Every Vote Counts…Even Ones by College Students

The Presidential Election taking place in November of 2012 is the result of events that happened almost 225 years ago. Countries around the world fight for the right to vote. This is a right, The Outlook staff, believes is taken for granted by the college student community.

Most of staff believes that voting is something every eligible person should participate in. The staff believes college students are the next generation to enter the work force and should vote for who will do the best job so that all of us have jobs once our education at the University is completed.

This election even affects some of us now. Students should be paying attention to the people who decide how much money we can have for school. College kids can absolutely affect this election, but probably not more so than any other specific group.

Candidates can get college kids attention by talking more about issues that affect us more immediately, like student loan reforms. A major issue over the summer was student loan interest rates and this problem was eventually resolved but what will stop it from coming up again. Student issues will continue to be ignored if students do not get out and vote.

In 2008, President Obama rallied support of college students all around the country. His use of social media and rallying younger Americans to go to the polls helped him defeat John McCain. In a study done by the United States Census Bureau in 2009 reported that in the age bracket of 18 to 24 with some college education that 56.6 percent voted while those with bachelor degrees had 71.1 percent vote.

According to the Pew Research Center publication in November of 2008 claims that 65 percent of the college educated voted for President Obama while John Mc- Cain received 32 percent of the vote in the 18 to 29 grouping. The President continues to attempt this method against Mitt Romney. Most college students claim that they do not know where to get information or that is bores them. The Outlook staff believes there are many news outlets to receive your news from just be aware of bias opinions.

As for being bored by politics. Some members of the staff believe that if you do not vote you have no right to complain since you did not voice your opinion when given the chance. Others still believe you have the right to challenge your elected officials if they do not come through on campaign promises.

Some believe that voting doesn’t affect anything. It is believed that one vote really doesn’t make a difference and even so that the college student’s voices are drowned out by those who are older and are the focus of most political campaigns due to their regular voting. It is our belief that most college students just don’t care about what politicians say because they feel they can’t trust them or the media outlets that represent them.

The Outlook is all about passing on knowledge to the student body of Monmouth University. While some of you will decide to vote because you feel you have to or because you are truly passionate about it, keep in mind that people die all around the world for a voice in their government and people died in this country for it. As you head off to the polls to vote on November 6, it will be your chance to let your voice be heard in our government.

The advice we offer is to educate yourselves. Ask questions to professors, read up on both sides of an argument and choose issues that mean the most to you.