Free Vegan Advocacy Presentation with Jon Camp

West Long Branch, NJ – The volunteers at the Monmouth Area Vegetarian Society (MAVS) are hosting a free vegan potluck followed by a presentation by Jon Camp from Vegan Outreach. Jon Camp is the Director of Outreach at Vegan Outreach, which is a nonprofit organization working to expose and end the cruelty of animals through the distribution of animal cruelty information. The event will take place in the Monmouth University Magill Commons Club Dining Room on Sunday, April 27 at 1 pm. The event is free and open to the public.

Camp is known for “leafleting” or handing out pamphlets about veganism and animal cruelty to college students; he recently handed out his millionth pamphlet. Camp has traveled to numerous colleges across America reaching close to one million students. During his vegan outreach discussion on April 27, Camp will explain why vegan advocacy has a large return on investment that saves many suffering animals per dollar donated.

Camp plans to discuss, “…why it’s important that we focus our attention on the plight of farmed animals, the increasing receptivity that we’re seeing in regards to vegan eating and farm animal issues, how to do outreach in a manner that’s going to win hearts and mind, and effective vegan philanthropy.”

Individuals who wish to attend the presentation and potluck are encouraged to contribute a vegan dish. Anyone interested in attending can RSVP by emailing Mary Harris at To learn more about MAVS, please visit

The Monmouth Area Vegetarian Society (MAVS) is a non-profit, non-sectarian educational organization. MAVS promotes healthy lifestyle & diet options and compassionate living. The organization also provides numerous educational resources to inform the public about the advantages of vegetarian diets.