International Criminal Court Issues Arrest Warrant for Putin & Close Advisor

The International Criminal Court (ICC) issued an arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin and Russian Children’s Rights Commissioner Maria Alekseyevna, on Friday, Mach 17. The arrest warrant claims that Putin and Alekseyevna are allegedly responsible for the deportation of Ukrainian children in occupied Ukrainian territory, a violation of the Rome Statute. The warrant alleges […]


Biden Announces $292 Million in Gateway Project Funding

On Tuesday, Jan. 21, President Joe Biden traveled to New York to announce $292 million in funding for a new rail tunnel underneath the Hudson River to provide additional connection between Manhattan and New Jersey. Part of the wider Gateway infrastructure program and the bipartisan infrastructure bill that passed in November of 2021, the tunnel […]


Headlines You May Have Missed This Week

In China, Protests Over Zero Covid and Political Freedoms Over the weekend, protests began in China over the country’s Zero Covid Policy. The Zero Covid Policy is the strategy adopted by the Communist Party of China in its efforts to contain COVID-19. The strategy includes large scale lockdowns, mass testing, surveillance, among other factors. With […]


Missile Strikes Poland

DEVELOPING: A Russian-produced missile struck the Polish village of Przewodow, 15 miles from Ukraine’s border, killing two people working on a farm, according to a statement by the Polish Foreign Ministry. According to AP, a senior U.S. intelligence official stated that Russian missiles crossed into Poland. Speaking to CNN, a Polish official said that nothing […]

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Model UN Competes in Boston

From Oct. 6-9, Monmouth University’s Model United Nations (MUN) team competed in the Boston Regional Conference, referred to as BarMun. The conference took place in Boston’s Park Plaza Hotel, and schools including Georgetown, the University of Chicago, American University, the Naval Academy, alongside others, competed at the conference. Monmouth University’s delegation consisted of ten people […]


What Makes A Good Pizza & Bagel?

What makes a slice of pizza good? You can ask anyone this question and get about a thousand answers. The crust, tomato, cheese, toppings, how long it’s cooked. In this state, it doesn’t just stop with pizza.There are bagels. Is it fluffy? Has it been toasted just right? Is there enough cream cheese or butter? […]