DEVELOPING STORY: University Employee Suffers From Meningococcal Meningitis

President Paul R. Brown sent an email this morning informing the University community that an employee is currently suffering from meningococcal meningitis.

“The employee, who is an administrator in the Controller’s area, is gravely ill and has been admitted to a hospital,” it read in the email.

The email continued to say that the University has been in touch with the Monmouth County Regional Health Commission and the New Jersey State Department of Health.

The spread of this disease is due to close personal contact with an infected person’s secretions, according to the email. The type of close personal contact includes “living in the same household, kissing, sharing eating utensils or food, sharing drinks or uncovered face-to-face sneezing or coughing.”

However, the bacteria are not spread by casual contact such as being in the same office or classroom as the person infected.

“The University is working loosely with the public health officials to reach out to any individuals who may be at risk for infection,” the email explained. “Because of the need for such close contact to spread the bacteria, those health officials believe that the group at risk on campus is extremely small.”

Health officials advise that all classes and other University activities should proceed as normal.

Another email sent to University students and faculty from Mary Ann Nagy, Vice President for Student and Community Services, said that there will be a meeting at 3 pm today in Pollak Theatre to provide information about the recent case of meningococcal meningitis.

Nagy informed that David Henry a MPH, Health Officer and Monmouth County Regional Health Commission along with Kathy Maloney, the Director of Health Services, will be attending this meeting to answer any questions or concerns. All students and employees are invited to the meeting.

The Outlook is currently looking into this topic. Be sure to pick up the next print issue on stands Dec. 4 for further details.