University Celebrates Cinello Bowling Center Opening

The University officially opened the Ciniello Bowling Center on Tuesday, Oct. 10, which was made possible by a $350,000 donation from University alumnus Patrick Ciniello.

Ciniello, a 1967 graduate, had the idea to build the bowling alley on campus from his former presidency and role as a chairman of the International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame.

Dr. Marilyn McNeil, Vice President and Director of Athletics, said that Ciniello, who outfits bowling alleys internationally, contacted the University because he wanted to do something on a college campus. After discussion, Monmouth University was able to accommodate a space for the project.

“It was over a year in the making,” Dr. McNeil said. “Much work had to be done by Monmouth personnel to prepare the space in the Boylan Gym before the bowling infrastructure was put in.”

The project saw major contributions from the Athletics department as well as Facilities Management.

“I was a spectator when it came to the planning,” said Chuck Gerdon, Director of Leadership Programs. “I will tell you it was difficult for a desk jockey like me to conceptualize, and they did a great job,” he said.

Gerdon explained that Robert Cornero, Associate Vice President of Facilities Management, coordinated the planning process and worked with the West Long Branch Zoning Office and Fire Inspectors closely.

“Our team had to strip down the building to prepare for the donor’s crew which drove up from Florida and worked here for a few weeks at no cost to the University,” said Gerdon.

Patti Swannack, Vice President for Administrative Services, said that she strongly believes the bowling alley will meet the needs of the University’s Bowling Team who, prior to the opening of the facility, had to practice and accommodate the hours of off-campus bowling alleys.

Since the bowling alley is accessible to all, Swannack hopes that it will provide a great recreational opportunity for University students, employees, faculty, staff and members of the fitness center.

The bowling alley charges $2 per game and a dollar for bowling shoes.

bowling“The new bowling alley has the greatest scoring system that allows bowlers at Monmouth to virtually compete against bowlers anywhere in the world,” Gerdon said.

“There is also an app to use on phones with the scoring system,” he said.

Jon Cascone, Director of Intramurals and Recreation, said, “I think it is doing very well. There are students there using the facility every night. I was actually surprised to see how many good bowlers there are on campus.”

“I hope the bowling athletes will get better with an on-campus facility and win the national championship,” McNeil said.

“I also hope our students and community will really enjoy the center for some fun recreation, setting up leagues and having some good, clean competition,” McNeil continued.

Eric Brewer, a junior communication major, said, “It’s a really great addition to the campus. It gives students something else to do on campus rather than having to find something to do around town.”

“There are a lot of NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) bowling programs that do not have lanes on campus. To be able to say we do is an amazing feeling,” said Kaylin Grannis, a member of the University’s bowling team.

“We are very lucky to have an Athletic department that supports the growth of the sport and our program,” added Grannis.

PHOTOS COURTESY of Monmouth University