Guide to a Woman’s Holiday Wishes

‘It is always better to give than receive’ is a common saying around this time of year, but what if you do not know what to give? This case is especially common when men are looking for gifts to give women. Picking out a gift for a special woman, or even your sister, is really not as difficult as you may think.

A gift which is always sure to please any women is jewelry. Sophomore Lisa Lazzaro concurs by saying, “I really want new diamond earrings! I lost my old pair and don’t wear earrings anymore.”

Although diamond jewelry is rather expensive, you can even find something cheaper. On Kay Jewelers site, they have elaborate and simple necklaces for as low as $50. If you do not wish to spend this much money, then see if the lady you are buying for has a Pandora bracelet. A charm from Pandora can usually be purchased around $25-$35.

If the woman you are buying for is more into art, be thankful, because the possibilities are endless. Senior Amanda Romano loves to connect with her creative side and wishes to further her art skills this holiday season. “I actually want more art stuff because I love to paint and draw,” Romano says.

Painting or drawing supplies can be picked up at any craft supplies store. The nearest art supplies store to campus is the Michael’s located on Route 35. Freshman Lauren Anderson also wishes for art supplies this December, but a different kind of art.

“For Christmas I’d really love a fish eye lens for my camera. I am an aspiring photographer, therefore I crave all of the ravishing yet quite expensive essentials. The fish eye lens simply bends an image to give it a sort o f 3D or bubble appearance. It’s just really cool to look at,” Anderson stated. Photography items can be purchased at stores such as Ritz Camera. Another nearby option would be The Photo Center located in Brick.

If your woman is an adventurous type, than perhaps the best idea would to be visit L.L Bean, REI, West Marine, or Eastern Mountain Sports. Items at these stores range from camping or hiking, hunting, fitness apparel, boating accessories, and clothing. If you wish to get an item with almost infinite usage, than it would be in your best interest to get a North Face jacket. Whether hiking, running, or just for everyday wear, plenty of women have a North Face as their go-to jacket.

Some ladies prefer to stay indoors rather than outdoors, and if that sounds like the one you are purchasing for, almost anything in today’s world can fit under this category. For the more tech savvy soul, gift ideas range from iPhone cases, computer accessories, or Blu-ray movies.

Sophomore Lindsey Pieschl agrees that it is not too hard to shop for a woman who is into technology. “I don’t really have anything I want that badly, but I did ask for a laptop cover this year,” she said. Your best bet to find a perfect gift would be to visit Best Buy or an Apple store this holiday season.

If the woman you are shopping for is a fashionista, buy a gift card to her favorite store. Unsure of her favorite store? Then it may be wise to buy a gift card to either Urban Outfitters, American Eagle, or Forever 21 since they are currently the popular stores amongst young women. Word of advice – do not buy her clothing unless it is a jacket.

When you buy an item that is too big for her, she will think you depict her as being that size and get upset. When you buy an item that is too small for her, she will think you want her to be that skinny and will get upset. I f you truly wish to buy her clothing, than find her measurements and sizes before the purchase.

If you want to play it safe, there is one gift that no woman can turn d own: a v acation. F or M ihaela Moscaliuc, English instructor, a vacation to a tropical island is her number one holiday wish. “What I really want is a stretch of hot sand, a big splash of sun, singing waves, few tourists (but many languages), and, with me, people and books I love. Heard rumors that I might get my wish. Generous Santa.”

The vacation can be as simple as a one night vacation to see a play in New York City or as extravagant as a romantic trip for two in the Caribbean Islands. It could even be a weekend get away to some where exclusive such as the Poconos mountain range.

Once you begin to think about what your woman is like, it becomes easier to think about what she would want or need. Thus, the first step for succeeding in a present is succeeding in knowing that person. After all, the thought is what really counts.