Katy Perry Spreads Light Through “Prism”

Katy Kats all around the country were roaring with excitement last Tuesday, Oct. 22. Katy Perry released her third album, “Prism,” in hopes of showing her fans a more vulnerable and mature side.

Perry is shedding her bubblegum, cotton-candy image that she created for herself with her 2010 album, “Teenage Dream,” to show everyone she is growing up and to spread the light of positivity.

Some may be sad that she burned her blue wig, but this is the Katy we’ve all been waiting for. She’s finally living in the present and acting her age.

“Teenage Dream” debuted at number one on the Billboard charts, and it became the first album ever by a woman to have five number one singles on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Can she top it?

According to Billboard, “Katy Perry is on course for her second No. 1 album on the Billboard 200 chart, as her latest release, ‘Prism,’ should easily top the tally next week with her best sales week ever.”

This is her first album since her divorce from comedian, Russell Brand, and she proves to her listeners that she is stronger than ever before.

Because of this, you would think she would have a darker record, but Perry pleasantly surprises with a more upbeat and positive outlook on life. We all secretly wish her songs could have been more raw and honest, but she still didn’t leave anything out. Katy Perry says,

“I let a lot of light in my life during the spring of this year, which is when I made most of the record and it influenced my songs in a very positive way,” she said in an interview with Reuters. “All these beautiful colors of light and love came out and hope and joy and even just fun party songs.”

“Roar,” Perry’s first number one single from “Prism,” is a pop anthem about standing up for yourself and allowing your voice to be heard. Her album gives her listeners the freedom to interpret the songs in their own way.

She tries different melodies in her songs from an 80s pop feel in “Birthday” to a dance hit in “Walking On Air.” Even though the melodies vary, they begin to blend together as the album progresses. This is her biggest downfall on the album.

The second single from the album, “Unconditionally,” is a strong, typical Katy Perry-feel ballad about loving and accepting someone no matter what. I think it will climb the charts just as quickly as her first single.

Perry tries hard to fit into the Miley Cyrus-esque party music theme with “Dark Horse,” featuring Juicy J, and “This Is How We Do.” She sings about partying, dancing, intimacy, and drinking. These are not some of her better songs on the album, but she pulls it off with her mesmerizing voice.

There are a few standouts: “Ghost,” “Love Me,” and “This Moment” are the strongest. Even though they are at the end of the track list, this is where she really digs deep and lets it all out. “Ghost” lets you in to how she feels, while “This Moment” encourages you to be in the now and appreciate what you have today. She continues to keep her positive outlook.

Perry saved the best for last with “By the Grace of God.” Her last song is just as strong as the first. It’s a raw ballad that reflects where Perry was emotionally in her life when writing and how she came out of her struggle. She was working through the negativity and turned it into something positive. The record ends on a positive note and leaves you wanting more.

The deluxe edition lets you hear a little bit more and doesn’t disappoint. She keeps the positivity alive and continues to shine through her lyrics. Behind the pop beats, “Prism” has a lot to offer and is a strong, empowering record.

Katy has done it again. Every song may not be a hit, but “Prism” proves Katy Perry is a pop icon and is here to stay.

Perry doesn’t need to only sing about alcohol or drugs to show the talent she has. She is a role model, showing she can be successful without exploiting herself to be something she’s not. “Prism” guarantees chart-topping hits and that’s exactly what she wanted. Though the lyrics may not be genius, she tells her story from beginning to end.

PHOTO TAKEN from KatyPerry.com.br


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