Female President

Female President Anyone?

After Hillary Clinton, Who Will be the Next Female to Shoot for the Presidency?

Female PresidentIf you were to ask any individual who the leader in global power was, most would have at least considered the United States. And why should they not?

Aside from the reality that America has been able to grapple its way into free country status, there is also the fact that it’s one of the strongest contributors in the free market, while also priding itself in new innovations and beneficial risk taking.

Why is it that the very country, known for cutting edge advances, has yet to employ an overdue concept, a female president?

The very concept of a female leader has been established for centuries, usually applied in the form of a Queen from some sort of hierarchical system; this form however has experienced some design changes to make it more applicable to the twentieth century, democratic standpoint.

Several nations such as Sri Lanka, India and the United Kingdom have been bringing women into high authority’s positions and utilizing them, to advance their countries and whatever purposes they may aspire for. It’s a bold statement, one that is thunderously overcoming the sexism that has been ever so prominent since the birth of leadership roles. So, again, where is America in this capable wave of female engagement? 

“I feel that America fears change. Many question a woman’s ability to lead, when many actually are really great leaders,” says freshman Olivia Caruso. It all stems back to the strong sexist ideologies that had tainted the previous generations before this one’s current, and there is nobody to blame for that. At that time it was simply a way of thinking, however it is still a mindset that has derailed most sorts of female political progression. The closest to this change was Hillary Clinton in 2008, who lost the Democratic nomination to President Obama.

Professor Robert Cushman, an anthropology professor here at the University, believes that not only gender roles and stereotypes play a part, but also the age of the voters might be holding a certain effect over the polls. “I think a good percentage of voters in the last few elections were still in the older age bracket and from a time where they believed the president should be a man, or that a man would do a better job than a woman would” says Cushman.

With the current generations in America who have been brought up learning that both men and women are equal, finally beginning to override the sexist powers, a female president might be something seen in the not too distant future. With the rate of the public’s changing views on the topic, perhaps even within the next 15 years.

Jessica Costello, a freshman, says “We need to wait for a candidate to come around to change America’s single mindedness.” In order for this change to occur though, several aspects need to be taken into account in order to make the best decision.  According to Cushman, “There would be hurdles a female president would have to deal with and overcome. There could be respect issues, from some in our own countries as well as from leaders in others. However it’s nothing a female president couldn’t handle or overcome.”

This candidate would have to be able to defy the stereotyped norms that society has associated with a woman, very much like the way President Obama had to overcome all segregated jabs merely based off of the color of his skin.

Such a candidate would need to put up a strong emotional front, yet still hold enough charm and personality that would make such a person interesting enough to captivate the audience’s attention; something that many criticize Hilary Clinton for not being able to accomplish, despite her cool, calculated exterior.

All in all, America is finally taking action towards the very change it has demanded for years. The time for patience is over, instead an action based course of impatience is now taking suit, coursing through the lifeblood of American vitality, and steering towards the mirrored hall where the rest of the world’s female leaders eagerly await the arrival of the very first Madame President of the United States.

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