The Spring Break SlumpIt

It is almost time for a much needed break from school and for some, a fun get away with friends. But with an abundance of snow days putting classes behind on work and nine more weeks after break to cram in work, there is still a long way to go.

Kylie Powell, a freshman, knows a few tips to ensure she does not get affected by this.  “I always make a to-do list to prioritize what must get done, however, for many this means that summer vacation is around the corner and they start to fall behind,” said Powell.

Freshman Noel Labb also feels the same way, though the slump does take its toll on her.  “It affects me a little, I try to stay motivated knowing I’m almost done with the semester,” she said.

It is important to remember that Spring Break, while associated with a week off, is actually a mid-semester break like fall break is in October, though this one is a bit longer. This means that work is still in progress in the semester and with the rough winter, more work may be assigned this year.

Sophomore Stephanie Mamo feels her work load is actually balanced.  “A few of my classes are hybrid and online so the work kind of balanced out and was completed online during snow days as a result,” she explained.

Some students feel that their work ethic actually increases between spring break and summer.  Junior Lauren Muffley said, “I actually think that work ethic increases after spring break. It’s right after we get our midterm grades back and usually a lot of projects and papers are due right after the break. It gives students a chance to make up for any lost points they may have had before break.”

Muffley added, “I know, personally, my work ethic gets a lot better after break because I know that I only have to push myself a little bit more before I make it to summer break.”

This pushes students to try and go the extra mile and try to make up for a test or project they may have done poorly on in the beginning of the term.  This year, midterm grades will be submitted right before break so students will have an idea of where they are doing well and what they may need to focus on.  

Graduate student Sophia Kokakis said,  “It is the time where things are crunched together and coming due so I always work hard to continue strong and look forward to Summer.”

Junior Eryn Siddall believes that stress decreases and the week to relax does not interfere with anything.  “I don’t think it’s too bad because most of the time midterm exams are before break, so we get a nice week to relax without work, and then once we start classes again it’s usually learning new material so the workload and stress is not as high in my opinion”

Professors even see a slump in students’ ethic upon return.  Education professor Jiwon Kim said, “It happens a lot and I try to keep everyone on track.”  The week off also puts pressure on teachers as it tightens the amount of time they have to cover material coupled with any snow days that may have cancelled class. Some classes have already missed as much time as when Hurricane Sandy hit NJ, making the semester even more compacted and forcing some to either shorten the syllabus or to give assignments online.

The slump has hit some harder than others but it is this time in the semester where time management is very important and even with some having midterms before break, it is still important to both enjoy it yet keep up with the work at hand.