“I’ll Make it to the Moon if I Have to Crawl” | Brendan Greve’s Senior Goodbye

The end of my career at Monmouth University and the Outlook is approaching, leaving me scratching my head and wondering where time goes. This is my senior goodbye and thank you to The Outlook, an organization that has helped me accomplish many goals both inside and outside of the classroom during my time at Monmouth. As I reflect on my life and where it is today, I can’t help but think about where it was four years ago before I joined The Outlook.

MU poll trump graphic 1

MU Poll Finds More Trust in News Than Trump

A new poll published by the Monmouth Polling Institute on Mar. 29 found that the President of the United States, Donald Trump, is less trusted than the media. The national poll that can be found on the Monmouth Polling Institute website titled “POTUS Less Trusted than Media, ‘Fake News’ comes from all Sources” compared trust in Trump with three major news outlets— ABC, MSNBC, and Fox.

NFL Gets Political

Debate: Opening Weekend of the NFL Gets Political, Against the Protest

Last Sunday was significant to many Americans as it was the opening weekend of NFL football, and more importantly, the fif-teenth anniversary of the attacks on our nation suffered on September 11th, 2001. However, perhaps what was getting the most at-tention from the fans this year were the actions of the players before the game and not during– due to the symbolic protest of not standing during the national anthem because of racial inequalities started in the preseason by San Francisco 49’s quarter-back, Collin Kaepernick, that has caught on with players from around the league. These protests represented the controversial topic of race that has especially consumed the nature of the media and politics of the nation over the last year and a half and the topic is much bigger than football. However, it is my firm belief that some of these NFL players are demonstrating on this issue the wrong way.

Candidate Celebrity Endorsement 1

Do Celebrity Endorsements Influence Political Elections?

In modern times, it isn’t surprising to see or hear many celebrities endorsing, appearing, and supporting political figures. Whether it’s at a rally, through social media sites such as twitter and Facebook, or even recognized news and magazine sites such as the New York Times coming out with articles whenever a celebrity makes a statement whether the statement is political itself or is related to political figures.

GOP Divide

Divide in The Republican Party Continues to Grow

Republican front-runner Donald Trump shook up the GOP race for the presidential nomination in the Mar. 15 primaries by winning the states of Illinois, North Carolina, Missouri, and Florida and then Ted Cruz responded by winning the crucial state of Wisconsin. However, one factor of the race has stayed the same–the divide in the Republican Party between the “outsiders” and the “establishment.”

Merrick Garland

Debate: Are Senate Republicans Wrong for Refusing to Give the President’s Supreme Court Nominee a Hearing? Negative

It is a shame that both sides of the isle have turned the death of the great Supreme Court Justice, Antonin Scalia, into a political firestorm. However, with the possibility that the next Supreme Court justice can change the direction of the court and the meaning of law for the next quarter century– that firestorm is here.