Sin City

Livin’ it Up in Sin City

Student Spends Her Twenty-First Birthday in Las Vegas

Sin CityLas Vegas is one of the greatest destinations on earth. Who doesn’t love to go away to Sin City for a weekend where anything and everything is possible? The lights, the hotels, the glamour, the rooftop clubs… What’s not to love? They say that “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” And whoever “they” may be, they were not messing around with that statement. There’s a reason it’s so widely recognized, but you can’t understand it until you’ve experienced it.

Las Vegas, Nevada is where I spent my twenty-first birthday this past summer. I was on the plane when midnight struck and that magical birthday fairy granted me permission to drink alcohol (legally).

I ordered a Jose Cuervo from the flight attendant, and sat back, wondering what this vacation would be like. Nothing has ever exceeded my expectations more than Vegas.

When my friends and I landed in Vegas we immediately set our bags down at the hotel and headed out to the strip. It was like New York City’s Time Square, but bigger, better, and brighter.

We went into the MGM Grand, New York, New York, and Mandalay Bay. Everything was huge, everything was colorful and most importantly, everything involved liquor. Everyone was out partying and it was 3:00 pm!

After exploring for what felt like forever, we headed back to our room to prepare for our big night out.

As soon as we finished squeezing into our finest attire, and highest heels, we set out to the rooftop club known as Voodoo Lounge. Have you ever had an out of body experience? That is what partying with bottle service at a rooftop club in Vegas is like.

Our VIP table was on the balcony on the roof, overlooking the Las Vegas Strip and every hot song from the past 10 years was pumping from the DJ’s speakers. Throw in a great time with a couple of best friends and British gentlemen, and you’ve got yourself the perfect evening.

If they don’t have it in Vegas, they don’t have it anywhere. If there isn’t a hot new club opening, there’s an exclusive party at the latest hotel. Bottle service, room service, massages service; you name it. Celebrities are everywhere dining at the finest restaurants and partying at the clubs. Pauly D from “Jersey Shore” and Britney Spears were all over Vegas during my stay and I had the opportunity to see each of them twice.

I don’t know if it was the alcohol, the atmosphere or my overall jovial mood, but I met some of the craziest and most interesting people in Las Vegas.

One guy was speaking in what can only be described as a complete Borat accent, and a group of people at Voodoo were all dancing completely barefoot in circles, arms raised to the sky. Unfortunately, my friends and I partook in this as well. But, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas (thankfully).

It is the ultimate vacation spot, because it is impossible to have a bad time. It is safe to say that everyone in Vegas is always having fun.

But the partying in Vegas doesn’t stop there. By 11:00 am, the pools are packed with people just pounding shots and mixed drinks, dancing around their cabanas.

Only the best swimsuit apparel is worn and the hippest music is blasting. The party literally never stops. If you aren’t walking around with a yard cup filled to the brim with a frothy alcoholic beverage at all times, you are a loser. Now, I cannot stress enough, I am not an alcoholic. But if you met me in Vegas, you might think differently. Hangovers do not exist in Vegas because you wake up and immediately start drinking again. You deal with your hangover problems when you return to boring old New Jersey. I will never forget my Las Vegas experience. It was the greatest birthday celebration I have ever had. The next time you’ve got some vacation time and some extra cash lying around, book a trip to Vegas, I promise you’ll keep going back.