Feature: Sochi Olympics Fuels Many Debates in International Relations

The Olympic Games are a unique event in the operation of human society. In the alternating winter and summer renditions of this biennial spectacle, the youth of the world, hailing from diverse locales far and wide, are called to congregate and to compete on a single stage in the spirit of unity and fairness in celebration of the ability and potential of humanity.


National Security Agency: What Information Do They Keep and What are They Looking For?

Ever since details of the surveillance programs enacted by the National Security Agency (NSA) surfaced in June, the revelations of the United States electronic data gathering initiatives, domestically and internationally, have dominated global headlines and have raised new questions concerning individuals’ expectations of privacy in the 21st century digital age.


Students Debate on What Can Be Done About Gun Control

The horrific events which transpired on December 14, 2012 tragically ended the lives of 26 students and faculty members of the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. These heroes were indiscriminately shot by a lone gunman, armed with several semi-automatic handguns and rifles, while they innocently went about their daily business. Words fail to convey how deeply America as whole was affected by this senseless violence, or how heinous this act was.