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Alpha Xi Delta hosted an event called XIngo for the first time on Friday, November 30 in the student center in order to raise awareness for their philanthropic organization, Autism Speaks.

The event was free to all students at the University and its purpose was to raise awareness of autism to the students on campus. The students in attendance played bingo and the winners received prizes. While the students were playing bingo, the sisters of Alpha Xi Delta shared facts on autism that they thought were important.

This is the first time that Alpha Xi Delta ran XIngo, and as a result of the turnout and feedback they received, they hope to host it again next year. The sisters of Alpha Xi Delta were pleased with the turnout of the event, which was mainly promoted through a Facebook page that included all of the event information. The cost was covered entirely by the Weekend Warrior grant available to organizations at the University.

Ashley Anton, senior commu nication major, attended XIngo on Friday night. “I thought this event was a great way for Alpha Xi Delta to promote their philanthropy and organization. I haven’t played bingo in years, so the fact that I was having fun and learn ing about autism was definitely an appealing approach for the event in order to accomplish their goal,” in order to Anton said.

Some of the prizes that were given out to the winners included gift cards for: iTunes, Amazon. com, Banana Republic, Olive Garden, and AMC Theatres. The final prize was a Blu Ray player which included two Blu Ray discs. This was awarded to the student who filled up their entire board first in the last round of bingo.

Vice President of Public Relations for Alpha Xi Delta, Kae Crede, senior communication major said, “Alpha Xi Delta was thrilled to have the opportunity to host XIngo with SGA and have so many people come and partici pate.”

Brittney Penson, senior second ary education and history major, is the philanthropy chair and re cording secretary of Alpha Xi Delta. “We made XIngo a free event because we wanted it to be a fun event that everyone could have a chance at winning some great prizes,” Penson said. “Everyone who won a prize also re ceived one of our Autism Speaks philanthropy wrist bands that we sell throughout the year. This went along with the information sheet we passed out to everyone as they walked in that included information on our philanthropy and the organization.”

Alpha Xi Delta sister Danielle Puma, senior majoring in marine biology and environmental policy, said, “Our event was held to promote autism awareness on campus. Being a member of Al pha Xi Delta, Autism Speaks is something we are very passionate about, so we do our best to make people aware of its severity and how raising money for the disease is very important.” Since 2009, Alpha Xi Delta has raised more than $800,000 for Autism Speaks.

In order to help raise more money for Autism Speaks, the next event that Alpha Xi Delta will be hosting is “Karaoke for a Cure” which will be held on Wednesday, February 20, at 10:00 pm in Pollack Theater. The tickets are $5 presale and $8 at the door. Alpha Xi Delta will have a pre sign up where people can sign up in pairs to sing karaoke in order to win a prize for first and second place.

PHOTO COURTESY of Deena Haluza