Candy Connection: The Best and Worst Halloween Candy

The dentist’s least favorite holiday of the year: Halloween. Tons of people in America share a love for the addicting taste of sugar and chocolate that sadly could result in cavities. Even though we all know this bit of information does it stop us from eating it? We all know the answer to that, no we don’t. At least I, for sure, don’t. There is a countless amount of Halloween candy available, so which do people consider to be the best and worst?

My love for the combination of peanut butter and chocolate goes way back. I remember the first time I took a bite of my favorite candy in the world if you could not already guess it, Hershey’s Reese’s. The saltiness of the peanut butter combined with a lovely, delectable chocolate shell is to die for. My love for Reese’s leaves me speechless. I don’t have words to describe the taste other than it tasting amazing. Not all candy can live up to the Reese’s standards though.

I believe Jawbreakers are hands down the worst candy in the world. They are obnoxiously huge and annoying to eat if you can even possibly fit one into your mouth without choking. If you think about it, Jawbreakers are a health hazard. They should really put some kind of warning label on those things.

There could be a debate for hours on the best and worst Halloween candy. If there actually was a real debate on the subject can you imagine how much of an uproar there would be?

Karen Zavala, a freshman health studies major, said, “The best candy all around is most definitely Sour Patch Watermelon. They are sweet, sour and simply taste amazing. What more could you ask for when eating candy?”

“The worst candy overall is definitely Almond Joy. The whole candy bar just tastes fake. I am pretty sure the only real part of that candy is the almonds; even the coconut tastes fake,” Zavala continued.

Dana Gurnari, a freshman, took an interesting approach to the question that reflects her personal Halloween experiences.

“The best candy out there is obviously Reese’s because it tastes amazing and I love peanut butter. For the worst candy, I know this is not candy but I absolutely hated it when people would give out tooth brushes, pennies, floss and other odd objects other than candy to kids trick-or-treating. It’s just downright weird,” said Gurnari.

Kaitlyn Robertson, a freshman special education major, picked candy that accommodates her specific food needs.

“The best candy is Twix because it is cookie, chocolate and caramel all combined into one bar of goodness. The worst candy to me is Almond Joy. The only reason really is because I am allergic to both coconut and nuts.”

Robertson continued, “Actually, I remember eating an Almond Joy once and it was not that good anyway. It is basically all artificial coconut, which is not healthy at all. I know all candy is not good for you, but when picking a candy I try to avoid dyes and artificial things.”

Christa Hogan, a lecturer professor of social work, said, “The best candy is candy corn because it’s sweet, chewy, festive and just makes me really happy. Halloween is the only time of the year it is available so I like to take advantage of that.”

The worst Halloween candy is anything with nuts. It makes candy lose its creamy texture and takes away from the chocolate. It’s better that nuts are just left out of candy,” continued Hogan.

Candy is forever going to be a part of the Halloween culture. With trick-or-treating still a dominant must among young children, candy is going to be kept in most households during the holiday. I wish I could go back to those days. When I am older, I will probably not have any candy for when trick-or-treaters ring my doorbell because I will probably have already eaten it all. Therefore, what I am trying to say is, do not ring my doorbell in the future because you will be disappointed. Happy Halloween!

IMAGE TAKEN from thatprettyfitchick.com