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Plans Underway for New Dorm

President Paul G. Gaffney II announced he is starting a process for approval for a new residence hall on campus.

“I’d like to get more residence halls on the main campus, to accommodate freshmen,” Gaffney said. 

The goal of the new residence hall is to guarantee a bed for every first year and sophomore student on campus. In doing so, underclassmen will get the immediate effects of an on-campus experience.

It’s too early to tell exactly where and when the new residence hall will be built, but the notion for approval from the Board of Trustees and town is in motion. The residence hall would look similar to the new Mullaney Hall, and would hold around 200 beds.

“We want to find places that are zoned appropriately, and do not affect our neighbors,” Gaffney said.

In order for approval to take place, Gaffney said discussions with the Board of Trustees will take place during the next three meetings, which will be held in October, November, and December.                                    Students have heard of the plans for a new residential hall and see it as a positive addition to the campus and University at large.

Katie Jaffe, a first year student who lives in Pinewood said, “as long as there’s sufficient parking, it sounds like a good idea.”

Although the new residence hall will be for new students, it will affect the whole campus, and that includes upperclassmen as well.

Joe Pfeifer, senior, lived on campus during his first two years at the University, in Elmwood Hall and Spruce Hall. “It’s good to have more students on campus, because more students keep coming here,” Pfeifer said.

Michael Dondiego, senior, also lived on campus in Maplewood Hall. “I loved the option to cook, and Maplewood made my move to Monmouth a smooth transition. A new dorm would improve the aesthetics of the school and would be better for keeping students here on the weekends,” Dondiego said. 

There are approximately 1,650 on-campus undergrad residents, in 11 buildings, and three apartment complexes.

The Office of Residential Life said the goals of the new residence hall is to guarantee housing for first year students, to create more spaces for upperclassmen, and to become more marketable.

In regards to parking for the new residence hall, it is expected to not be an issue, due to current excess amount of parking spots for residential students available now.