Special Victims Bureau Detective Speaks to Guardians Club

Monmouth University’s Guardians Club held an on-campus event, inviting Detective Kayla Santiago of the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office (MCPO) to discuss aspects of her job on Wednesday, Sept. 28. She spoke about her work with the county SAFE SPACE Program and her time in the county’s Megan’s Law Unit. Angelina Esposito, senior criminal justice student […]


Headlines You May Have Missed This Week

Ukraine Gains Ground in Kherson Following the announcement by the Russian Federation that it will be annexing four Ukrainian Oblasts, Ukrainian forces in the southern half of the country have reportedly made significant progress in liberating the southern Kherson Oblast. Ukrainian forces have allegedly advanced dozens of kilometers along the Dnipro River, liberating numerous settlements […]


Ukrainian Attorney Provides Insight into Russian War Crimes as Russia Launches New Donbas Offensive

As Russian forces begin a new offensive centered around the Ukrainian oblasts of Luhansk and Donetsk, The Outlook has conducted an interview with Katerina Prokopishina, a Ukrainian Attorney investigating Russian war crimes currently residing in Odessa, Ukraine. Professsor Polina Amburg of Monmouth University, whose perspective on the Ukrainian war we’ve shared in the last issue, […]


Russian Forces Accused of Committing War Crimes in Ukraine; President Biden calls for Trial Against Putin

With the withdrawal of Russian military forces from in and around Kyiv’s suburbs, Ukrainian forces re-entering towns have made a shocking discovery: bodies covering the streets, sites of mass graves, ruined infrastructure, alongside looted stores and homes. In the suburb of Bucha in particular, just an hour drive from Kyiv, the scene was particularly bleak. […]


Russia and Ukraine Hold Peace Talks in Istanbul

Delegations from Russia and Ukraine met in Istanbul this week to begin another round of peace talks between the two countries since Russia’s invasion last month. The talks come amidst a backdrop of the Russian military failing to achieve their goals, and the Ukrainian military seeing success in preventing the Russian military from capturing major […]