The Music Alliance & Colleges Against Cancer Team Up For “ROCK CURE SOCKS OFF”

The Music Alliance teamed up with Colleges Against Cancer to host “Rock Cure Socks Off,” a fundraising concert featuring Blue Hawk Records, in Anacon Hall on Friday, Nov. 21. In conjunction with the University’s Relay for Life chapter, the event raised $130 to benefit the American Cancer Society.

Upon entering the event, the stairs of the Rebecca Stafford Student Center (RSSC) were adorned with paper bags, each containing a light on the inside and a dedication to someone affected by cancer. Paper bags (pictured below) could be decorated inside Anacon Hall, where the University’s chapter of Relay for Life held a table containing facts about the organization and ways attendees could donate. Attendees that donated three dollars at the door were entered to win an iPad mini.

Jordan Levinson, a senior psychology major and Event Co-Chair of Relay for Life, introduced the organization to guests and spoke about their annual fundraising event taking place March 27-28, in which participants can celebrate cancer survivors and fight for those still battling by signing up in teams and taking place in the relay. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the establishment of Relay for Life in the 1980’s, this year’s event will have an 80’s theme.

“We all have been affected by cancer in some way,” said Levinson. “We see Relay as a great way to connect to those who have been affected.”

Caitlynn Fiol, a sophomore accounting major and Event Co-Chair, agreed. “My grandmother is a survivor,” she said. “Being a part of Relay gives me the opportunity to thank the people who helped save her life.”

The concert held during the event featured members of Blue Hawk Records and The Music Alliance, whose music will be included on the former’s upcoming compilation album. The show comprised of performances by Jessica Leigh, Joey Affatato, Joe & Dan, Ice House Gallery, and The Trusties, among others. Some performers did acoustic, original pieces, while others played as ensembles and covered popular songs. Many songs featured will appear as tracks on Blue Hawk Records’ upcoming album, which allowed members of the University to audition for for the first time since the label’s inception in 2013.

Regarding what this event meant for Blue Hawk Records, Affatato commented, “The show was significant because it gave people a taste of the talent that will be on the new compilation record and talent from the bands already established on campus while supporting a cause.”

Blue Hawk Records has produced three compilation albums since it was founded by advising Professor Joe Rapolla and Music Industry students over a year ago. The organization promotes the development of original music and offers unique opportunity to learn about aspects of the field, such as the recording process, promotion and public relations, and album design. The Music Alliance, similarly, was established “to create a community of musicians and likeminded individuals where the common goal is to develop and promote each artist whom may become a part of our Alliance to the best of our combined abilities,” according to their website.

Patrick Napurano, a member of The Music Alliance that organized the show, commented, “The show was a success due to the passion, commitment and talent of all the members of [the Alliance]. Without them, we wouldn’t have been able to do something like this and contribute to a good cause like the American Cancer Society.”

All University organizations involved in this event came together with the common goal of uniting students in the fight against cancer by raising both money and awareness for a worthy cause. Students can contribute further by creating a team to walk in the annual Relay for Life event being held next semester from March 27-28.

IMAGE TAKEN from facebook.com

PHOTO TAKEN by Amanda Glatz