“With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility”

September has finally ar­rived; A month hated by some and praised by others. The smell of fresh school supplies and the ocean is in the air. Freshmen can be found everywhere on campus smiling from ear to ear, excited to start their journey while se­niors give envious stares remem­bering their first move-in day. I am guilty of being one of those envious seniors.

This month is bittersweet to me. It marks the beginning of the end but it also marks me taking over as Editor-in- Chief of The Outlook. That is the sweet part to me.

During this school year we will be welcoming our new Uni­versity President, Dr. Paul R. Brown. We will also be celebrat­ing the 80th anniversary of The Outlook. With that being said, there is much to look forward to this year.

Over my past four years at­tending the University, I have had the honor of working with a truly amazing staff that has won many prestigious awards with the most recent award being the American Scholastic Press As­sociation’s Most Outstanding Newspaper of 2013. The previ­ous staffs of The Outlook have left not big, but giant shoes for us to fill. This is something that may intimidate people and scare them away from the challenge. As for me, I am determined to make those before me proud and to make those after me remem­ber what I accomplished.

I want to keep the traditional style The Outlook has had for 80 years, but I would like to ex­periment with new front page ideas and content as well. I also hope to make our online pres­ence even bigger with our web­site and different social medias without taking away from the solid strength of our print issues. I plan on keeping the respected reputation that The Outlook has established from the beginning.

I feel prepared and confident to take the position of Editor-in-Chief head on because of the phenomenal staff I have behind me. Without them, there would be no Outlook a nd I w ould b e out of a job. Our advisor, Profes­sor John Morano, is an expert in the field and I have full confi­dence that he will help guide us in the right direction along with our outstanding office assistant, Sandy Brown.

We are always looking to meet new people who are interested in writing, editing, photography, graphic designing, absolutely anything. It does not matter if you are faculty or what your ma­jor is, please stop by the office at absolutely any time or you can send us an email.

Since we are celebrating 80 years of our student-run news­paper, we are looking to give back to the people who make The Outlook possible: the students. Keep an eye out in every is­sue on how to win different prizes.

Today also marks a day of great im­portance in American his­tory. 9/11 is a day we will never forget. Even though it was tragic and horrific, it brought us closer as a country and made us stron­ger than ever before. Inspired by the true of strength our country continues to show to this day, I hope to lead my staff towards a similar strength, working to­gether as one unit producing the best work that we can.

As far as being a senior and graduation goes, I still have one year. Let’s take this one step at a time. So first thing’s first, wel­come back Monmouth Univer­sity.