The University’s student-run record label, Blue Hawk Records, will be dropping their third EP and hosting a live show outside the Rebecca Stafford Student Center on Wednesday, April 30. Having already launched two successful compilations since the label’s inception in 2013, Professor Joe Rapolla and his Music Industry students are currently working hard to write, record, and deliver new tracks.

Students can expect Blue Hawk Records’ third EP to contain music from the university’s own Abby Devey, The Trusties, and Kevin Stryker’s Band, as well as a collaboration between JPiFF, Jax the Genius, and Joe Faenza. All featured music was written by the artists and recorded at Lake House Studios in Asbury Park, NJ.

Because Blue Hawk Records is still fairly new to campus, the University’s Applied Music Industry II class was tasked with developing an effective public relations program to spread awareness about the label’s new EP. This campaign will include video and radio promotion, press releases, and both campus and social media outreach. The program will culminate with a promotional concert outside the Student Center on album release day.

In developing a final product that is for the students, by the students, the University’s Music Industry majors have the unique opportunity to learn about all areas of the field in a real world situation. Blue Hawk Records gives students the chance to expand their knowledge beyond the classroom and gain crucial experience in the professional music world.

Dave DePaola, a freshman and member of contributing band, The Trusties, feels that he has gained valuable knowledge from his time with the record label.

“I have really learned the amount of effort and coordination that it takes to produce an album,” DePaola said. “There is a lot going on behind the scenes, and it takes a lot more people to make an album than just the artists with their music. There are numerous different roles, each with different responsibilities.”

Courtney Davis, a freshman studying music industry, helped to clarify some of these positions.

“There are plenty of roles,” said Davis, “ranging from leadership positions to marketing and promotion, as well as graphics and social media.”

Davis is looking forward to the album’s release and hopes students will listen to the EP because, “there are many different artists and styles of music represented and [students] will get a feel for different genres.”

As Blue Hawk Records looks to make a big splash around campus and the local area with the launching of its third EP, its contributors are hopeful that more students will get involved with the record label. Freshman Huascar Holguin, a music industry student, says that it’s easy to become a part of the project.

“Letting people know you’re willing to help is the best way to find out what’s going on and how you can contribute,” Holguin advised.

DePaola added that students can successfully get involved with Blue Hawk Records by “[taking] the initiative and [taking] advantage of every opportunity possible.”

While all students involved are currently working hard to meet their rapidly approaching release date, they are looking forward to the live performance that will celebrate the launching of their third album. The University community can expect this concert to feature music of all genres that will be available for purchase outside the Student Center on April 30.

Through launching their third EP, Blue Hawk Records has grown to better reflect music’s ever-changing culture, and has adapted the original program to better guide students toward success. The record label features many talented and up-and-coming musicians, all of whom are garnering school credit and portfolio experience to set the foundation of their future careers.

Come support these artists and album contributors by checking out Blue Hawk Records’ third EP next month. By purchasing the album or attending the promotional concert, you’ll be giving valuable support to local music, and you can learn more about the University’s flourishing Music Industry program and how you can get involved.

PHOTO TAKEN from youtube.com