Students Sport Their Colors on Campus

College is a time for people to discover themselves. They put significant amounts of time into classes, socializing with friends, and possibly building a resume to help find a job following graduation.  In addition to all of this, some could even make the argument that the college years are the peak of ones sports fandom.

People decorate their dorms and bedrooms with posters, banners, and other memorabilia of their favorite sports teams. On any given day, one can see students walking around campus supporting their teams by wearing a jersey, t-shirt, sweatshirt, jacket, etc.

“I think it might be the time to be most passionate about my favorite sports teams,” said junior Kyle Evans. “I’m young and don’t have things to worry about like a real job or raising a family.” 

Not only is this a reason why people are passionate about sports at this age, but there is also the idea of sports rivalries, which could make things even more interesting.

“I think most people my age will be more into it now than ever because of the numerous different rivalries teams have with the New York/Metropolitan area,” said junior Gregg Cambareri.

A few of these rivalries, he notes, are New York teams versus Boston teams and New York versus Philadelphia.

University Alumnus Kevin Sanders, who was raised as a die-hard fan of Philadelphia sports, said that despite dealing with his fair share of heckling from New York fans, he never let it stop him from rooting for his teams. “We love to dish out our share of trash talk, and Philly fans never let anyone [New York and Boston fans] stop us from doing what we do best, which is being the best fans in the country,” said Sanders.

This idea of rivalry and rooting for sports teams is something that has become a part of the American culture. Many people choose to watch games with their friends or family either in person or on television.

Sophomore Kyle Walter has been watching New York Jets games with his family all of his life and they are currently season ticket holders for the team as well. “Me and my brother love going to Jets games and following the team,” said Walter. “The Jets have kind of become a part of our lives.”

Going to games is not the only way for people to get together to watch games. Many people get together with friends and family and sit around TV sets. Cambareri said he likes to watch games in the comfort of his own home or go out and watch the game at a sports bar like Buffalo Wild Wings. Evans added that if he was not in attendance for the game, he chooses to watch games and cheer on his teams from the comfort of his room.

“I’m always supporting my teams because I have a passion for it and it’s been passed down to me through family tradition,” said Evans

This type of passion is not only seen by students for the professional teams they support, but also for their respective college teams, which can be seen right here on campus through students cheering on MU athletics.

Junior and Monmouth Mob member Ray Bogan attends most of the home basketball games because he loves the school, sports, and the chance to show his pride. “I see it as a great way for Monmouth students to come together and form bonds and friendships,” said Bogan. “When in college you’re always looking to make friends and there isn’t anything better to bond over than your mutual love for sports and Monmouth.”

Whether it is cheering on your own respective school or professional team, Cambareri said being a sports fan at this age is something many people should participate in.

“Everyone should root for a team because the highs and lows you experience are truly unique,” Cambareri said.

Before your time at the University is up, continue to cheer on whatever team you choose to root for. Who knows, maybe you’ll get the opportunity to skip class for a championship victory parade.