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Feathery Fall Fashion Trends

As we enter fall 2011, feathers are trending and selling faster than ever. Designers are adapting to this new fashion trend, and have been incorporating feathers in their clothing, accessories, and shoes. Stores such as Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, and Aldo are stocking their shelves with their own rendition of feathery products.

Feathers were a popular fashion trend during the 70’s, and are making a 2011 comeback. Decades later, the trend now incorporates different lengths, colors, and overall fierceness.

Many New York City fashion and trade shows have been debuting feathers in their new fall lines. They were especially prevalent in the shows of Jean Paul, Chanel, and Pamella Roland during September’s Fashion Week. This 70’s trend paired with other bohemian style accessories is a great combination to embrace old school fashion with a modern age twist.

Feathers can be weaved into clothing, and added as a burst of color to handbags. They can even be the delicate fringe of ballet flats, and are also a popular medalion for long neckalces.

Another interesting place one may see the feather trend is in their nearest hair salon. Feather hair extensions are taking off at a rapid pace, and many people are weaving these colorful feathers into their daily hairstyles – whether you choose to wear your hair up or down. Hair expert and salon owner of Asteria Salon, Danielle Wade, says, “Feather earrings and other jewelry are thought to be the original inspiration for feather hair extensions. Then someone clipped their earring into their hair – and now we have blended the art of feather jewelry and the expertise of hair extensions to make the amazing feather extension.”

Danielle Wade applies feather extensions on people everyday at her salon, and said that feathers continue to be placed on backorder due to the high demand. Feather extensions could be that new temporary change you have been looking for without damaging your hair with color. The extension process is reasonably priced at many salons, generally starting at $15 for a package of three feathers. The process is quick and painless, as well as easy to take out. Feather extensions can last up to six weeks, but can easily be put back in after taking out the original feather.

Jamey Flaccavento, a senior student at the University, caught on to this new sensation towards the beginning of summer, and started her own feather extension business. She had a feeling the trend would catch on sooner or later at the University, and took the entrepreneurial opportunity to use her creativity, skill, and passion for styling.

Flaccavento orders wholesale feathers online, and hosts feather extension parties at homes where she fuses the feather extensions into the hair of individuals. To increase her clientele she created business cards and distributes them to students on campus. Flaccavento also set up a partnership with Beach Bum Tanning Salon in Eatontown. The salon offered to leave her cards at the front desk, as well as have her sit in a section of the salon for a couple days a week to fuse them in for clients. Many University students picked up on this trend as a result of Flaccavento’s strong business drive.

According to, feathers have become so popular that women are literally turning to fly fishing shops to get their hands on roosters and peacock feathers, which apparently make the best, longest lasting hair extensions. Craft stores are doing the best they can to keep shelves stocked with with a variety of colors and styles for customers.

Feathers are an easy way to spice up an outfit, and are as lightweight and comfortable as earrings. This trend truly adds a fun and funky factor to your look. People across the nation are incorporating feathers in their daily outfits, whether it is in their hair or dangling from their ears. They are multi-versatile, and can be worn in casual outfits or as a classy touch to a more elegant ensemble. From hot pink long feathers covered in glitter, to a simpler brown look, the options in the feather world are endless.

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