Beauty Alert: Winter 2013’s Hottest Makeup Trends

Just as the seasons change, our makeup must follow suit. Summer gives way to warm, dewy complexions and light tones that reflect the sun and sand. Yet, winter brings a different kind of feeling, a cooler, cozier atmosphere. Whether you are preparing for work or class, or are enjoying a night out with friends, here are some winter makeup tips to have you looking your best.

The first step in applying makeup always begins with the face. Think of your face as the blank canvas in which you have to build upon. Of course, you want your skin to look even and blemish-free. But, we do not always have the perfect complexion—this is where the magic of makeup comes in.

Start with a concealer stick that suits your skin tone and use it to cover up your troubled spots. This is great for under the eyes because it eliminates the look of black rings. Next, use a foundation or a bronzer. If you have a pale complexion, choose a foundation that is closest to your tone in order to avoid looking too dark.

If you tan into the winter months, use a bronzer that will make your skin glow. You can use a combination of liquid and powder if you prefer, or just one or the other. Powder tends to look less cake-like and more natural.

Once you have your face makeup completed, the next step is blush. The blistery winter weather may drain the color out of your cheeks, but blush will bring you back to life.

Professional makeup artist Neil Scibelli told Huffington Post, “Always use color either on the lips or the cheeks. That pop of color will give life to your skin.”

Summer blush is all about peach, but for winter, try a light pink color with a bit of shimmer. A great, affordable choice is Covergirl’s “Cheekers” in brick rose. This will be subtle, but will bring some of that summer glow back into your face. 

When applying blush, be careful of overdoing it. To keep your cheeks looking natural, apply a small amount of blush to the cheekbones with a medium sized brush. An easy way to find your cheekbones is to smile while sweeping the brush over your skin.

Now comes the fun part, the eyes. Start off with a black eyeliner, preferably a retractable one instead of pencil. Coat the inner bottom eyelid with the liner, and if you prefer a more dramatic look, use it on the bottom lash line as well.

For a daytime look, stick to softer tones for the eyes. This can include golds and light browns that look natural with any eye color.

A senior education major Madison Pinto said, “I love using golds and browns on my eyes because I have a darker skin tone. I get the shimmery look of the metallic shadow, but it is still subtle enough to wear to class or school observations. If I’m going out at night, I add darker shadow to make it dressier.”

When applying any shade of eye shadow, cover the lid with a base color. A great choice for this is Milani’s Golden Touch. You can also use this color in the inner corners of the eye to create a highlighted look. Use the darkest shade, whether you choose a light or dark brown, to the crease of your eyelid to create depth and dimension.

For a more dramatic look, carry this color up a little bit onto the brow bone. Finish it off with top eyeliner and mascara for an easy finish.

If you want a dramatic nighttime look, change your color palette. Winter is all about dark tones, so try to use that to your advantage.

According to, this season’s most popular colors are jewel tones like emerald, red, and blue. Although this may seem a bit extreme, with the proper application, you can pull them off. Remember to always reflect your skin tone in your eye shadow choices. Metallic tones are popular this season too, with colors like silver, platinum, and bronze. Create a smoky eye with silvers, grays, and blacks that are perfect for the holiday season.

If you prefer not to use shadow, keep it simple with winged out eyeliner and mascara.

Lastly, finish your entire look with your lips. This is where you can get playful. Berries and deep reds are always popular for the winter time.

A senior communication major Ashley Bonino said, “Dark red lips are really in for the fall and winter months. I love to wear a dark shade of red if I’m going out at night to make my lips pop.”

If your eye makeup is subtle, add a pop of color with hues like Revlon’s Super Lustrous lipstick in cherry blossom or fabulous fig. These shades can work with the natural browns, but can also be used with the smoky eye for the ultimate dramatic look. If you are playing with the jewel toned shadows, stick with a classic nude lip and let the eyes take center stage.

Makeup is a great way to play up the different seasons. Although winter is dull, you can add life to your face with different colors and combinations. By using these tips, you are sure to look winter ready.