DIY Pumpkin Crafts

You may want to use your newly found treasures for something other than eating. The second best thing to eating is crafting. With the holidays just around the corner, it’s time to decorate. By using simple steps, you can make décor that looks straight out of a magazine.

There are tons of twists on the classic pumpkin or Jack-O-Lantern. If you want a more elegant look for your fall display, try spray paint. Use metallic silver or gold paint to automatically transform it into something chic. Add glitter to vamp it up even more.

For a textured look, use doilies as stencils. After you spray the pumpkin with a base color, place the doilies on and spray away. In a matter of minutes, your pumpkin will look like it’s covered in lace. Who knew pumpkins could be vintage?

Girls aren’t the only ones who like bling, pumpkins do too. Use rhinestones from any craft store or website to create a sparkly design. Get creative and make swirl patterns or create classic stripes. Your pumpkin will be sure to stand out when it’s covered in crystals.

Senior communications major Carlye Burchell said, “I love bling and will definitely use it on my pumpkins this year.”

Cover your pumpkin in black lace for a sophisticated, elegant look. Paint the stem black to keep with the theme and you have an immediately transformed decoration.

You can never go wrong with paint. Channel your inner child and go wild with color and design. Create an ombre pumpkin by fading one color from light to dark, or make different sized stripes, chevron patterns, or classic polka dots.

Senior business management major Nicole Adamusik said, “I like to paint pumpkins with my friends because it’s a fun activity that you can only really do at this time of year.”

It’s obvious that there are tons of ways to decorate your pumpkin without having to break out the carving kit. With simple supplies and imagination, you can create the perfect pumpkin décor.