With countless styles of bracelets, necklaces and other distinctive pieces, you can’t go wrong.

The Grove at Shrewsbury is an upscale outdoor shopping center, home to stores such as MAC cosmetics, Bebe, fashion and active wear; Francesca’s accessories and fashion, and LuLulemon, a very fun and adorable active wear store.

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Get In Shape And Graduate

One Credit PE Courses Come in Handy for Students

Everyone wants to stay in shape but many students feel like there is not enough time with classes, homework, and other activities. So why not take a class in physical education?

 With so many different majors, students may be unaware of the incredible physical education classes offered here at the University. These classes are required of health and physical education majors but usually never cross the paths of many other students. However, the classes can be a perfect way to fill free electives while staying in shape.

PE classes are one-credit, half-semester classes offered in all different types of activities. You can gain credits by playing your favorite sport or learning how to dance. Tennis, softball, basketball, golf, and swimming are offered for all experience levels.

Sports allow you to get a great workout in, work as a team, become a leader, and learn new skills. The great thing about physical activity is there is always room for improvement.

Try a new sport you’ve never played before. Every sport requires different skills and uses different muscles. Even if you go to the gym religiously, sports still improve your fitness by requiring diverse talents.

If sports aren’t your thing, there are plenty of other options. Learn how to ballroom dance, as this class teaches everything from the waltz to the foxtrot.

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Fall Trend Alert: What’s Hot Right Now for Nails

Nails are about as essential as both hair and makeup when it comes to glamourizing. Whether you have acrylics, gels, or your natural nails, it’s always important to keep them manicured. With the change of season, you may want to try something out other than classic French. Fall is the perfect opportunity to play up the deep neutrals, jewel tones, and crazy designs. Here, we’ll give the best tips on how to keep your nails in tip-top shape.

The newest trend in nails is texture. Whether it be glitter, fuzzy polish, or appliques, you can never go wrong with these unique styles. Using nail polish that has added texture gives your nails a three-dimensional look instead of the classic, glossy color that is typically seen.

If you want to try a twist on a French tip, try replacing the white nail polish with glitter in silver or gold. This creates a new textured look that is still classic and simple.

For an opposite effect of the French, try painting the base of your nail black and tip nude. These are neutral colors that are perfect for the season.

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Healthy Habits for Back to School

Don’t want to lose that summer beach body? You worked really hard to look great this past summer, why throw it away at school? It can be easy to cave and eat carbs and sweets at the dining hall or your favorite restaurant, but with the right mindset and ambition, we can all overcome temptations and have a healthy semester.

Take eating healthy to a new level by looking out for hidden ingredients in what you are consuming. Lunchmeat like turkey or ham in a wheat wrap sounds healthy. However, it contains a large amount of sodium, which bloats you and can affect your heart and kidneys. Instead, try grilled chicken. Wheat is always a healthier alternative to white grain carbs. Nevertheless, it is still a processed food that contains sugar and sodium as well. Your body needs an intake of carbs everyday for energy so do not rule out all carbs, just make sure you are choosing healthier ones.

Don’t forget, even vegetables contain healthy carbs. Try carb cycling, which means eating higher carbs one day and lower carbs the next in order to keep your metabolism guessing and your intake of processed foods balanced.

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Rumor Has It: Are Your Workouts Working?

When it comes to working out, people are often misled with false information about what they should be doing.  When you are trying to figure out what you need to do to improve your body in the gym, you should be aware that sometimes, there are tips out there that aren’t true.  So if you’ve been going to the gym for months without seeing the results that you’re looking for, maybe you’re doing something wrong.  Here are some myths that are very common among gym-goers today.

Myth #1 : Someone can “spot-reduce” their problem areas is one that many people tend to think is true.  Many people think that if you are trying to get abs in time for summer, you can just do hundreds of sit ups and crunches every day in order to try to achieve your goal. However, this will not create abs or reduce the fat around your stomach area.  Your body draws fat from different regions at different rates depending on your genetic makeup. This means that for some people the stomach is the first area your body draws fat from when on a diet and working out, yet it may be the last spot to draw fat from for others. In order to achieve your goal, you have to maintain a healthy diet and work on burning fat in general instead of just focusing on one area.

Health Studies professor Marta Neumann said, “Many people want to suddenly lose weight, but in order to get results you have to use a schedule and get into a routine. It’s  important to be concerned about your health, not just about getting a six pack quickly.”

Myth #2: Muscle definition comes from lifting light weight for more reps instead of heavy weight for less reps. Leanness and muscle definition come from having muscle mass and low body fat. Training with light weights alone will not build muscle and if you don’t have muscle you won’t burn much fat. Instead of trying to do too many reps, use a repetition range of eight to twelve with a weight that you are comfortable with.

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Springing from Summer to Fall

Falling into a new season means a lot of different things. We have to say goodbye to summer sooner than we wanted to and start preparing for the cooler weather. It means trading in your bikini and flip flops for a sweater and a pair of boots. However, just because the seasons change, you don’t have to give up your summer wardrobe entirely. As college students, we’re always looking for ways to save, and by incorporating summer pieces into autumn attire, we can do just that.

The biggest trend of the summer proved to be the maxi skirt. Versatile, comfortable, and fashionable, they were on display in every store front in the summer months. You can still carry your maxis into the fall, so don’t pack them away just yet. If you have neutral colored skirts, like black, brown or gray, they will work perfectly with the darker hues of fall. Pair the skirt with a patterned tank top and light cotton sweater for a quick and comfortable outfit to wear to class. You can also take the look into nighttime by wearing the maxi with a crop top, fun jewelry, and a pair of wedges.

Jessica Spiro, sophomore business marketing major said, “I still wear my maxi dresses from summer to school, they’re comfortable and easy to throw on to go anywhere.”

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