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They All Lived Happily Never After

Lived Happily“Till death do us part.” Or until the ink is dry on the divorce papers. Divorce is never an easy topic to touch upon, but the media lives for juicy topics like that.

Last month, the media was buzzing with the talk of newlywed couple Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries. Love was in the air and gossipers couldn’t help but look at the world through rose colored glasses until the media found a way to blow up divorce scandals, breaking hearts everywhere.

After seven years of marriage, Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez were getting a divorce. Shortly after this announcement, rumors were spread of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith separating. But before those rumors were proved to be false, people were saying that Anthony did not only cheat on Lopez, but he cheated on her with Jada Pinkett Smith. To think of this crazy love triangle could give anyone a headache.

Why do people care which stars are getting divorced? Face it, we love it. We love every minute of celebrity gossip because it is an escape from our own boring lives for those 20 exhilarating minutes it takes you to read a magazine. However, this is not the point. The point is, celebrities are people too; normal people who get married and normal people who get divorced. I know divorce to not be such a glamorous thing, but then why in the media is it portrayed this way?

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A Life Lost: RIP Troy Davis

A Life LostThere are two sides to every story. Two sides to everything someone could have seen. Two sides that determine what is true or false, who is innocent or guilty. Two sides to determine what is right and what is wrong.

Last Wednesday, September 21, Troy Anthony Davis, 42, was executed in the state of Georgia. He had been on death row for over two decades. His execution was sentenced four times before that, but on Wednesday, it was carried out.

Davis was convicted of murdering an off-duty police officer in 1989, according to The officer’s family waited for relief from the execution.

This seems like a natural course of events. A man killed another man, was found guilty of this crime, sentenced to life on death row, and was finally executed 20 years later. Justice has been served; life can carry on as if nothing ever happened in the first place.

But here’s the thing- Troy Davis, although convicted, had substantial evidence proving his innocence.

According to the Innocence Project, a non-profit organization that uses DNA to prove wrongfully convicted prisoners innocent, seven of nine key eyewitnesses recanted their testimonies in recent years. DNA evidence from the scene of the crime did not match Davis’. Another man, whose DNA actually does match the crime scene, confessed to killing the cop.

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The Boy Who Cried...Hurricane

HurricaneWhen a gander of us should have been enjoying what was left of our summer, something massive occurred towards the end of August. A hurricane was swarming near coastal waters and was expected to crash, not just silently slide, into the East coast.

However, it was not exactly unexpected since it’s (1) hurricane season and (2) natural disasters frequently brew near the southern tip of the nation in warmer waters. What did send chills up and down millions of spines was the prediction that Hurricane Irene would leave New Jersey disastrous, in an eerie resemblance to New Orleans from Hurricane Katrina.

The storm, which first was a category two and later declared a category one, had the entire East coast in a frenzy on Aug. 26. Now, a ‘category two’ is not something to mess with, so I’m told, and a category one is still a hurricane, but is supposed to be less damaging and not leave as serious effects.

As someone who works as a cashier during the summer, I saw this frenzy first-hand as customers poured –no, stampeded- into the department store from opening until closing for three days straight. It was like wild animals searching for their prey. For three days, the prey included batteries, flashlights, and for some reason, a ton of frozen food, milk and eggs. If your power went out people, what in the world would you do with all of this cold food?

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Kim Kardashian: Kash Kow

“I now pronounce you Rich and Richer. You may kiss the bride.”

Perhaps those were not the exact words spoken in Montecito, California during Mr. and Mrs. Humphries’ wedding August 20, but considering the over-the-top, multi-million dollar ceremony the newlyweds put together the thought was not too far from anyone’s mind.

It seemed as if the world was patiently waiting to watch their favorite “it” girl strut her stuff down the aisle. Kim Kardashian found Kris Humphries, her real-life Prince Charming; everyone could sleep easier with that kind of peace of mind.

When the details broke of the wedding, it boggled minds across America. Though the reality starlet is known for her glamorous lifestyle, jaws dropped when dollar value was placed on almost everything involved in the wedding and reception.

From the reported 15 million dollars of borrowed Lorraine Schwartz diamonds worn by Kim throughout her day, three Vera Wang custom wedding gowns in addition to the Vera gowns for her bridal party and “momager” all at an undisclosed amount, custom fitted Ermenegildo Zegna tuxedos ranging anywhere from $3,000- $4,000 each, not to mention $50,000 spent on flowers alone, this blushing bride was clearly only allowing the best of the best to surround her on her big day.

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9/11: Never Forget?

911 Never ForgetIt’s ironic that the slogan of September 11 is “Never Forget,” but the emergency workers who helped with the recovery on that disastrous day 10 years ago were denied entry to the 9/11 National Memorial on the tenth anniversary this year.

Mayor Bloomberg of New York City released a statement that first responders are not invited to the opening ceremony. However, political figures like George W. Bush, and President Barack Obama are invited, along with thousands of family members of victims. First responders are more than welcome to stand outside of the memorial on September 11, 2011 but will not be allowed inside.

The city has told the 90,000 first responders that there is no room for them at the ceremony. They are outraged to say the least and I am not surprised. Other first responders have admitted to never being invited by the city to any national events. They feel disrespected and betrayed. I believe that if the city wished to show their gratitude towards the first responders, they would have been at the top of the guest list for the memorial. Of course the families of victims should be a priority, but Bloomberg is not giving a good enough reason for first responders being denied an invitation.

Other first responders feel if the city honors them, it will give an example to others. By thanking the people who help our country in their most dire hour of need, it will encourage others to do the same in other crises. It will even give other countries the example that America can take care of itself when necessary. I believe that people need to see its country coming together. When they do, it helps open people’s eyes to others less fortunate and brings the country closer together.

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