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Volume 84 (Fall 2012 - Spring 2013)

Shots iGot Helps College Students Moderate Their Drinking || News

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Pictures above are screenshots from Shots iGot. The first picture is the opening screen of the app while the other three pictures are containers filled with estimated amounts of alcohol and mixers. The numbers above each bottle represent how many shots of alcohol are in the bottle.

Shots iGot is a new five star iPhone app created to reduce over-drinking. Paras Jain, Chief Operating Officer and one of the three creators, said that there is nothing like their app on the market right now.

The iPhone app was created by Jain, Josh Rosenheck who serves as the Chief Executive Officer and Mike Verderese who is the Chief Technology Officer.  All three of the gentlemen are 22 years old and attended Rutgers University together.

The purpose of Shots iGot is to help college students portion how much alcohol they are pouring into a container without measuring the amount first. “Students never take the time to measure their drinks,” Jain said. “They habitually pour hard alcohol directly into a party cups, water bottles and other containers without actually knowing how much they are pouring.”

Jain explained that they got the idea for the iPhone app after reading an article that explained how package sizes are purposely adjusted for marketing reasons because the human brain has a hard time with geometry regarding gauging volume. “We realized the same concept applied when students pour drinks into different size containers,” Jain said. “One bad estimate can lead to over-pouring and some serious consequences.”

Suanne Schaad, substance awareness coordinator, said, “One of the main things I try to educate students on is blood alcohol content and the amount of alcohol consumed. When we don’t keep track of how many drinks we are drinking it is more difficult to know what to expect and students report the alcohol ‘hits’ them from nowhere.”

Their solution of over-pouring alcohol was Shots iGot. The app offers over 40 different bottle shapes and sizes. Once the user chooses the specific bottle he or she wants, the app goes to another page to reveal a touchable model of the bottle. The user then drags his or her finger to the level of the container that is filled with alcohol. The app measurements adjust to the shape of the bottles and produce a measurement of alcohol to 1/10 of a shot.

Shots iGot also features a camera option, where users can take a picture of their container which will then import the picture directly into the app. That picture can then be filled the same way as a container already featured as an option.

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