Who Who in SGA

Who’s Who in SGA: Oscar Sanchez – Vice President

Oscar Sanchez, a junior, is majoring in Communications with a specialization in Public Relations and Journalism. His minors are Business Administration and Information Technology.

After college, Sanchez hopes to receive his Masters degree in Communication either at San Diego State, New York University, Boston University, or the University of Miami. Ultimately, he wants to work for a Public Relations firm, specializing in event planning.

Sanchez joined the Student Government Association after writing on SGA’s Facebook account the summer before his first semester at Monmouth and asked how he could get involved immediately. Sanchez was passionate and involved in his high school’s Student Council.

After meeting some of the SGA members during freshman orientation, he submitted his application through the fresh-start program. On interview day, Sanchez remembers being the first one called in to be questioned and knew he wanted to be involved in the organization for the rest of his college career.

SGA has allowed Sanchez to meet people who he would not have otherwise and to interact with departments on campus that he said he would not have known as an average Joe student. Sanchez said, “I’ve been able to plan events and watch them come to life. Last year I planned Springfest, and I was so glad that everyone had a great time. Giving back to the students and having that sense of accomplishment is an amazing feeling. I hope to continue to do that as Vice President this year.”