Save Big With Groupon and Living Social

Who doesn’t love a deal or discount? With the Groupon and Living Social apps, you can get great prices on all types of items in seconds on your phone. Without the hassle of coupon clipping, these sites give you up to 90 percent off on everything from gifts to getaways to exotic islands.

After downloading the app or visiting the website, you can type in your zip code in order for Groupon or Living Social to narrow down the best deals around you. They have general pages of featured items that you can browse, but they also have categories if you know exactly what you’re looking for.

You can also search specific products or deals to see if they are offering anything. Both systems show you the original price of the item and the price you’d pay by purchasing a voucher, as well as how many people have already used the same discount.

A sophomore psychology major Caitlin Golden said, “I like these apps. They always have great deals and they also give you great ideas for gifts.”

Deals are always changing, so you can find new products and packages daily. There aren’t just products and vacations, there are also coupons for restaurants and activities. BounceU of Eatontown has up to 55 percent off on Groupon, and Tre Amici offers a $50 dining credit for only $25. There are also nearby yoga, dance fitness, and pottery classes for discounted prices.

Microdermabrasion, deep massages, and teeth whitening sessions are also offered with more than 70 percent  off the original price you’d pay. There are also deals on hair coloring, cuts, and manicures. These are all perfect for someone who doesn’t want to pay a lot of extra money for luxury treatments.

A junior education major Brianna Mahoney said, “I found ten yoga sessions for really cheap. Usually these types of classes are expensive, so I was surprised at the price I got with the discount.”

If you feel like taking a day trip out of the area, look at Groupon before you go. There are plenty of discounts to check out if you’re going to a major city. Italian food and cupcake tours in NYC are things you may have not thought to do before, but can make for a fun day out. Plus, they are deeply discounted so you don’t have to worry about spending a ton of money on one event.

On the Cupcake Walking Tour of New York, you can visit six different cupcake shops and taste sweet treats from all of them for only $20 per person. How much sweeter can you get?

There are also Broadway Theater District Tours, comedy club discounts, and museum vouchers, among others.

If you’re looking for a cheap getaway, check out Living Social. Whether you want to go near or far, they have deals for just about any location. You can score a room at the Trump Plaza Hotel in Atlantic City for only $44, and they throw in a $10 credit to the gift shop on certain days as well.

Cottages in Cape May are offered, as well as vouchers to swanky New York City hotels. No matter where you want to go, Living Social has something to offer.

A senior education major Taylor Kennedy uses Living Social and Groupon often. She said, “I purchased a Living Social voucher for a dinner date for two on Cornucopia Cruiseline. Dinner was included and we got to have a night out on a dinner cruise for a reasonable price. I definitely would recommend using the app because you can find great deals and enjoy a night out without having to spend tons of money.”

The traveling fun doesn’t just stop in the States. You can pack your bags for the Caribbean or Mexico for a low price. For $590, you can get an all-inclusive four night stay for two in a deluxe room in a Cancun resort.

Groupon also offers getaway deals, like a four night all-inclusive stay in Jamaica with airfare. You can also travel to Belize, cruise to the Bahamas, or visit the US Virgin Islands. Escape deals are always changing, so if you don’t see a place you want to go, keep checking back.

Before you purchase any Groupon or Living Social voucher, make sure you read the rules and fine print. There are different prices for different packages and restrictions on dates.

Whatever you choose to indulge in or explore, have fun. These apps show that you don’t need to spend a ton of money in order to enjoy yourself, which is a huge relief, especially for college students.