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Brotherly Love

Theta Xi Chapters Team Up Coast to Coast for Hurricane Relief Efforts

The Gamma Iota chapter of Theta Xi, at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott, Arizona reached out to the brothers at Monmouth to lend their hands for support as the East Coast began its efforts to rebuild the state.

The brothers of the fraternity in Arizona set up an online account and gave people the option to donate any amount of money. Once the account was set up both chapters at Arizona and at MU promoted the online account encouraging friends, family and both school communities to help out in any way possible.

The initial goal of the fundraiser was to raise money for a month starting on October 30 with hopes of reaching $20,000. As of now, the fundraiser has raised almost $3,000. The brothers of the two chapters decided to extend the fundraiser for another week to give people more time to donate. The fundraiser will now end on December 7.

After seeing the devastation the storm caused on the Jersey shore coastline, the Gamma Iota chapter felt an obligation to help out brothers who were in the heart of the storm. President of the Gamma Iota chapter and junior at the Arizona school, Shawn Carter, quickly contacted the brothers at MU to see what could be done to help out.

“We knew we had brothers on the Jersey shore and wanted to do whatever we could. We have a brother in our chapter who lives in New Jersey and learned that he lost everything he owned,” said Carter. We also knew brothers in the University chapter were personally affected. We were just glad to help out anyway we could,” said Carter.

The president of Theta Xi, Joe Nardini, had previously met Carter at a national convention. The two worked to join their chapters together.

“The Gamma Iota chapter set up the entire online account so all of the donations would be in one place. They are choosing random brothers and their families along the east coast and cutting checks to them,” Nardini said. “The amount given to each family will be determined by the total raised in the end and how many families are chosen.”

While the west coast could only see the devastation of the storm on the news, there was still a significant impact. “As this storm did not affect us as much as those on the east coast, it was still shocking and devastating. There are four brothers in our chapter who have family and friends living on the east coast. Worry and fear for the lives of our loved ones were definitely a concern,” said Carter.

This fundraiser was a great example of the sense of community Greek organizations obtain. PanHellenic Chair for Greek Senate, Casey McCabe, commented on the efforts of both chapters. “We like to promote for chapters in the Monmouth community to work together at all times and the fact that a chapter from across the nation wanted to get involved is amazing.”

Students and faculty looking to donate can still do so by visiting Theta Xi’s account on throughout the rest of the week.